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  1. The 18% would apply to the 14. upcharge
  2. Most of the door decorations I’ve seen look like the Dollar Store threw up on the door. If they were done tastefully, maybe.
  3. Sun Bum in the WHITE packaging.
  4. Might be easier to find the Florida/Georgia game, just sayin’
  5. At least get off the ship and buy something in port; a drink, snack, something. The country needs the tax revenue.
  6. I can’t remember either. It may be metal, tho
  7. My Celebrity cruises have been a much better value than any Carnival cruise that I have taken. You have to do ALL of the math. Much nicer experience as well.
  8. I’m a Florida native as well and still love Key West. Just get off Duval and go down some side streets for food and drink. I will say that cruise ship passengers do change the vibe and not in a good way.
  9. Those shoes are most definitely NOT flip flops, they are sandals. Living here in Florida, those are very acceptable in all manner of restaurants. Perhaps not so in Michigan
  10. A page of comments for a cruise in October? Good grief!!
  11. There is no "fall break" for colleges in Florida. In addition, Florida public schools have no fall break nor a winter break. As a public school teacher sometimes I'm a little jealous of all these breaks but happy to get out earlier.
  12. Sales tax in Key West is 7.5%. Counties in Florida may add up to 1.5% to the base rate of 6%. There is no local “alcohol” tax.
  13. My daughter had one on the infinity in March and it was covered by the classic package.
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