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  1. Just checked out the website and there are some changes! I am hoping and waiting for Nov 2020 cruises to be announced. Well, November is not, but there are two cruises for Dec 2020. And yes, they are 7 days cruises! Dom Rep, Bemini, and San Juan Puerto Rico. I am all for the 7 day options, but will still wait for something in Nov 2020. dave
  2. hmmmm, i didn't know that inside or window cabins were lowly?
  3. my favorites are Cruise with Ben and David......they are based in London. They do very funny cruise related videos of all lines, not just a select few. Whether or not you are disabled, Cruising with Wheels also do some crazy vids and will sometimes focus on cruisers with disabilities. Both of these you tubers do not solicit at all and will give you good info on each line from their viewpoints. dave
  4. Same reason for us......the drive from MB is about 11 hours. If we dont do a B2B, the other option would be a couple days in Key West pre cruise to get in vacation mode. We were just in Costa Maya in November so would do Dom Rep and Havana for our two cruises. Also trying to get some friends to join us for one or both cruises. And with 20 restaurant options.......4 or 5 days is just not enough time to check out the ship and relax and eat our way through the cruise!
  5. HIya Mandy.......Im excited for a bit sooner than that. I am waiting for Nov 2020 to open up. Assuming VV is keeping with the current 4/5 days, we are going to do a B2B. I called VV last week and the was told the rumors in the office were expecting the next schedules to be offered in the June time period. So yes, the excitement is building! dave
  6. Hi Thom.....we were on the Getaway for a W. Carib cruise in Nov 2019. All cruises are different as far as clientele, there were 60 gay men from all over the world on our particular cruise and we had a great LQBT meet up every night. As far as nightlife, there are dance parties every evening weather permitting. The big event is the White Party. If their are saunas, we didnt use them. As far as specialty restaurants, I would suggest you make reservations once you are within 90 days of the sail date. If you have any further questions, will try to answer. dave
  7. Definitely interested and will book most likely a B2B once Nov 2020 schedule is released. I just dont have any desire to go to the Caribbean during the hot/humid summer months. dave
  8. The next cruise offering.......no private islands I dont think....... https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/22/richard-bransons-virgin-galactic-sends-first-test-passenger-on-spaceflight.html
  9. so just an interesting note.......I went to VV.com to dream about booking one of their future cruises and was surprised that instead of cruises available from April - Oct 2020, now they are only available through June 2020 on the website. Interesting......
  10. The colors of Pearls you wear during the cruise determines your status: S ilver C yan A qua R ed L ime E ggplant T omato L emon A zure D andelion Y ellow The beads will be popular on the topless deck I'm sure!
  11. I guess I need to purchase some nice "pearls" before I board the beautiful Scarlot Lady!
  12. I follow them on FB and Youtube.......very fun to watch their videos. They are an english couple.
  13. Crazy.......I agree with you. People should not be allowed to book and cruise on VV due to the craziness of the differences between VV and other cruises!!! I have to believe Mr Branson is in this to make some money. He has hired people who know the business and know exactly what the average person pays for. They know the statistics of what 20somethings buy and do on a cruise, and every age group going up. I would expect there to be a lot of differences. I dont expect a daily schedule advertising every Diamonds Intl . I don't read them anyway. just think about the number of employees and printing paper saved by just eliminating this one little cruise ritual. And buying so called "art" on a ship......c'mon! Just think about what the space on a cruise ship can be used for once you rid of this extra usage of space. Maybe more cabins......maybe more passenger revenue. And I am very excited about booking a cruise with VV once the Nov 2020 schedule is out. I am even thinking about doing a B2B, Dominican and then Havana dave
  14. and if not, then go B2B. Dominican on one leg and Havana the next.
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