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  1. I read that Princess reinstated the website Personalizer. Is that not true? If it is available, just use the website to register instead of the app. is there anything except dining that requires the app and is not on the website?
  2. Thanks Steelers! Knowing that there is not an official cap helps too.
  3. I'm glad I downloaded the receipts a couple weeks ago for everyone. We have them saved on computer and phones and printed. My parents don't own cell phones so I made them a wallet sized double sided sheet with both dose 1 and dose 2, plus full size paper in a sheet protector. Is there any reason I should print their QR codes for them? They barely go anywhere but the grocery & drug stores, don't goto restaurants etc as dad's health is poor. I'll ask the kids to help me get the QR code for my iphone 6s and hubby's Blackberry. 🙄. The photo of the code sounds like the easiest for us. I don't use the apple wallet or health app at all. I'm getting to the equivalent stage of the flashing vcr unfortunately!!! 🤣🤣 Thanks for all the info!!
  4. Thanks for starting this. I was thinking of doing same. We have a Princess final payment date early this week. If Princess is slow to update ???? Gonna call our TA Monday to discuss. 😄
  5. Welcome to cruisecritic! What an unfortunate situation. Sorry for your troubles. The restriction you speak of was a covid response put in place in 2020 by the US government. It received many headlines and, like the CDC's rules on mixed vaccines, has been watched closely by many travellers worldwide. Its unfortunate you missed all the media coverage and discussions online on various websites about this while you were planning to travel during a global pandemic. Are you aware that Canada has travel advisories against cruising and that has affected many travel health insurance policies as well? You may wish to check with your insurance provider. There is info about that here on cruisecritic as well. We've been watching these policies closely as they affect our travel for both business and leisure. Some of the policies on vaccines were changing frequently at one point. Its been frustrating to say the least and we've cancelled 2 work trips and one cruise. This weekend we are at final payment for another cruise and are busy checking all the variables to decide if we will cruise or not. Its a rapidly evolving situation as the pandemic is not over. We've watched the CDC update its policies and the cruiselines follow with their policies, some changing hours and some days after the CDC. Its very hard to keep up. I'm surprised Holland didn't bar you from booking, but ultimately, just like travel visas to enter other countries, it is the responsibility of the traveller to be aware of restrictions affecting them. A travel agent should help with this too. Was your agent unaware? I hope Holland lets you rebook.
  6. Does anyone know generally please? Are ships full capacity after the first sailings or still reduced? Thanks
  7. Problems are with Safari on ipad DuckDuckGo browser on ipad works perfectly. (My earlier post was incorrect- the browser does remember my login id and pw).
  8. Thanks ... but beyond my technical (dis)abilities! 🤣
  9. I'm looking at the Princess website, I'm logged in. All the prices are rounded to the nearest even dollar, so I can't use the old method of figuring out what they are charging. Does anyone know what the current exchange rate is for booking in CAD please? Thanks much. (And yes, I'm aware of the advantages / disadvantages of booking in USD , using a FX dealer, etc etc )
  10. I'm wondering about how full the ships are sailing please. I saw on Pescado Amarillo's blog that Emerald is about 25% this week. Has that been just for the first cruises or are they all like that? Can anyone tell me what capacity Caribbean cruises will be in December 2021 and January 2022? Thanks! (Now that CDC is accepting Canadian mixed vaccines we need to book a cruise!!! 😄😄)
  11. Ive 'been having problems in Safari on ipad for a while. I downloaded the "Duck duck go" browser app and that seems to work much better. It doesn't remember my login id but the rest seems to work so I'm happy to log in once manually.
  12. which cruiseline? Not all of them. That is Not Princess' policy for example.
  13. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/u-s-canadian-travellers-mixed-vaccines-1.6213176 "Individuals inoculated with any combination of two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized by U.S. regulators or the World Health Organization will be considered fully vaccinated, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told CBC News. WHO-approved vaccines include Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and its Indian-made counterpart, Covishield. So travellers with any combination of these vaccines will be allowed to enter the U.S. The CDC does not recognize mixing COVID-19 vaccines but said it updated its guidance to reflect growing global acceptance of the practice. "While CDC has not recommended mixing types of vaccine in a primary series, we recognize that this is increasingly common in other countries so should be accepted for the interpretation of vaccine records," CDC spokesperson Kristen Nordlund said in an email. "
  14. AWESOME news! We can salvage plans for Jan cruise! Too bad we cancelled at final payment for NYE cruise with the family already, but even though its without the kids we will go!! YAY!!!!
