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  1. Side question - is it possible to upgrade just one package of 2 of is in the same cabin? I enjoy the better quality wine and spirits and usually find myself paying the modest supplemental difference when I order a drink above the classic price limit, but my wife is teetotal and is more than happy with the classic package. Financially, it makes sense to upgrade my package but if I have to upgrade my wife's as well it probably is not worth it and will be cheaper to pay the supplement as we go.
  2. Brilliant, thank-you. I suspected the usual "Don't you know who I am" might not work
  3. Does Celebrity currently offer onboard PCR testing for travellers who may be flying home after the cruise and require a negative PCR result as a condition of flying? If so what is the cost? Wondering if we can fly home the day we disembark or as a precaution we should delay our flight by a few days to get a PCR test locally
  4. Its quite straight forward, Ralph Lauren Polo for Smart Casual, Ralph Lauren Purple Label for Evening Chic
  5. First couple of cruise they seemed fairly strict making you check stuff in if brought on board during the cruise, then drinks packages became the norm....and it them seemed to become considerably more relaxed. Wine drunk in your cabin from a bottle you bring on board is a drink you pay for and they don't have to give you for free (if your on a drinks package - also saves them the costs if staffing a table to collect and record, store booze and then return it.
  6. Cheers, many thanks. I'm familiar with ITA and Google Flights (particularly like their "explore" feature - which is great for spotting cheap places to start your journey from)
  7. Thank-you, i tried the link, and it works but there is no option to search for flights - it is quite a way out at the moment and airfares haven't officially opened up yet, so I guess if they were offering flights they'd be very expensive to edge their bets
  8. We are in the UK (not sure if that makes a difference) and we are exploring whether it might make sense to package our airfare with cruise, to offer a bit more protection in the event of one or more parts getting cancelled in these uncertain times. Celebrity seems to steer you to the Flights by Celebrity website, which appears to be a Choice Air site with Celebrity branding and then we hit a problem..... You are given the option to search by reservation, or make a general search but additionally you must select which Cruise line and Ship, but there is no option for Celebrity, just RCL and Azamara Anyone have any ideas? Is it out of date have they stopped doing the flights? I don't want to waste a travel agents time if Choice air is significantly more expensive than booking elsewhere (we are looking at F/J fares from UK to Asia / Australia) don;t mind paying a small premium for a packaged option but don't want to pay a lot more money (the hotel add ons always seem way more expensive than can be found elsewhere)
  9. This Green List is a load of nonsense - it only applies to coming back to this country and nothing to do with being let into the country on the list, they might have well put Narnia on there. Also, as we have seen, they can change their mind and move a country to Amber and Red with little notice.
  10. Loads of great hotels in Sydney and many very close or on Circular Quay - The transport hub of Sydney and one of the two cruise terminals. A quick glance at Celebrity indicates they are looking to charge significantly more than other reputable on line agencies - I think they wanted about £300 a night for an unnamed 4 star hotel. Top of the tree - Money no object is the Park Hyatt, location is fab but the prices are extremely high - pretty much always twice the price of anything else. The entry level rooms don't even have a view - but 90% of the other rooms do Around the Rocks and Circular Quay 5-10 minutes walk from the port you have The Four Seasons, Shangri La, Pullman. Langham, Intercontinental (not one of my favourites), Marriott, and Sir Stamford (used to be The Ritz Carlton), to name a few. Slightly further a field you have a plethora of Hiltons, Sheratons, Sofitels in the CBD and Darling Harbour. Public transport / connectivity in Sydney is excellent - regular buses, trams, trains and ferries run pretty much everywhere regularly. We too will be in Sydney again in Feb 2023 for a Celebrity Cruise (all being well), we were going to book the Shangri La or Four Seasons nearer the time but may cash in some Hilton Honours points as we have about a Million and the Hilton in Sydney usually has a good exchange rate.
