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  1. Also remember if you go to Coz, there is always the option of a ferry to Playa del Carmen and spend the day there with lots of fine places to get authentic mexican food and margaritas.
  2. I have been monitoring and looking at a 5 day or possible B2B in Nov 2020 on the Scarlet Lady. Has anyone noticed the website changes? Prices have increased and pricing is now per person, NOT per cabin. I assume this reflects the "special deal" that is being offered. dave
  3. So looking forward to our B2B cruise. Anyone else? dave and lorenzo
  4. We are planning a B2B. First leg Nov 13. Miami - Nov 13 Sea Day - Nov 14 Puerto Plata - Nov 15 Sea Day - Nov 16 Bemimi - Nov 17 Miami - Nov 18 Second Leg: Miami - Nov 18 Key West - Nov 19 Bimini - Nov 20 Sea Day - Nov 21 Miami - Nov 22 Come join us. Dave and Lorenzo
  5. even living 800 miles from Miami, thats why we are going to do a B2B in November 2020
  6. OK!!! Here we go! Nov 2020 through April 2021 bookings are now available !!!
  7. Yes it is more expensive. Oct 2020, inside cabin $170/person/night. No specialty dining, no buffets, includes gratuity. No one under 18 yrs of age. When defining something as overpriced, what do you compare it to? Are you comparing Carnival rates, HAL rates, RCL or a more premium line like Seabourne, Azmara? Everything has value and each of us determine that value whether its a new ship, new experience, new food options, ship amenities, etc etc I realize I am comparing apples to oranges, but it does apply. I am going to NYC and staying in Manhattan in October this year with the sole purpose of going to a Broadway show. My hotel is going to cost $340/night in the heart of Manhattan. I have the option of staying in NJ, or outside the city for probably $120/night. But then all I am doing is riding the subway or public transport all the time of getting into and out of the city. But it has value for me that I am staying in the heart of the city. Does it kill me that I have to pay that much for a place to sleep and change clothes......of course. But I choose to because for me, its all the experience. I look at the experience on VV the same way......and based on their advertising, its going to be an experience that I don't want to miss.
  8. you do realize the pricing is per cabin, not per person. I think the pricing is very comparable.
  9. Oh I am definitely booking with them as soon as I see some new schedules. Since I live at the beach here in Myrtle, I prefer to cruise during the winter months. Looking to book a cruise, possibly B2B in Nov 2020 or Jan 2021. I can't wait! dave
  10. i think everyone needs to take a nap and get some rest. 😴
  11. It's all in the journey.........and the experience. A "free perk" that is not mentioned much, free WIFI........I could care less. But for others its their life......and I understand that. I do hope from my personal bias, that I am not sitting at the pool or in a dining venue and hearing the person next to me talking on their phone and sharing their personal life with me. My phone and computer will be off when I am on a cruise. But at the same time, if the WIFI is good, it does allow people who need it for work or emergencies at home or at their business But for me, a vacation is a time to relax, unwind and not be reminded about the problems in the world.
  12. Wow, I just don't understand. I have taken 11 cruises with Carnival, Holland, Princess and NCL as well as charters . I have taken many land based vacations to Mexico and the Caribbean. The above 4 cruise lines were all different and there is nothing wrong with that. So with that said, I have NEVER expected a cruise line to keep me entertained. Yet each and every cruise I have taken was a wonderful experience. That is not their job. Its my job to know what is offered via the daily schedule and make a decision whether to attend a yoga class, a drag queen brunch, get a piercing/tattoo, or just lay my ass on the sun/pool deck and unwind from what is going on in the real world. But if you choose to go to a wine tasting, climb a rock wall, zip line across the deck, or go to a "art auction".......knock yourself out doing those things. All the ads you're seeing on VV, havent you seen the ones from NCL, Pricess, and others? They are all the "beautiful" people having dinner and wine on their balcony that 95% of the sailors/cruisers will never experience because they can't afford a suite. Yet the main cruise lines never show the real world ......the dreaded Lido buffet where there is pushing, scrambling for the last 10 pierces of bacon. If they did, do you really think you would gladly hand over $1000/person and pay to experience this bit of humanity? Hardly! Sir Richard Branson has a good record with businesses he has begun. Don't bet against him. dave
  13. May 31, 2020 out of Miami, to Cancun, Costa Maya, Key West and Bemini. 7 days
  14. Hi riff raff (crazycatlady) Well said! Hopefully our paths will cross someday and we can compare "holes and ink". dave
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