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  1. I hate to say it, but lounge chairs on top of one another is going to be par for the course for cruises. That said, every ship I've been on has other outdoor areas that were far less populated. (They may just not be the areas directly next to the very small pools.) And you can always sit on your own balcony, if you have one. Cruise ships, by nature, cram a lot of people into a small area. In my limited experience, embarkation day and debarkation day are the worst. I'm sure certain ship designs are better than others at dispersing the people and can't speak to the Encore specifically. In additi
  2. This was to be our first NCL cruise. We were excited to try NCL. We've done 1 RCL in the past and several Carnival. We were disappointed after our last Carnival cruise and needed a break, although their product was fine, we missed the Oasis-class RCL ship. I think each line had a different pros and cons in their responses. We're debating taking the cash so we can skip over to RCL. We're looking at booking for October or next spring.
  3. I would be interested to know how the customs and screening process goes for those disembarking today, considering what has happened at the airports. I know someone who was in line at O'Hare for 6+ hours to get through customs and health screening. yesterday.
  4. This is exactly why is was interesting to me to read Carnival's policy. They are giving people until December to request a refund vs. the credit. That way people can take the credit (which is automatic), wait on it to see how things go, and still request a refudn later (via a form). I get the impression that the cruise lines ceasing operations was somewhat forced, but it is apparent that some line were more prepared than others and some are making this easier on their customers than others.
  5. There was a post today on the RCI board where a crew member said her contract was canceled with no notice. So who is to say that NCL, or any cruise line, will retain all of its staff while shut down? I mean, I would hope so, but I could see lines cutting down to a skeleton staff to save money.
  6. More importantly (to me anyway), will the staff stay on board? Will they be fed? Will they be compensated?
  7. NCL's website is the worst. The fact that operations are suspended and it's being reported BEFORE NCL bothers to tell its own staff or guests makes me really question their business practices. (As if the lying to customers wasn't enough.)
  8. Some of us were joking at work today about how many new Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu subscriptions are going to be purchased in the coming month.
  9. It is a mind-boggling situation, frankly. The Washington Post and Miami Herald have picked up the story now. (RCI is cancelling as well.) So hopefully info is passed down to the NCL folks and TAs soon. I'm sorry you are in this situation. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article241176211.html
  10. NCL isn't known for great internal communication. It's not on the NCL website yet, and not on mainstream news. People aren't receiving any emails or calls from NCL. Unless you are sailing this weekend, I would not inundate the low-wage call center workers. It's bound to just cause frustration. I do feel badly for anyone who is traveling today to try to board a ship tomorrow.
  11. Not to mention Iran, who downplayed the possibility of Covid-19 and now has one of the worst growth rates.
  12. I don't necessarily disagree with you. I'm just fascinated by the whole situation. I've got no expertise. I have to look to the doctors and infectious disease experts, the WHO, the CDC, etc. Frankly, with how divisive our country already is, I hope a crisis such as this will bring us together, to work together, to support each other, but I fear it will not.
  13. Princess had Covid-19 on two ships. No known cases have been on NCL ships. Princess is fighting more of a battle with regard to maintaining customers.
  14. No one should be allowed to be taken advantage of by a company knowingly giving false information. Doesn't matter if they are smart or not.
  15. I would be surprised if they do. People who canceled before the Peace of Mind policy, even on cruises that would have been covered under that policy, were not retroactively given FCC. Per NCL's Peace of Mind FAQs:
  16. They're getting a lot of bad press over the lying to customers thing. Wonder if that factored in to the decision.
  17. Thank you for your review! After three cruises on Conquest-class ships, we got a ridiculous deal and tried RCI on Oasis of the Seas. After that we went on Magic, and although it was a very nice ship and a very nice vacation, we missed the Wow factor of Oasis and her entertainment (where we missed CATS but loved the ice skating show and diving show). I will say that we found service in the dining room much better on Carnival. Our next cruise is on NCL. Nothing wrong with a little variety! We'll go back to Carnival again if the cost is right, though I'm hoping they step up their game in terms of
  18. Possibly not related, but there's a thread on the RCI board about a crew member (possibly entertainment?) posting on Facebook that she's out of a job for two months. Perhaps has to do with Mr. Trump's announcement today? Perhaps NCL is finding that their potential profit no longer outweighs the risks? Perhaps it's just a glitch? Perhaps NCL is changing the pricing model? I tried a cruise place on the web for non-NCL cruises, and it seemed ok.
  19. https://www.pnas.org/content/104/18/7582 Public officials (perhaps some more than others) are trying to carefully balance health, economics, individual freedoms, etc. It seems to me a very difficult time to be a public official.
  20. If it's entertainment staff, they could just be canceling entertainment on the ship as part of an elimination of "public gatherings."
  21. Thank you for your perspective and information sharing. Curious. Knowing what you know, would you cancel a cruise in the upcoming weeks?
  22. Ah. I see your point. (In our case, no, we've chosen to cancel because my daughter's school and both our employers would ask us to self-quarantine. Also the more I read and the more happens, I know I would feel terrible if I got the virus and then passed it along to those who might be more susceptible to serious complications.)
  23. Umm, a lot of schools are issuing policies where they will not allow children who traveled certain places or on cruises to come back to school for 14 days. My child's school included.
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