  15. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/united-states-international-travel-rules-what-to-know/index.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twCNN&utm_term=link&utm_content=2021-10-15T18%3A00%3A55 , CNN • Published 15th October 2021 What about mixed-dose vaccinations? The CDC is working through the question of mixed-dose vaccinations, according to senior administration officials. The CDC will offer guidance "in the coming weeks" related to the vaccination status of individuals who received doses of two different vaccines, one official said on October 12. ----------------- So we still have nothing. We cancelled our Dec cruise last month. Final payment for our Jan cruise is next week. We'll be cancelling that one too as "in the coming weeks" is too long for final payment.
  16. I think we are forgetting the Princess side of the Medallion. They didn't develop it just for passengers. Its for crew and corporate and marketing. They are collecting data on everyone - where we are on the ship, what we are doing, and where we are and are not spending $$$. Its not just about the passengers. Even the cruise cards now have the trackable chip in them. I'm sure they are tracking crew behaviour as well. THAT is the real reason for having the Medallion. Data that they can use to both 1. alter on board offerings (reduce things not utilized, increase others), changing the way we get through the ship to encourage spending (think of the grocery store and how they put stuff at the end of the aisles to get you to buy them) and 2. market more specifically / targeted to each of us depending on our past behaviour. (I don't say preferences as my behaviour is not always reflective of my preferences!🤣) . The Medallion project was sold to Princess as a net benefit to them due to the data collection. Data is marketing gold. Companies don't spend the amount of money it cost to implement this without a significant upside. The net cost has to be positive. Princess believes Medallion will increase on board revenue significantly. So Padgett got promoted.
  17. I know right??!!?? Travel is not just for leisure - there are more than just cruisers and snowbirds and shoppers that want to goto the US. Our government and our media seem to be ignoring those of us with this issue. Businesses are being affected by this!
  18. When were you able to get Pepsi products on a Princess ship? I prefer Pepsi over Coke but don't recall anything but Coke. Diet coke is in the soda gun (fountain soda). Tonic is in the soda gun, but diet tonic is by the can. Soda gun items are included in drink packages. Cans are not.
  19. Yes. Businesses, restaurants for entertaining, some hotels, conference venues etc. He had a deadline for switching his conference registration to someone else who received 2 mRna's. At the time of the deadline there was speculation hotels in the cities where his conferences were might demand proof.... It makes work travel very difficult!
  20. All good. I agree it makes sense. What's new is that they are telling the US authorities and providing them the evidence so hopefully they come around! My hubby has cancelled work trips to US because he is "considered unvaxxed" with AZ/ Mod. Its affecting his business! Not just about our one cruise a year to unwind!!
  21. https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/canada-vaccine-effectiveness-data-delayed-doses-mixing-matching-covid-19-vaccines-1.6205993 Finally: two studies with good news for mixed vaccines. And there were US researchers involved. And they have sent the info to the US for their review re travel. I'm SO happy to finally see this !!!! Much better than the article I shared a day ago! Maybe we'll be able to travel to the US for work and vacation soon! (also when did this Canadian section start up?? I just noticed it a few days ago! )
  22. Unfortunately, for our age group, under 55's, in our town, AZ was the only forseeable option at the time that we took it. They said mRna was not going to be available for us for a long while. At the time, that is what we were told. Based on that, we decided we couldn't wait indefinitely due to having to support high risk family members, so we got AZ. Things changed a few weeks later ... Hindsight ... but that was a few weeks we could help my elderly parents with a little less worry. We got Moderna second. I've read that some studies are showing mixing vector and mRna now has us better protected than some others, which is great if it is true. But we can't travel. Hubby has cancelled work conferences in the US and it is now affecting his business. Governments have to get together and figure this out. Today I read here something about travellers to France need a special French vaccine passport. Boosters are simply not available in Ontario currently. There is no "finding a way" here unfortunately. The lack of full travel insurance options adds more fuel to the fire. Until all this is worked out, I don't see any way for Canadians to travel without taking on a lot of personal risk. Its frustrating.
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