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  1. read recently that the Patty Wetterling - woman behind bringing the National Sex Registry to life now regrets her decision because it has gone so far off the rails as to what it was supposed to be... In an interview with award-winning investigative reporter Madeleine Baran, she said she regrets her role in creating a public registry that is counterproductive, in shaming and ostracizing individuals rather than helping them reintegrate into society. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/witness/201612/inside-the-bungled-case-spawned-sex-offender-registries
  2. 16 days for me and I did not expedite...just received it today.
  3. Hey Everyone...I'm going to post this in the ask a question thread as well, but I applied for a new passport and received it in 16 days and I did not expedite...so if anyone is close to renewal now is a good time.
  4. Chris that is such a beautiful sentiment...I wish you would write a book about the experiences you and Roz and the other Service Dog owners as well as the Puppy Raisers have had.
  5. Mary229 - Roz never said nor ever would say anything like that. What she said was her Service Dog is to her what your allergy medicine is to you, and both of you are entitled to bring relief for your conditions on board. I encourage you to visit the Service Dog thread on the Disabilities forum to see how these amazing animals and their owners walk together through life together.
  6. Oh - since it was a happy ending I am buying the boat! Honey Badger (hate the name but don't want to go through the boat name changing ritual) will hopefully be part of our family soon.
  7. Thanks Chris - at least I know I can still move quickly when necessary - Mike the broker said he had never seen anyone move that fast in his life. I was literally out the boat and in the water in one second. Dottie was forward in the boat and said she just heard a big splash.
  8. Thanks Roz - I don't know if she fell in or thought I was in the water and tried to jump in. We play hide and seek in our pool and she may have thought that is what was going on. Her only experience with a leash is with someone at the other end. I never thought about that when I looped the end around that post. We were very lucky.
  9. Hey Everyone…just back from a week at Folly Beach, SC. Our daughter teaches school in Bangledesh and she flew in to celebrate her birthday with us and her best friend. They were born a day apart and met in the hospital and have been best friends their entire lives. We had a great time and we took Lucy with us – she loves the beach. For those of you that don’t know, Lucy is our 11 year old chocolate lab and she is not a Service Dog. The trip almost ended in tragedy due to my stupidity. We drove up to Southport, NC before heading home to look at a 34’ trawler I was thinking about buying. Dottie, Lucy and I met the broker at the dock and as I did not think it appropriate to take her on board the boat, I tied her with her leash to a post. I did not think about the fact that she has never been tied up before. We had been inside the cabin a couple of minutes and Dottie suggested I check on Lucy – I looked at the door to only see the end of her leash disappearing over the side of the dock and no sign of her. I could only think she had fallen and was trapped under the dock. I jumped over the side of the boat onto the dock and then into the water. She was hanging off the side with just her head out of water and was struggling to get free. I swam to her and was able to unhook the leash, and the broker helped get her out of the water and onto the dock where she seemed OK. I could not get out however as I could not get any leverage to lift myself out and boy was that water cold. Luckily the broker was able to find a portable ladder on the boat and he used it as a sling to pull me up enough so I could haul myself onto the dock. In the process I lost both my regular prescription glasses and my prescription sunglasses, luckily I had a backup pair of the sunglasses in the car. Lucy is fine but I have to admit I am still a little shook up about what would have happened if Dottie had not asked me to check on her.
  10. Hey Chris - to be honest they just touch on that briefly; most of the doc is about interactions between puppy raisers and how strict the organization is about keeping them and the dogs on schedule;and then once they get to the final training, well.... It's pretty brutal in some aspects...but when you consider what is at stake I get it.
  11. I rented "Pick of the Litter" last night. It is an Amazon documentary about 5 puppies from the same litter going through puppy training and then guide dog for the blind training. I won't ruin it for you, but it is very educational and shows a lot of what you wonderful puppy trainers go through, and also how strict the organization is in deciding which dogs move on for training and which ones actually make it through all the training and are assigned to vision impaired candidates. One of the most interesting things was how they have to train these guide dogs to actually disobey their owners if they are given a command which would take them into danger. It is a rental even if you are a Prime member - but well worth the price.
  12. I would encourage everyone who has commented to come here - to the CC thread dedicated to Cruising with a Service Animal. Read all 500+ pages and 20k plus replies to see what the owners of legitimate service dogs experience and the wonderful relationship they have with their dogs (and don't forget miniature horses can be trained as service animals as well):
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