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  1. UpcountryTravelers

    2 questions North or south bound Alaska-Coral or Royal

    Definitely do Coral. The forward facing buffet (think morning coffee with awesome scenery) alone is worth it. Plus bigger balconies from which to enjoy the passage of the most beautiful views on this planet!!
  2. UpcountryTravelers

    Pacific Princess compared to Oceania Nautica?

    We have done two cruises on the (sadly departed) Ocean Princess. Loved both (14 day Southern Caribbean and 8 day UK). In fact we liked it so much that we are booked on the Pacific Princess UK cruise next year. Oceania, therefore, has appeal. Will be looking for cruises that fit our bucket list! Trouble is, we are Elite on Princess and have all the perks we love!
  3. UpcountryTravelers

    Anytime Dining

    We usually do Anytime. If we are traveling alone or 2 couples, we ask to share a table. We have met some wonderful people that way. But if there are 3 or 4 couples traveling together, we usually book our reservations in Anytime.
  4. UpcountryTravelers

    Just a Heads Up for Those Interested in Global Entry

    Good to see it in Miami. (Even though we prefer to avoid Miami.) They have it in Ft. Lauderdale (breezed through last March), but don't have it in Seattle airport or cruise port, or Port Canaveral. It was of no value entering USA by train (Rocky Mountaineer) from Vancouver, either. I suppose it is coming in gradually. Hope to get more value before it expires!
  5. UpcountryTravelers

    Celebrity to Princess and I am lost

    I often wear me kilt on formal night. Isn't that what formal night is for??
  6. UpcountryTravelers

    Celebrity to Princess and I am lost

    Uh, no, Alaska is HUGE!! More than twice as big as Texas, and larger than many countries! In fact, larger than several European countries put together!
  7. UpcountryTravelers

    Smart Phones

    Incidentally, Princess's onboard system is FAR superior to Disney's app. We recently went on Disney with grandkids. The Disney app worked on milady's Android phone, but isn't available for my Windows phone and did not work on either of our Android tablets. Princess, once again, just does it better!!
  8. UpcountryTravelers

    Princess@sea messenger question

    Yep. No such on our Alaska cruise last week. The intranet worked quite well, though.
  9. UpcountryTravelers

    Pacific Princess new layout?

    Excellent. We're booked on her in August, 2019! :cool:
  10. UpcountryTravelers

    How casual can you get?

    After completing our third Alaska cruise last week (out of 22 total Princess cruises), I can definitely say that there are far fewer doing formal night on Alaska cruises than others. I took NO formal or even semi-formal attire this time due to several flights and the Rocky Mountaineer train before the cruise. Only a sport coat, button down shirt (which of course takes no tie) and one pair of dress slacks. Whether it's the airline restrictions or the weather, or the generally more casual nature of Alaska, you will see almost no formal attire at all.
  11. UpcountryTravelers

    Formal nights - suit and tie? Tux?

    I like going in my kilt and regulation doublet. And milady always looks wonderful on formal nights!!
  12. UpcountryTravelers

    Caribbean Princess Propulsion Problems? True or Fixed?

    We were on the Caribbean in March. After our last port of call, we lost 2 hours taking a seriously ill passenger back to Aruba. They went over 20 knots during the night, making up ALL the lost time, and arrived in Ft. Lauderdale ON TIME. The propulsion "problem" is very minor.
  13. UpcountryTravelers

    Pizza on Princess has gotten really bad

    Pizza was OK on our March cruise on Caribbean Princess. Same mediocre thing they have always had.
  14. UpcountryTravelers

    OM and Caribbean Princess

  15. UpcountryTravelers

    OM and Caribbean Princess

    The on-demand TV was OK. We watched all 3 movies that were available on our last cruise.