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  1. Were these on Princess ships? If so, which ships please? Thanks.
  2. The newer drink packages mention "Coke Freestyle machines where available (coming soon)." Does anyone have any info on the rollout schedule of these machines? Are they on any ships yet? Thanks
  3. I was quoting prices all before gratuity. The drinks are individually priced at $8-12 before gratuity. The package covers drinks up to $12 before gratuity. Apples to apples. Yes we pay 18% gratuity on top of both the package and individual drinks.
  4. There is only soft serve on Regal. They do not have a blender to make milkshakes.
  5. Lots of info here on the family boards. Please read up on the info about the swimming pools - the 7 month old is not allowed in any pools on Princess as none of the ships have the special filtration system required by the CDC for non-potty trained kids. ( This may be different from your experience on Sunshine - I don't know if they have a kiddie pool on that ship or not. ) There is no babysitting on Princess either unfortunately. When our kids were younger we would all go to the dining room for dinner - we told the waiters our plans - the kids' food would come out a bit faster - often a veggie plate or fruit plate would be waiting for them when we sat down so they'd have something to eat. Most nights they kids would finish their meal and one of us would take them up to the kids club (maybe change in cabin on the way up) and then we'd be able to enjoy dessert and coffees after the kids were gone. One thing we liked about Princess for the kids over RCI or Carnival was that the buffet stayed open all day with many selections. When we cruised the other lines we found that by about 2 pm the buffets were mostly shut down and options were very scarce. On Princess buffets are always open. We could always get the kids some fruit or even something more substantial at any time at all. Kids don't always eat on schedule! On Regal the buffet is huge with tons of options. I assume you have a couple cabins with an adult booked into each. When you get on board, goto the Passenger services desk and request room keys to all the cabins - they can issue you extra cards or maybe program the medallions so that everyone can get in and out of every cabin. If you choose, you can also request the Passenger service desk limit the daily spending for each of the kids. That way they can't buy everything and also if they lose their card/ medallion noone else can buy stuff on it. Re roaming the ship - consider it is like a small town of almost 5000 people (strangers) that your kids have never visited before, don't know their way around, and that they don't know anyone in. You can bring on sodas but you may find it convenient to buy the fountain soda packages or other beverage packages - they are described and priced online in your cruise personalizer. Princess has included drinks: iced tea, lemonade, water and coffee and tea in the buffet. Everything else is for a charge. Often the lemonade is in pitchers at the serving station and you ask crew for a glass. Juice and milk are available at breakfast - ask any buffet or dining room server for juice or milk for the kids any other time and they will bring you a cup full. (They have whole and skim. ) Enjoy your cruise!
  6. This is not true in my opinion. Alcoholic Drinks are $8-12 each. Package is $59.99 per day. 60/8 = 7.5 of the cheapest drinks only. 60/12= 5 of the most expensive. So between 5-8 drinks per day depending on price gets you to the cost of the package (break even) WITHOUT sodas, waters, coffees etc.
  7. It depends on the head chef. We love love love Bavarian night. Every ship we have sailed (see my signature - 2001 to 2019) has had it except Regal when we sailed her in March 2015. When I enquired of the Head chef during the kitchen demo and tour he said he doesn't do it because its not popular. He basically brushed me off. My guess is that its not his thing. Unfortunately I don't recall his name. Hopefully someone who has sailed Regal more recently can comment. The Bavarian buffet itself will vary - we have found that each chef does it a bit differently - some are more expansive than others. But we have always found it very good. Go early though. On most ships they seem to make a limited amount of the food and once its gone, its gone. (We've gone back for a second snack later in the evening and found it gone!) Most ships list the buffet theme on the back page of the Patter next to the dinner hours. Otherwise ask your head waiter in the dining room or ask any of the "tall hat" chefs in the buffet. They can tell you when it will be.
