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  1. Hello! yes we have done the Caribbean since 2007 but initially we started on Princess Cruises. We love P&O but are also big fans of Princess, Celebrity and RCI. Anyone who hasn't tried Celebrity I thoroughly recommend it! Like most people on here, we are addicted to cruising and cant wait to cruise again - the sooner the better! we have 2 booked - Caribbean Christmas and New Year on Azura (we had this booked for last Christmas but had to move to this year - so fingers crossed!) and Feb on Britannia in the Caribbean too - and like many others have had 5 cancelled! hope your husbands
  2. Hello there! we did Britannia out of Barbados in Feb-March 2020. We actually ended up being the last cruise to leave Barbados for a Caribbean cruise before Covid - the passengers due to board and sail after us were either sent home at the airport, flown home or sailed back to Southampton with the ship - we consider ourselves so lucky! I have sailed on Britannia before to the Med and Fjords but found the experience on her in the Caribbean totally different. We actually loved it 100% more!! I think its because we love being in the sun and knowing we had sunshine every day - also there se
  3. Totally agree! I’m going with Oceana - everyone we spoke to on my last Britannia cruise raved about her. We were due to sail on her last July but as with so many cruises it was cancelled so we didn’t get the opportunity to experience her - such a shame! So to sail on a ‘New Oceana’ would be amazing - and yes I know it’s not a smaller ship but at least the name will carry one and so will everyone’s memories 😊
  4. Monte Carlo is also one of my favourite places to stop - stunning from the ship as you sail in!
  5. I’ll start! My most memorable moment must be the first time I stood in front of a cruise ship and simply stood in awe at the sheer size of it - still feel the same every time I’m about to board - nothing can compare to that excitement!😊👏🏻☺️⚓️☀️
  6. Yes I’ve heard crew alerts many times and know they are well practised is these. As far as I’m concerned the more they do to get us all cruising again - the better. They are obviously doing everything they can so that’s fine with me! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. This is the framework from the uK Chamber of Shipping https://ukchamberofshipping.com/latest/industry-comes-together-develop-new-covid-19-framework-cruise-operators/ interesting reading. Yes it appears that way. The part that I found strange was that you must not of ‘come from’ or ‘travelled through’ a place that is on lockdown. Can you imagine if you live up north and want to travel to Southampton at the moment? Not possible!
  8. This is the framework from the uK Chamber of Shipping https://ukchamberofshipping.com/latest/industry-comes-together-develop-new-covid-19-framework-cruise-operators/ interesting reading.
  9. I agree with you - got to look on the positive side, what’s the point in being pessimistic - we all want the same thing in the end - for cruises to start back up and things to return to normal. I personally feel the cruise lines are doing everything in their power to get cruises running again, and already some have started up. Like so many people on here we have had a couple cruises cancelled and have some upcoming ones which we are in the dark about. As for the Caribbean, I’m sure all the wonderful island folk are desperate for cruises to return, after all its their livelihood! So as I s
  10. Ah ok - well we’ll see - the only people who know for sure are the Cruise companies so I guess it’s just watch this space and keep fingers crossed [emoji4]
  11. Where do you get your information from? I have gone by the Southampton port cruise ship schedule - which so far has been correct.
  12. Just for info - 28th October is the last scheduled date for Azura into Southampton and 20th October for Britannia -all other ships are showing for dates long after that. So does that mean they are off to the Caribbean? Let’s hope so 🤞🏻
  13. No i was referring to people who comment on the Daily Mail Website who are not cruisers. They just like to think they know what a cruise ship is like and put nasty comments on. I was not referring to people on here - people on here are on here because they love cruising!
  14. No I meant the people who comment on the actual Daily Mail Website - not from here. There are loads of people who dont like cruising and make constant bad comments about it.
  15. i get sick to death of all the 'Anti Cruise Brigade' who comment on the Daily Mail. The paper puts up any story about a cruise ship and they come out in force. The majority of them have never set foot on a cruise ship but just enjoy putting the industry down - hope they stick to their boring land holidays and never set foot on any cruise I am on!
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