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  1. Something is better than nothing I guess
  2. My offer was e-mailed, but I did contact Carnival by phone and they indeed confirmed DOU is only for me. 😞
  3. It appears I booked a Hot Streak Bonus, and the DOU is only for myself. However the $500 OBC I have is great!
  4. hmmm....I am going to have to look into this.
  5. Rolaur, where can I find this information?
  6. That is what I was thinking, you must be playing. I didn't say I have cheers this time around. I am debating on getting it since I have DOU
  7. So I don't need to be actively playing, I can just go up to the bar and order?
  8. I'll be sailing in 12 days on a Thanksgiving cruise and was wondering about Drinks On Us. Obviously I spent a lot , played a lot and won a lot less..(haha) on my last cruise and I was offered a $500 obc and the Drinks On Us card. My question is this...If I plan on putting a few dollars in a machine (let's say $2.00),order a drink and then leave the casino with my drink, would they say something? This cruise I will be with a large group of people and don't plan on spending much time in the casino during the daytime, as I will be with my family. I am sure I will make up for it at nig
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