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  1. OverandUnderwater

    Going Blind?

    You have control of your browser. CTRL + and - will zoom in and out on most browser's
  2. OverandUnderwater

    Vibration on Nieuw Amsterdam

    Maybe I can buy you a glass of Science some day if we're ever on the same ship?
  3. OverandUnderwater

    Vibration on Nieuw Amsterdam

    I love the vibrations, when I feel them. Along with the rocking, alcohol related or not :(, it reminds me I'm on a ship and going somewhere.
  4. OverandUnderwater

    HAL top 10 sailings/website issues

    Clear your cache. Moving back and forth between the sites will hose the current one.
  5. OverandUnderwater

    Workaround when you cannot print the HAL boarding pass

    HAL's website doesn't embed a PDF generator; it's in your browser. Your error message indicates it's found a file however the error indicates that you are trying to print more than one file at a time. Personally, I doubt that and think your error message is not accurate. When was the last time you updated Adobe?
  6. OverandUnderwater

    Workaround when you cannot print the HAL boarding pass

    Please note that PDF's are generated by your browser and not HAL. Your browser's setting dictate: 1. If a PDF is allowed to display 2. How it's downloaded and where i.e.., your documents folder, right away etc. 3. Ad Blockers also affect popups so can affect whether the PDF comes up. 4. Does it display in a new tab or new window? Don't forget that a company cannot override your browser settings. If HAL were having the issue then no one would be able to print.
  7. OverandUnderwater

    Seattle hotels near pier

    There really aren't any that are close to Pier 91 however none of the downtown hotels are far, say a 15 minute drive. Seattle hotels consider cruise season their own piggy bank so expect high prices. If price were no object I would choose either the Edgewater or Inn on the Market.
  8. As an American I researched this too including an email exchange with a very nice Indian official in Mangalore and what I was told is that India considers every port stop an entry even if you never leave Indian territorial waters so he highly suggested the multiple entry hard visa which of course was not cheap but considering what we could miss, worth it in my opinion.
  9. OverandUnderwater

    HAL cruisers - ever sailed on Costa?

    I am an old HAL cruiser, knowing the company quite well so will be able to do a compare. I am on the neoClassica out of Mumbai next month and happy to report back. The ship I'm on though is one of their older ones which is being sold in March but I should still be able to give you some good advice.
  10. OverandUnderwater

    Travel Insurance

    Thank you. I'll look into it.
  11. OverandUnderwater

    Travel Insurance

    What insurance would you recommend for work related reasons including plain rescheduling? I understand there's an umbrella for cancellation for any reason but according to a few things I've read you can get a rider for work related issues and frankly that is my main concern. Thank you in advance.
  12. OverandUnderwater

    Pillow Spray in NS

    I hope you find it. I loved it too and wouldn't mind purchasing it.
  13. OverandUnderwater

    Airport question

    That would be a question directed to the airline not the airport per se.
  14. OverandUnderwater

    Westerdam Alaska recently?

    I was on the 8/6 embark and as I told the Hotel Manager, I couldn't even make anything up it was all perfect. I have always been a fan of Westerdam and she's been my favorite food ship now for a while and she didn't disappoint. I finally got to try the Dive-in burger bar and it was good. We did spend a lot of time at the Piano bar which was a first for me and enjoyed it immensely. We arrived at 1pm for embark and we're in our Neptune 20 minutes later. I did enjoy the add on lobster tail option in Pinnacle, for $10 I wouldn't miss it.
  15. OverandUnderwater

    Conflicting departure dates!

    I have it on good authority there is a bug that is being fixed. Try changing your computer's timezone to Pacific Time. Then Shift F5 while you are looking at it to reload the program.