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  1. FWIW, here in Florida I see plenty of middle aged folks and seniors that also don’t wear masks. Being selfish and self centered cuts across all age groups.
  2. Sounds like our current leadership.
  3. Here in Central Florida when we say the Mouse we mean everything that has come to Orlando since 1971, the tourism explosion. Most folks don’t realize that prior to that time Florida’s number one industry by far was agriculture, it’s still number two. Yes, there have always been “snowbirds” here but to think that they are the reason we don’t have an income tax is absurd. FWIW, Disney is largest employer in the state.
  4. Sales tax, hotel taxes, rental car taxes are generated from the tourism industry and we depend on it. Not sure what you don’t understand.
  5. The fact that we have no income tax here has nothing to do with snowbirds. It’s been in the Florida constitution (no income tax) since the 1920s and our biggest source of income is the Mouse, not grumpy old folks from up north.
  6. I’m well aware of the size disparity of the two counties. I grew up in South Florida, native Floridian. You’re replying to a post that is a few days old and at THAT time Broward was not deploying all of those resources at the beach. We were deploying none. Pinellas is closing their beaches tomorrow.
  7. They weren’t deploying that manpower at the time of this post. As you know, things are changing daily. Brevard county didn’t close the beaches but closed the county parking lots and they are running boats up and down telling parties of more than ten to disperse.
  8. Not ALL people impacted by Covid-19 are older but the vast majority of fatalities are the elderly. We are all in this together and we should appreciate that most of us are doing what we can to protect a more vulnerable population.
  9. A reminder to all of the older passengers in this thread, the world is purposely tanking the economy and isolating themselves for YOUR protection.
  10. Exactly and even larger companies are going to have to trim their workforces which will disproportionately affect younger workers.
  11. They don’t have the manpower to enforce the ban on the entire beach. Concentrating on crowded Spring Break type areas. They will continue to close things up early and limit numbers. Bottom line, they’re trying to get you to go home.
  12. The ones in front of your hotel are public also to the mean high water mark.
  13. There are no private beaches in Florida. Everything is public to the mean high tide mark.
  14. Thanks for the info, I checked in my planner and it says the same. Wonder why the difference on the main pages?
  15. Except that's not on the website, at least not on the US based one. I assume that the package is as it has always been but what shows on the website is different.
  16. The above post quotes the Celebrity website accurately, though. I hope it’s just the typical poorly worded website.
  17. Just to be clear, the classic package no longer includes soft drinks or specialty coffees such as lattes?
  18. Florida does NOT issue enhanced drivers' licenses. We have Real ID compliant licenses. For the life of me, I can't understand how people keep screwing this up.
  19. 🙄 Again, no need to rationalize your cheapness.
  20. I’ve read your position and think that you’re rationalizing being cheap and stiffing crew that you don’t interface with. It’s okay, though. It’s not anyone’s business but when you put it out on a public message board be prepared for the comments.
  21. And one can smell the cheapness.
  22. This has NOTHING to do with being reef safe. Your best bet is a formulation of non-nano zinc oxide. I prefer Sun Bum in the white packaging. Blue Lizard to good, too.
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