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  1. Same here but they would only give it on cruises before 31July 2022 because they have to wait for the annual report to come out in March 22
  2. Try looking back at earlier posts it’s all there for you
  3. We’re hopefully sailing to Heysham Saturday morning, drive down to Carey’s Manor for the night got car parking and transfer to the port for just over £300 we’ve used it before and is very nice
  4. It’s going to be the boat and drive down this time I think got a hotel lined up with parking. We usually fly so the boss has the packing of to a fine art never have more than 23kgs but at least this way we can bring some stuff home with us
  5. Had it confirmed as well 5% deposit first choice cabin. Now to figure out how to get to Southampton 🤦‍♂️😂
  6. Funny enough that’s the same thing we were told 🤞
  7. All the posts from other forums would suggest it’ll be sold out straight away. Our TA said the demand was crazy
  8. It’s 10 nights there and 10 nights back with stop en route somewhere Madeira,Canaries or the Azores so only 30 nights out there
  9. No chance of that with P&O I’m afraid, we’ve been bumped of Adonia and Oceana and they were no help at all just cancelled and in the scrum with everyone else to rebook
  10. I know it’s the wrong thread but have you any idea what Auroras new cruises are going to be please
  11. Asked the question on Twitter this morning no response as usual they only reply to those fawning over them telling them how wonderful they are🤷‍♂️
  12. Cunard are going to do 3 Caribbean cruises to replace one of the worldies I think, 2 via New York and one via the Canaries so they must think it’s viable
  13. I was thinking they’ll be similar to Cunard to the Caribbean can’t guarantee much sun in the Med in winter but we’ll find out soon enough
  14. I’m sure it said there was only 2 of them so pretty sure they’ll be long ones
  15. Where do you think these will be going to? My money is on Caribbean 35-40 nights hopefully via the Canaries not the Azores
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