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  1. Back when we were planning our 2001 cruise on Grand Princess- with ds who was 18 months at the time of the cruise, I found CruiseCritic. Hence cruisintoddler. She is 20 now. Way out of date!
  2. Princess is currently changing some of 2021 cruises - see the Baltic thread here - a pdf of the 2021 Sky itineraries is attached that does not match the website at all. Contact your travel agent for the current actual offerings as I'm guessing what is on the website is not being changed until they deal with all the folks currently booked that need to be rebooked or moved or whatever.
  3. Baltic cruises have historically had varying ports of embarkation - you can start the cruise from one of three cities. Thus people are embarking and disembarking every couple of days from different places. Given Covid-19, it would make sense to have everyone on the SAME schedule. That way excursions are the only on and off. The excursions can be controlled according to whatever requirements are necessary at the time of the cruise, should the cruise be allowed to occur. Look at the MSC cruises in the Med currently. Perhaps Southhampton is the best choice for the vol
  4. Its not just whether US Authorities will allow ships sailing - also whether destinations will allow ships to arrive. Many countries around the world are keeping restrictions on their borders.
  5. Thanks. I've tried to call some places but been on hold forever and given up. I think most are dealing with claims.
  6. Hi, EDITED I just noticed the US thread by Steve Dasseos. His answers are US only. So I'll edit this to ask ONLY about Canadian - Ontario residents- insurance. --- I'm wondering if anyone has done any current research on travel insurance - both health and cancellation - for travel from now on. I had read news items a couple months ago that said some insurance was specifically excluding coverage for Covid related issues but I haven't seen anything since. I'm curious if anyone has seen any current policies (Princess or other) and what they
  7. For those of us that live in Ontario, TICO covers https://www.tico.ca/consumers/how-to-file-a-claim.html "A Standard Claim is a claim for travel services that were paid for but not provided as a result of the failure of an Ontario registered travel agency, an Ontario registered travel wholesaler (tour operator) or an airline or cruise line. " Any Ontario Travel Agents here that can comment on this with respect to any cruise lines? What is "failure" defined as for TICO? For Princess - if they were to declare "Chapter 11" in the US as some are suggesting,
  8. Also, I don't recommend the pack & play in the closet. It interferes with your clothing storage - if the pack and play is in the closet, all your clothes stay in suitcase in front of the balcony door or under the bed. I wouldn't leave any clothes hanging within reach of baby. Also every time you use the bathroom, you are disturbing your child. For us, the mini was the better solution overall. Finally, if the ship rocks, the pack and play might shift a bit - having it against a wall in the closet allows for the chance that baby could be standing and fingers could be caugh
  9. Minisuite for sure. We've cruised with our kids since dd was 18 months, then when ds was 3. Mini makes getting food to eat in cabin easier as you have sofa and coffee table, plus space for pack& play. Newer ships have curtain between bed and sitting area to allow for a bit of separation too. Many of the balcony cabins are structured so that you cannot go outside on balcony if 3 rd and 4th beds are made up, and the space in front of the door would be blocked by the pack and play. Plus a bit of floor space for play. I see the differences in sq ft on the dec
  10. Many years ago we experienced a missing refund. I called Princess and was eventually put thru to customer relations - not the first set of folks that answer the calls but a "deeper" set of folks. This person was able to see exactly what our balance was - I don't know if they had the full transaction details or not but they definitely could see what we were owed. They were able to make sure the refund was issued - there was a problem with the 3rd party company that cuts the cheques. Do you have your documentation as proof of the OBC that you started with? Are you able to see whether or
  11. We have been doing this as well. The passenger services desk can give you all key cards to access the other room so if you are the person switching for sleeping you carry two cards - the original one with your charging info and ID and a blank one which is just a door key for the other room. Medallions make this easier as they can program them to open multiple doors. Last cruise was our first Medallion cruise and we all went to the passenger services desk and they were able to program the Medallions so that each opened both Cabin doors. ( But the person counted the days
  12. Supply issues do happen. If the local supplier did not meet the ship's order or if there was a "run" on a particular item they may run out. Also, they may have a case of something in the storage room that hasn't been opened and distributed yet. I've seen items restock mid cruise once they work their way thru the new stock and get to that box. BUT - I've never seen empty bottles sitting on display - that seems odd to me. Whenever I've seen a bartender empty a bottle I've seen them take it in the back and get out a new bottle. They have no space for empties! What bar h
  13. I received and completed it. It is legit. I've received one before too. They have been mentioned here in the past. Princess sends these out occasionally asking for our input. it does not ask for any personal info or banking info or anything else like that. This is NOT the end of your cruise survey. That is totally different. This is a survey about features and offerings on the ships and what they mean to you as a passenger and if they affect your deciding to book, etc.
  14. update: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22384-disney-cruise-line-launches-new-lighthouse-point-website.html https://lighthousepointbahamas.com
  15. You can use cash. You have to goto the Purser's desk and give them cash - and settle up the total the last night of the cruise - lineup is long. Can your bank branch issue you a new card in the branch? Even a temporary one?
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