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  1. I purchased my flights quite a while ago on Air France, premium economy for about 1200.00 RT from Boston. Are you scheduled to stay at Hotel Rotary or other? I will be looking forward to hearing about your trip. Safe travels.
  2. Big story today that RC fans are going to love or hate! https://thepointsguy.com/news/royal-caribbean-unvaccinated-cruiser-restrictions/
  3. I'd go...the point of having a vaccination is to prevent you from getting it or at least getting a mild version of it. If you have the flu shot and your coworker doesn't, he gets the flu and (hopefully) you don't.
  4. I took the train to Munich airport however it was not direct, needed to change to bus along the way. I think I would do it differently now, a few years older, I just want to be directed to the coach.
  5. Myself and my two crazy girlfriends were dancing to the organ player on AMAWaterways Tulip time cruise. Saturday Night Fever, you've heard it best on the organ! HAHA. We had fun but I don't think it's a regular occurrence. Stayin' Alive. Have fun.
  6. Is anyone here booked on this?? It is a few days in Geneva then onto Chalon Sur Saone. Hope this one goes, I am very excited for this one. Lost my Douro for this week but my TA was able to secure an identical cabin for next May at same price even tho published fare was 10k higher. Looking onward and upward and hope to resume my travels before I run out of steam and money.
  7. A friend just had her August AMA trip cancelled, Gems of SE Europe.
  8. They gave you some notice, they must be getting beat up by the criticism.
  9. Oh sorry. I thought you meant their given names. Mea Culpa. BTW. Uniworld just suspended my 5/30 cruise on Douro FINALLY!!
  10. It means they are reading from a script as I got the same answer as did my travel agent. Maddening!
  11. To include May 30 or ends midnight May 29. That's what I think is the problem here!
  12. binax now test kits from Walmart (two test kit about 25.00) approved for international travel. Take it with you in case they screw that up too.
  13. https://www.danflyingsolo.com/travel-portugal-coronavirus-2020/ Looks like no decision on usa/canada has been made and the date they are floating for this green certificate is June 1
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