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  1. few more photos from friend in Charlette Town Prince Edward Island :
  2. The pictures I posted of Ocean Cay where taken September 28, 2019.. No new pics as of yet...
  3. Hello Found these pictures of Ocean Cay . Hope you enjoy
  4. Photo from Halifax Cruise Port webcam. MSC Meraviglia today Oct. 5, 019
  5. Hi MSC fans... Wondering anybody has seen or have pictures of menus or any buffet items that are VEGAN. Looking for any input if any on this.. Thanks..
  6. I have this same room for my December cruise 2019, πŸ™‚
  7. I heard that MSC will possible will be deploying a new ship in Alaska in the 2021 Season … FINGURES crossed... Nothing is ever confirmed until press release.... 🚒
  8. I really hoping that MSC will NOT force Canadians to us this site. As I am better off paying US dollars on the USA site, The rate they are charging for cruise on the Canadian site are outragious. so frustrating, 😞
  9. well the new website is up and running.... quick look at prices, well my figures would put me $2200. more to switch my suite this December...2019.... will have to look further, but WOW!!! Also can't log in with my MSC user name, 😞 www.msccruises.ca
  10. New MSC Canadian site will be up and running May 1, 2019...fingers crossed...
  11. I believe you only have 30 days to transfer a MSC booking to your travel agent... from the initial date of booking...
  12. Did this embarkation in Cannes in 2016, WAS horrendous …. Worst port to embark.. a lot of stairs , up and down, no help what so ever from anybody. Very limited for any passengers to get to and from the tender to ship... I would avoid embarkation here, would go to Geno , Italy instead ….
  13. I booked Yacht Club while on Seaside this December for next Dec 2019 and NOTHING was ever mentioned to us about this change and we booked on Dec. 20, 2018. She also stated that we could cancel and or move the booking 1 year forward. Deposit was 100 % refundable … Man she better had not oft lied to us....
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