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  1. I hope you found a great re-book, Greg. Sad that we don't get to take that February cruise and have a toast at the Alchemy. I saw it coming, too and booked a Panorama for early May 2022 with deposit only in late September. This afternoon my PVP applied all of the funds (it was paid off) to the Panorama booking. The $600 OBC was great, but the February cruise had $700 OBC (last April's $600 OBC due to cancellation + $100 promo OBC). The $100 OBC didn't carry over. Oh well. Really looking forward to Panorama. BTW, I really enjoyed your Panorama review. It was definitely an eye opener fo
  2. I was just providing clarification for the OP. They were not asking about the Horizon, only the Vista as per the thread/topic title.
  3. Cruise deck plans has it correctly listed as Premium Vista Balcony, not Havana.
  4. That's interesting. This was the first time I'd seen this. My check in changed from November to January for my February 27th cruise on the Carnival website today.
  5. Received this via FB today from my PVP: Effective immediately, we have reduced the online check-in availability window to 45 days before departure instead of 90 days. The user experience will not change however the online check-in link on the cruise manager page will not show until 45 days prior to sailing with an “available on” date indicating when the guest can check-in. Love having my PVP
  6. Fyree, we also have a Feb 2021 cruise, out of Galveston. I think it is going to cancel. I will wait it out, hoping for a $600 OBC. If that happens, I will apply the paid amount to another cruise we already have scheduled for the Panorama in 2022. We have had so many cancelled already. You won't lose everything if you stay home. You can apply what has already been paid to a new booking or to another cruise you have already booked/paid a deposit for.
  7. I'm already researching a possible replacement, just in case 😉 But it's a little frustrating. This was our 1st rescheduled from last April due to covid. We are currently at 6 cancelled/rescheduled. But hey, at least I now have my first two B2B's scheduled because of it for early and late 2022 with plenty of OBC. Win win!
  8. I hope it's just a glitch, but the Vista for January and February is now gone from the Carnival website. Oh snap, says the website! I remember hearing this morning that the CDC wanted to keep the ban in place through February......I have a bad feeling. There goes another one of my cruises.
  9. They had them in the buffet on the Carnival Vista last December as well. They were great!
  10. I just booked a Havana balcony on the Horizon for April 2023 to the ABC islands this evening with my PVP. Bucket list!
  11. And by the way, even though I am normally a low carber....I do fall off the wagon on my cruises. I'm okay with that. Sushi. Tempura shrimp and vegetables. Fish and chips. Taco bowls. That cranberry bread in the MDR slathered with butter. A couple of grapes on my cheese plate for dessert in the MDR. A couple/few too sweet pina coladas on sail away day. The awesome Chef's table. It's my vacation and I try to make up for my transgressions when I get home. I won't let it ruin my cruise or my fun, though. I can't wait to do it again. It's been almost a year for most of us at least. Wor
  12. That must have been someone else's post. I never said that. I'm a low carber, myself.....
  13. Yes! When they back out of port and get to the marina area. I love the penguin cam, too!
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