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  1. Got an email today from P O offering $1 deposits on cruises on Dawn and Aria for next year to South Pacific and NZ
  2. I got an email from Princess cruises last week headed past passenger exclusive and under deal hub.It says offers are available to residents of Australia and NZ only. The cruises were for Jan and Feb 2021 on Regal and Sapphire
  3. Princess is now selling cruises in Australia and NZ but only to residents of Australia and NZ. International travel is not recommended and overseas passengers must quarantine for 14 days at their own cost. Can’t see cruising resuming any time soon.
  4. 😍 Great news. Thanks Cunard. Now the only thing left is to restart the cruises.
  5. Airfare cancellation costs of $800 refunded by cheque, received today. Waited 5 months. My cruise was 15 March Diamond Princess. Passengers on this cancelled cruise only received 25% fcc and full refund which was received within 2 weeks of cancellation in February. Good luck to all those still waiting for refunds. Cunard took 3 months to refund fares and out of pocket expenses for my cruise booked after Diamond Princess was cancelled. That cruise was cancelled the day before departure.
  6. I have had zero contact with Cunard since this saga began. The TA has had a couple of emails about the refunds. My TA is in a country town and is able to give faster turnaround. I am still waiting for the call from customer care on cancellation day offering all sorts of assistance as per their emails. Maggie I
  7. My TA got the cheque last Tuesday and had to wait for it to clear. She put the funds in my account this morning and they credited straight away. My cruise was the Queen Elizabeth 15 March cancelled on the 14 March. Refund requested by TA on 16 March and cheque received on 23 June. My TA has been terrific in chasing up the fare and out of pocket expenses which were paid in full.
  8. Travel agent deposited cash in my account this morning. Hope every one else airing for refunds gets there’s soon.
  9. Refund cheque received by our travel agent this morning. Requested refund 16 March, so 3 months 8 days waiting time. Cruise was 15 March QE 11 night New Zealand. so for the Aussies good news the refunds are coming.
  10. I used TA and paid by debit card and paid $400 for upgrade by credit card a few days later. TA requested refund of fare and out of pocket expenses on Monday 16 March. On 21 st April Cunard requested that we file a claim with insurance first and then requested we lodge the online refund form for the fare. TA informed them by email that insurance would not cover pandemic and they agreed to pay claim. Cheque received for out of pocket expenses on Tuesday. The online form was not relevant to our voyage as it stated that it was for 16 March onwards voyages. TA filled it in anyway and submitted it. No refund yet for fare.
  11. The email from Cunard to TA said that Cunard would send cheque directly to passenger. My TA always sends all emails from Cunard to me for my information. I did nothing special to get a direct cheque.
  12. Bank cheque received this morning was from Carnival Australia ANZ account.
  13. Cunard said in their last email to my TA that refund cheque will be sent direct to passengers and not TA.
  14. Received refund cheque this morning for all out of pocket expenses incurred going to Sydney for cruise that was cancelled 24 hours prior to departure. Have not received refund of voyage fare requested 16 March. Cruise was QE 15 March in PG2.
  15. Good news Resordanis, I am pleased that the claim was approved. We are nearing 60 days and still no refund cheque in the mail. I am also waiting for refund from Princess for cancellation fees for flights to Japan. Now have been waiting 90 days. Hope all the other Aussies on CC have claimed all out of pocket expenses for the cancelled QE voyage cancelled on 14 March
  16. I have requested cash refund, don’t want future cruise credit as my husband said he will not cruise again. He got a serious chest infection on QM2 in 2013 and will not risk it again after this virus. send an email to Cunard and ask for a breakdown of your refund amount. I just checked my invoice and it said port fees and taxes were $231. Have read on this forum that they are not refunding port fees for missed ports. Don’t know if this is relevant to outright cancellation or just missed ports. Will let you know when I get refund.
  17. It was $1800 pp. I booked this cruise and booked balcony then upgraded to princess grills for $200 pp. waiting for $4000 refund any day now.
  18. I am very sorry for all business owners in this lock down. Australia has been very fortunate in having so few die from this pandemic , last count 95 ,and that's because we were locked down hard from early March. It is being reported here that America faces 2 years before this virus is cleared. Don't see cruising resuming for a long time, especially QM2 over the Atlantic
  19. As a pensioner, I saved for ages to afford a cruise and associated costs. I am out $6,000 and want it back. Cunard has other people's money and we want it back.
  20. Taxation rate for car use is 68 cents a kilometre. $25 pp for meals, soon adds up. $544 for car use , $50 for meals x 3,claim Sat dinner, Sun breakfast and lunch. They were offering 4nights hotel with full board so this a cheaper option from them. Get your TA to submit a claim for out of pocket expenses. Mine did with no problems. Sydgal
  21. Resordanis, claim every thing you can. I travelled from rural Queensland for the cruise and got to Sydney to find cancellation email on phone. I tried for hours that night to contact Cunard as they promised some one would contact me and hotel had been arranged for that night. Tried to contact Virgin also and on hold for hours without success in being answered. Rang TA on Sunday and she had same problem so she booked new flights home that afternoon. I am still waiting for that call from Cunard about hotel room ,lol. I have claimed car travel 500 Ks at taxation rate. Road tolls and parking at Brisbane airport. Meals at Sydney airport and on way home stopping for a break. Return airfares from Brisbane and one way home to Brisbane. The Cunard email dated 22 nd April said claim had been sent for cheque payment Sydgal
  22. Cruise on QE cancelled 14 March. Refund requested 16 March by TA. Received reply from Cunard in Australia that the refund for out of pocket expenses and airfares was being processed and to expect wait of 60 days for refund cheque. They also requested that the TA fill in another claim form for voyage refund. Delay tactics I think.
  23. Should have read priority treatment for the sick crew members. Auto correct bites again
  24. Suggest that the original poster gets tested for the virus as a female passenger aged 62 died today. This takes the death toll from this cruise to 13 souls and 600 are sick. Ruby Princess is still in NSW and is getting pretty treatment for sick crew members.
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