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  1. Lunch was quick and easy. A couple of different types of noodles and choice of sauce. They also offer lasagna, salad and bread. All complimentary. We ordered a glass of wine with ours. It was included with the Cheers package. I had the shrimp and chicken with butter sauce and a Caesar salad. We went back a couple nights later for dinner. It was amazing, and well worth the $15 per person charge. You will not leave hungry. The pic is of my lunch pasta.
  2. We have Breeze booked out of Ft. Lauderdale with that exact same itinerary in Dec 2020. It will be our first time sailing her. I'm disappointed on the shorter cruises out of Galveston, too.
  3. That's fantastic news! Looks like we may be booked on the final Galveston sailing on the Freedom. Glad to be getting the Breeze back!
  4. The brand ambassador posted on his FB page this morning that he will have some very exciting news later today for Galveston cruisers. Any guesses? I'm excited. I've been waiting for the May 21 and after sailings to open for bookings. Additional itineraries would be great. I would love to see the Breeze brought back to Galveston as well.
  5. I think I'm gonna go for the pink Himalayan.
  6. We had a reservation for the first night on Magic, but had too many libations and didn't make it. Won't make that mistake again. Your Cowboy steak looks awesome. For Vista we have Steak house first night, Chef's table TBD, Cucina Del Capitano, and Ji Ji booked. We may have to adjust depending on Chef's table night. Excited for our first Chef's table, too. Have a great time back on the Magic. Bojan and Cornelius are both still there.
  7. WOW! I guess I would definitely say....do not eat at the steakhouse on the last night of the cruise. Thanks for posting this, Greg. And sorry for hijacking earlier!
  8. I feel slighted, now. We have another steakhouse reservation coming up on the Vista. If they don't present it, I'll definitely ask. Going to go back to my tried and true filet as well. The cowboy steak was pretty mediocre, in both taste and appearance. Maybe it was because it was the last night of the cruise?
  9. Was this in the Steakhouse, Greg? If so, we were never given the option when we dined there on the Magic. However, Cornelius at the Alchemy made me a really good tequila drink with black salt....several times 😁
  10. I'll have to ask them next time if it is possible to bring the spouse's room key card to bring a coffee back to the stateroom for them along with my own, since we both had the Cheers.
  11. Yep, the 5 minute rule applied at the coffee bar on the Magic last week. A lady in front of me in line had to wait 5 minutes between two coffee orders.
  12. We were on the Magic last week to Bermuda. The only baseball playoffs were the ESPN broadcasts. So I had to follow my Astros on my phone. The Magic does not have a sports bar, but I don't think it would have mattered anyway. ESPN or nothing.
  13. Looks like an awesome evening with that crew, Sid. I hope you had a great Birthday cruise! Nite! Safe travels. And thank you for sharing it with all of us.
  14. Well this just came through the (draw?) Bridge to Ft. Lauderdale beach. One of the largest behemoth yachts I've ever seen, Sid. Made me think of a line from one of my old favorite movies. Burgess Meredith from Grumpy Old Men. "You can wish in one hand and ************, guess which one is gonna fill up first. At least I can take pics of such decadence.
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