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  1. Yes, that's for the official meet and greet. we are looking for a place to meet as soon as we board for a drink or two or ........... :rolleyes: Thanks!
  2. What I was looking at the Lido but it looks like it's glass covered.
  3. Never been on the Oosterdam and trying to get the best place to do a meet n greet. If possible having a bar, being outside and a good viewing area to look out to the port. It's hard to see looking at deck plans. Any help will be appreciated.
  4. Hi, I would like to get any information on an out of the way "Free" restaurant to go to instead of the buffet that everyone heads to when first boarding. I have never been on the Oosterdam before so I need any assistants I can get. Thank You in advance.
  5. Hi. I set up a roll call a while back but it seems that word is not getting out. The cruise is sold out a month ago but I guess since its a theme cruise that maybe people dont see it listed on travel website's. If you are going on it February 27 out of Tampa on HAL. Go to: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2312232
  6. Thanks for all the replies. All this may be moot since this is the "Country Music Cruise" out of Tampa. That said who know what will be happening.
  7. Hi, I have never been on this ship and first time with Holland America. We usually try to find an alternative to the cattle drive to the buffet when first boarding. What other (Hidden) places are there to eat when you first board, if any??
  8. Take a look at #6 posting. Go down to the blog they spoke of on the freedom.
  9. I am still waiting on my blood tests to confirm my diagnoses but I've had issues for years and since going on a GF diet 90% of my symptoms are gone. Trouble is I love bread. I too as someone suggested is to bring along my own GF bread to dinners. Fortunately I do not have Celiac Disease but a lower than normal tolerance for gluten it seems, so if they (or I) eat something with gluten it won't be the end of the world. Thanks everyone for your reply's:)
  10. What options if any does RCCL offer in the way of gluten free meals, breads etc. Have recently been put on a gluten free diet and going on FOS the end of the month. I hate to go without that delicious breads they serve at MDR at dinnertime. :(
  11. Amazing how in once respect people are demanding privacy and then something like this comes along and everyone is ready to give it away. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Forums mobile app
  12. Now Disney has their own NSA? They will track your every step. How many times you enter the bathroom, what parts of the park you go to the most (or least) Too intrusive for me, sorry. Reminds me of us someday having an RFID implanted in our bodies for who knows what or 666 stamped on our foreheads. Sorry but that just not the way to go for me. :mad:
  13. It all comes down to what type of personalities and the experience you both would like on your honeymoon. Carnival is known for it's partying and younger crowd and RCCL is known for it's attention to WOW you with special attention to your needs, especially in the MDR where you have the same waiters spoiling you each night (we love that most of all) You will find older passengers but many younger ones with kids, & families also. We find it's a very nice mix of people without too many of one generation. The decision has to be yours. Just make sure you get a nice cabin since you will most likely be spending most of your time their (LOL):D:D
  14. We stayed at the blue Horizon Hotel in Vancouver and loved it. Ask for a high room looking north for a great view. The way it is designed,every room is a corner room. Very large rooms also. ALso look into the Hop-on Hop-Off trolley to get around. Worked great for us. JUst talking about it makes me want to go there again. Check out our photos on the link below.
  15. We have cruised on 7 different ships so far and the first one, the Radiance is still our favorite.:)
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