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  1. thanks I. ! thats what Ive been looking for!
  2. thanks. I believe that info & pricing may be a little outdated? here's what I get thru the "Manage My Bookings" linl today: https://book2.hollandamerica.com/secondaryFlow/beverages But, what I'd like to see is a photo of the actual MDR menu, showing wine prices....
  3. also, we're staying at The Riverside Hotel, las olas blvd. looks like a long walk to Total Wine. I guess the nearby CVS has wine, but any other stores near the hotel to pick up a couple of half-decent wines?
  4. thanks all. can anyone provide a copy of the wines (and prices) currently on the Statendam's MDR menu?
  5. thanks. something to consider... another question: what's the procedure for paying the corkage fee on extra bottles? do you lug them on board with you in your carry-on....? where & when do you pay the corkage fee? anyone done it lately? how does it work?
  6. we've never taken a wine pkg. on past cruises, but considering it for our 7-day on NS in April (our first on HAL). There are 11 wine packages offered...I'm looking at the three 6-bottle packages. I'm assuming the different prices are just based on the prices or quality of the wines available in each package, no? We'll bring the 2 bottles allowed with us & hopefully 6 more'll just about get us thru the 7 days...hic! Are they a good deal or what? vs just buying as you go on board...I cant seem to find any current wine lists to compare .... Do you save a few bucks? Any comments tips advice would be appreciated.
  7. hahah...thanks guys "Honey, unpack that formal ball gown!"
  8. need some input here.... sailing first time in HA next month.Statendam Caribbean 7- night. have done carnival, celebrity, rc & princess before. have found that "formal nights" on these is now pretty much "anything goes...within reason". first question - does HA still have them? if so, what do "most" passengers wear? full disclosure: I dont own a tux, and we like to travel as light & casual as possible! 🤫 comments?
  9. so many choices....😊 only one night.......😢
  10. thats all good info. guys .much appreciated. charles, you said the magic woids, for me..... "crepe restaurant"! lol I googled & came up with "la Bonne Crepe" 815 las olas.... 2 min walk... I assume thats it?🤪 also, were not big breakfast eaters...so that italian bakery & coffee sounds good! any other comments / tips welcome...
  11. hmmmmm.....seems to me (without having seen the pricelist) it might be an idea to pick up a couple of bottles on sale at Publix....and pay the corkage fee...??🙃LOL
  12. thanks. soooo....can I (just me) sign up for a beverage pkg., and then get dinks all day....for me AND the wife??
  13. where can I get more info & pricing of wine packages?
  14. DO THEY ADD 15% grat.to the corkage fee??!!!
  15. thanks. do you happen to recall the price range of the wines on the MDR MENU. and, would the wine list / prices be the same across all HAL ships?
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