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  1. Today I received my refund. Cancelled my Oct 2020 cruise on March 20.
  2. Or tell us how they are funding this huge marketing campaign we see all over the net on different platforms...I think we all know the answer to that!
  3. I cancelled on 3/20, 120 days ago as well. Hoping I will get something soon!
  4. I never miss an opportunity to post on Crystal FB and Instagram pages. A simple "when are we getting our refunds". I don't feel bad about hijacking the ads, after all, I am paying for it...we all are.
  5. I am on day 117 today. Just waiting for my deposit, had not paid in full thankfully.
  6. I called Barclays (JetBlue CC) for help with dispute. After waiting on hold for a bit, a recording said to please handle disputes on the website as they were not taking any calls for those issues (Corona, everything Corona). I pored over the website looking for direction on how to start my dispute. I finally came across a page that instructed me to copy and send relevant info so they could process the dispute, which I did. It needed to be mailed USPS and 2 weeks later I got my reply " we cannot help you with this request, please call the number on the back of your card" So guys, when and if I get my refund, my next step is cancelling the Jet Blue card. Now at 114 days.
  7. Spoke once to the TA from the Crystal site and emailed him a couple of times only to get an automated reply. I get all sorts of junk from Crystal now I am so frustrated with them I don't even read it.
  8. I cancelled my Oct 8th cruise on 3/20/20. They e-mail me my reservation receipt with the language "cancelled 3/30 and then 3/30 refund" and showed my deposit noted as refunded. This money has never made it to my CC. Card companies stopped answering the phone a while ago so now I and trying to solve this by mail. Once resolved I will work on cancelling my 2022 cruise with Crystal. Horrible company. Bet the stockholders still earning.
  9. scheduled 10/04/2020 cancelled 3/20 No refund as of 6/13
  10. That looks great! What ship (Southampton to Rome)
  11. Just missed. I was on for the 18th. I have a Crystal cruise on Symphony in October but final payment is due in June. I may deep six that one and remodel a small kitchen instead. The cruise has stops in Italy and Spain, they are so had hit, tough to know what state they will be in. Anyone already planned for the fall??
  12. Thank you. I don't if my ticket is refundable, where would I find that info? Mine was 1000.00 😞. You too Lois, maybe see you down the road.
  13. US citizens can come back but they need to come back thru an airport that has the health screening procedures required. I am waiting a little bit to see if TAP air will issue some kind of refund instead of a credit or change as they don't really many places I want to go. One of their pilots just tested positive. Two things are pushing me to the cancel, getting stranded because of contact with someone that has the virus or actually getting sick and lying on a gurney in a Portugal hospital hallway for a week..The bitter irony, it took me almost a year to get my Global Entry and the minute I got it all hell broke loose.
  14. And if you don't ask, the answer is always "no".
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