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  1. David Owl

    Britannia Club

    One other consideration for us is the location of the cabin. We like to have a sheltered balcony and easy access to the higher decks.
  2. David Owl

    Edinburgh shuttle bus?

    Assuming that we dock at the same place as a couple of years ago there was a normal bus which took about 10 minutes and cost a couple of pounds. That was to Princes St. it may be that the shuttle takes you to the Castle, but that’s only a 15 minute walk from Princes St. By the way, have you picked up the right costs $55 is around £40, not £83.
  3. David Owl

    23kg or 20kg ?

    Our porter was a young girl last year and she picked our cases up like they were a couple of balloons.
  4. David Owl

    Boarding, food and other new to boats questions

    Don’t necessarily agree with your comment about changing currency. We use cards for virtually everything ashore, so find its better just to change a few £’s at a time on the ship (for the odd coffee) so that we are not left with a load of foreign currency that we have to change back when we get home.
  5. David Owl

    Are you and inadvertant pet peeve?

    I have to confess that I may have been a bit guilty. We were recently on a Northern Lights cruise and it was so cold outside that we had to keep dodging back to the room from about 8.00 to 10.30 to warm up, and no matter how careful we were in closing our door we couldn’t stop it from making a noise. The alternative would have been for us to miss the Northern Lights which was the whole point of the trip. We apologised the next morning but they didn’t look too happy.
  6. David Owl

    Cruise around UK & Ireland

    If you are reasonably mobile it is walkable from the shuttle drop-off (I thought 30 minutes, my wife says 45) and is a decent flat walk through town and across the bridge. Whilst it was quite busy there wasn’t much of a queue for tickets, although it took a long time to get served in the cafe. Well worth a visit.
  7. David Owl

    norway cruise - clothes

    Just finished Northern Lights on Aurora. The main problem that I had with the cold was my hands. I was trying to take photos of the lights with my iPhone and used thin gloves that could operate the touchscreen, but could only manage for 10 minutes at a time. We had some gel hand warmers (from Go Outdoors) that were excellent. Also a hat is essential.
  8. Just a quick word for anyone staying at the Premier Inn, West Quay in the near future. There is some building work happening where the drop-off is and it looks as thought it’s closed. In fact it’s still open with access on Harbour Parade just outside the multi-storey, but it is no longer a drive through.
  9. David Owl

    We've jumped ship from Celebrity to P&O

    You will see from the list below that we travelled on P&O and Celebrity quite a few times and whilst there is not a massive difference we prefer Celebrity for the following reasons : The flexibility and lighter options of Aqua class, with access to the Relaxation room and other perks We had the drinks option a couple of times, which is not available on P&O We enjoyed the Q’zine and Tuscan grill, although the posh restaurant on Azura was very good (sorry, can’t remember the name) Advantages of P&O : More imaginative destinations Limelight Club (on Britannia) More of a British theme Having said all that, there is not a lot to pick between them and with the right intinerary, price etc I would be happy with either. David
  10. David Owl

    Sharing Tables

    We were on a table for 8 and I was sat at one end (I suggested rotating but some of the others didn’t want to) As I don’t hear too well it effectively meant that I was on a table for four. Additionally, the meal goes at the speed of the slowest and can take far too long. I’m happy to chat with the people on the next table but request a table for two every time.
  11. David Owl

    Name of Cunard's new ship?

    Could be Queen Camilla by then.
  12. David Owl

    British Isles cruise.

    We did a British Isles trip a couple of years ago and as far as I remember it was only Liverpool where we docked close enough to see any of the sites. (Cohb is easy but there is not much to see). The better news is that only Guernsey needed a tender.
  13. David Owl


    The best scenery can be from the early-morning sail-ins so you would be best having warm clothes. Get on deck by about 6.00 from the best views when there are not too many people about.
  14. David Owl

    Guest Speakers 2018

    I am trying to find out who the guest speakers will be on our British Isles trip in July, but the Cunard website only goes as far as April. I’m pretty sure that in the past the list has gone out about 18 months. Am I looking in the wrong place ?
  15. David Owl

    How do you label your luggage?

    I would never put my address on a luggage label - why tell everyone that the house might be empty.