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  1. I guess it would all depend on which one of you in the avatar is talking about being naked... just saying.
  2. Jay, I'll give you info on how I currently understand things. In my case I'll use Woodford Reserve bourbon as my example in that it's price jumped up to $22.95. If I order my Manhattan with Woodford as i usually would, I would have to pay the difference in price from the $15 max on the UBP package including the now 20% gratuity. $7.95 + $1.59 (gratuity) = $9.54 for my drink. If you currently have the UBP, you could "upgrade" to their new package for $29 per person per day plus 20% gratuity for what appears to be an almost truly unlimited package that will include fresh juices, energy drinks, specialty coffees etc... In my case for my upcoming cruise I could pay $29 + $5.80 (20%) = $34.80 per person per day. In my case $69.60 x 11 days = $765.60 for an 11 day cruise. This is in addition to the "beverage service charge" of $435.60 for the "FREE" perk for an "UNLIMITED" drink package that limits what you can drink and limits you to $15 drinks. I may have my figures and facts wrong so please feel free to correct. This cruise will be the litmus test as to whether I continue to stick with NCL. I
  3. He has comments in other threads but started this one as his thoughts.
  4. Has anyone experienced, or know someone that has, an upgrade via Upgrade Advantage and then received a call for a further upgrade??
  5. For 1/27 Breakaway sailing I just received upgrade. I went from a BC balcony to a B9 spa balcony. For this upgrade I bid $100 pp for a total of $240 with the increase in insurance coverage to match price increase. $240 for spa pass for 11 night not too bad. For those curious, here is the breakdown of all my bids: Haven courtyard penthouse $850 pp Haven aft penthouse $800 pp Haven forward penthouse $750 pp Haven spa $650 pp Spa mini-suite $150 pp Spa (winning bid) $100 pp Mini-suite $75 pp I was certainly hoping for a Haven category having won an upgrade in 17 on Getaway. Definitely a bummer I didn't get Haven but just happy to be on 11 night cruise. Good luck to others in the bidding process. Neil
  6. Narcan is only effective with opiates. Has no affects if the patient isn't dealing with an opiate OD. K9 "should" be fine. Most K9 handlers are carrying Narcan for their partners as standard procedure due to the ease of exposure and the dangerous nature of the other derivatives of opium. Prayers to the 4 legged partner of the handler.
  7. I used Cortran and was very, very happy. Great service, great communication. Just my $.02 Neil
  8. I've sailed two Super Bowls on the Getaway. Both times they had the game on screens in a number of places. I watched both games at H2O on the big screen. Good times. Pats won both :).
  9. Having sailed both RCCL and NCL in the last couple years I would guess the best first response without being sarcastic would be nothing is for free. That being said, since both lines have implemented a "drink package" I have to say they are both probably an even break. When you add all the charges up, the overall cost of a cruise is about the same. Sometimes a RCCL fare seems cheaper at first, but, in my experience the drink package works out about the same. It seems RCCL has less restrictions on their "unlimited" drink package; fro me all my drinks were covered. NCL's "unlimited" package limits you to $15. Anything overthat you have to make up the difference. Fro example, my Manhattan's on NCL are usually a $1 or 2 over the $15 dollar "limit." on RCCL in Febuarary and April I never paid an addition charge for anything I drank; and I did my best to get my money's worth (I did!). Long story short, all cruises that I compared last year with similar itinerary's etc... would ultimately work out to be about the same charge when you added in RCCL package purchase and NCL's "gratuities and other charges). Ultimately, no easy answer. I like both lines for differing reasons. Enjoy whatever you decide. Neil
  10. Yes. You can bid on all the options that are listed for you to bid on. As understand things, options are based on a 2 category bump. For instance, if you book and inside, you are eligible to bid on Ocean View and Balcony. Ocean view bookings would get you balcony and and mini suite etc...
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