  8. Looks like you are on Emerald Princess. We have stayed many times in those aft deck 8 mini's on Emerald Princess and various other Princess ships too. Love them. Club Fusion stage is on the port side on Emerald. I think only once did we hear anything - you may hear a bit of bass noise if you are right over the stage. The pull out sofa bed on those ships is usually old style - bit bigger than a twin but not quite a double. Two of the three sofa cushions open up. Its a thin mattress too. Also when it is pulled out it mostly blocks the door to the balcony. Alternatively the fourth is an upper bunk. Note there are no privacy curtains between any of the beds but you do have the big shelf unit/desk which provides some separation. If you google mini suites you'll find some pictures and videos that show the cabins. Enjoy!
  9. They will have onboard whatever the current local supplier provides. There is no way to predict with certainty what brand and what type it will be. Week to week from the same port may have differences due to supply issues.
  10. We are in the "not feel restricted" category. We spend more time on the ship than off it in the Caribbean. But - If we were to do a port intensive cruise where we would be off the ship a lot more then we would not get the package. (Or if we were doing extended trips we would not either. ) So if you intend to spend most of your port time off ship then that matters too. Can we stick to "included" and be ok? Plain coffee (we don't mind the syrup on Grand class - its ground coffee on Royal class ships), lemonade, iced tea, water are all fine. Yes we could do that (with occasional others bought) - but as our annual relax vacation we think of it like an all inclusive resort and budget the cost into our overall trip cost - we don't indulge in fancy drinks at home so they are part of the treat of the trip. The Premium package gets us a couple Lattes in the morning, a couple frou frou drinks by the pool, plus sodas and bottled water. Then a pre dinner drink, a glass of wine with dinner plus a soda, an after dinner cappucino, then a couple drinks / water watching the shows. Its not a lot of drinking overall but given the coffees are $3.50, drinkies are $9-10, fancier can be $12 (package covers all up to $12 - most drinks are covered), bottled sparking water is $2-3 and the sodas are $2-3 it adds up to $59 per day pretty quickly. (These prices are all before tip. The 18% tip goes on the package and also onto the pay as you go prices. ). We find the prices are not that different from restaurants at home - we don't find the Princess drink prices to be overly high. I've read online that drink prices are higher on other lines. Think about what your drinking habits are, then look at the packages Princess offers. There are a few different packages now. They also have buckets of beer, and you can pre-order small bottles of booze and pop for your cabin, and bring on pop and wine as others have mentioned. The packages are all listed for purchase in your online Personalizer.
  11. When were on CB and Emerald and Ruby in the past they used only Cafe Caribe for dinner. Horizon court buffet lines were closed. The seating could be used for overflow from Cafe Caribe. When we were on CB after the reno we noticed that the actual space for Horizon court was the same. Not sure what you mean by "what was left". The actual space was not changed.
  12. We were on Caribbean Princess July 2018. The actual spaces of Horizon court and Cafe Caribe were not changed from what they were before. The interior decor was renovated. The middle food stations in Horizon court were moved out a bit allowing more space between them. The stations along the walls were in the same place - allowing crew behind them. Horizon court became World Fresh Marketplace. Cafe Caribe became Planks & Steamers. For breakfast & lunch all venues were used. There was some differences between the foods offered at one vs the other - but all standard breakfast and lunch fare. For dinner, the split was implemented. Planks and Steamers are not buffet style but the crew used the kitchen there for prep and cooking. Ships don't have smokers on board so all of the food at Planks is cooked with the pre-existing equipment - BBQ made in the oven and on the existing grill.
  13. I do think that it depends greatly on why you are going - ship as destination vs itinerary vs ?? If your purpose is to try all the ships then no, don't go on the same one twice. If your purpose is the itinerary then yes the same ship again is secondary. If you have sailed on her before then you will settle in faster as everything is familiar already. The crew may have rotated off, and the shows and entertainment and entertainers may have rotated off as well. You will likely find a mix of same and not same.
  14. Thanks - I had not seen that before you mentioned it!
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