  11. The indoor pools on the Eclipse were definitely not as warm as those on the Millennium Class (Infinity) the latter was just too hot to use on a Med cruise. Not sure whether the indoor pools on the Solstice class are heated. Apart from on one occasion where they were cold they just felt tepid - could be they're slightly heated, could be that a lot of use, sunshine shining in, lack of a breeze to cool, and a warm solarium meant the water was a couple of degrees warmer and noticeably warmer as a result
  12. On our last Med Cruise (2019), it was port intensive (Venice to Barcelona) - it was a late August / eary September cruise and was very hot during the day. In the evening pretty much everyone was dressed Smart Casual - I can't recall anyone wearing shorts or baseball caps. We also didn't notice any discernable difference beween normal nights and Evening Chic. One or two might have been wearing a Suit or Dinner Suit but it was very much in the minority
  13. Yes, in Australia the price you see is pretty much the price you pay in my experience - tipping really not expected
  14. Ha Ha and England is third above Norway and "Ice Land" ...hotel accomodation in Australia (with the xeception of a few outliers e.g. Park Hyatt) is way cheaper than many of those countries
  15. Australia most expensive tourist destination in the world, really? Am I misunderstanding something, never dound it that expensive, once you get there
  16. Looking at £6500 for a cruise with 1 perk - this is 14 nights veranda next year ex UK to Italy - we've paid £2000-3000 before fr a similar cruise with celebrity, £3800 with drinks. Last year 12 nights from Venice to Barcelona was £5000 with drinks. This is a heck of hike.
  17. I have a good selection of Scotch and Brandy at home at all price ranges - I certainly don't restrict myself to the very best (although I do adopt a less qty better quality approach these days). Scotch - I generally enjoy the Islay malts, along with Talisker, Oban. I've enjoyed Martel VS at winter bonfire parties, Remy and Camus VSOP over the years as a general go to brandy. Henessey, Martel and Camus XO come out for special occasions / a bit of self indulgence. In the sunset bar the Henessey VS and Remy were a surprise - if you'd told me it was a cheap rip off i'd have believed you.
  18. I was disappointed with the quality of some of the branded spirits in the Classic Package last year on Infinity, even the upgraded spirits tasted poor. The White Label scotch was very rough, The Henessey VS tasted like aviation fuel and the pay extra Remy VSOP, again poor. Perhaps, it was what I had eaten or drunk previously. Best quality drinks I've had in onboard was in the World Class Bar on Eclipse, but I enjoyed the Martini Bar last year on Infinity.
  19. UK cruise line P&O (part of Carnival) have announced that they are not restarting operations until October 15th at the earliest, effectively writing off the entire European summer season. In addition UK is announcing quarantine of 14 days for all visitors. I can't see any cruises coming in and out of the UK this summer, and very little or anything in Europe.
  20. You seem quite close to the investigation going on in Australia and New Zealand. Are you in getting full disclosure from the investigators? In the UK we are not hearing from the investigators in those countries, is the situation different in Canada?
  21. Main topic " WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO RESTART CRUISE SHIPS??? Listening to the experts and not deriding them
  22. When you start your statement referring to doctors as "so called experts" I guess I know where you're coming from..... The DOCTOR in question was referring specifically to the tests in development and has probably been the leading media medical voice on C19 in the UK - but hey what does he know compared with someone who goes on cruises and wants to think creatively.... You're right let's will a solution and think positively, that will sort it. Those people under 60 who really want to cruise can get on a ship even if one isn't sailing, such is the power of positive thought. I wonder what Gwyneth Paltrow's take on this is - perhaps Goop should be consulted?
  23. I heard this proposed by someone on TV this morning. The Doctor on the show said it wouldn't work. The quick tests that are being developed only work if you have symptoms. If you are asymptomatic these tests (along with temperature checks) will not work
  24. Feels a bit cynical of Celebrity to sell this cruise in the present circumstances - that cruise will almost certainly not sail and if it does where will it actually sail to? Perhaps a desperate attempt to get cash in. Keep selling cruises to generate cash to pay for the refunds needed to pay for earlier cancelled sailings. If it does sail, on it's return the indication is that everyone will need to go into quarantine
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