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  1. A few years ago I was checking into a hotel in San Antonio, TX. The receptionist told us she had previously worked in the cruise industry, and that she had been part of the activities staff. We told her our favorite Cruise Director was Sue Denning. Turned out she worked for Sue.
  2. A few years ago I ended up solo on a cruise in Spain due to the last minute illness of my friend. The most important thing I did was join the cruise's roll call and join shore excursions arranged by others. I was with groups almost every day and had a great time. I also asked about others staying in the same hotel in Barcelona and had people to share dinner the 3 nights I was in Barcelona. Cruisers are very welcoming; you just have to reach out. Carolyn
  3. I sailed on Edge in a SS in February, 2019 and loved the suite. Most, but not all, SS's have the bed facing the balcony with the head of the bed at the bathroom wall. In the bathroom there is a mirror over the sink which opens and you can see the ocean from the bathroom. I liked the Retreat Lounge a lot better than Michael"s Club. It is a large space with windows on both sides of the ship. It's a much lighter and brighter space. I enjoyed reading in there during the daytime. I also loved the decor in Luminae; there are very interesting chandeliers. We never waited to get in, and the ser
  4. On one cruise I signed up for a future cruise, and they were having a drawing to win a diamond necklace. I won that necklace! The necklace wasn't bad; it was a small circular pendant with black diamonds on one side and white diamonds on the other side.
  5. I thought she said all deposits were being treated as refundable, but I could be wrong. On one of my cruises that was canceled by Celebrity I had a nonrefundable deposit, and the full deposit was refunded to me. Perhaps this only applies to the cruises cancelled by Celebrity? As usual, there are multiple answers to the same question.
  6. My travel agent told me that all deposits right now are refundable. I don't know if that will last, but it seems to be the policy of the moment.
  7. What I would miss in a S3 is the bed facing the ocean with the window opening from the bathroom so that you can see the ocean from the bathroom. I don't know if the S3's have that window, but I think not.
  8. This is one example of how Celebrity (and probably other cruise lines) does not know how to deal with singles or friends traveling together. If you share cabins, they only really recognize one person. Three of us booked a Penthouse Suite, and all of the communication goes to one person. If one person in the suite wants to take the cruise line insurance, all three of us must take it. It's easier to not share a cabin. But, of course, more expensive. Carolyn
  9. One of the notices I read from Celebrity said that if the cruise booked with FCC was less than the amount of the FCC, another FCC would be issued for the excess. Of course, their rules change almost daily, so this may not be the case now. Carolyn
  10. If the price is right for you, I would definitely upgrade to the RS. It is a wonderful cabin with a lot of space and many amenities. All the amenities would be a significant cost if purchased individually. On M class the RS does not have the extra .5 bath; the S class does have it. I still prefer the M class because you can access the bathroom and closet without having to go through the bedroom. On S class you have the .5 bath out in the living area, but have to go into the full bath and closet through the bedroom. Both are great!
  11. No, I believe they are the same spot.
  12. I, too, have been in a Sky Suite and dropped off my luggage (and my body) in the suite check in spot.
  13. I had an S1 cabin. I asked for, and got, a lounger. I don't think there is enough space for two loungers.
  14. I would call the special needs department ahead of time to request these items since they are medically needed. If they don't provide them, then ask the cabin steward. Phone number is 866/592-7225 Carolyn
  15. I always call special needs before the cruise. Most of the time the distilled water and extension cord is in the cabin when I arrive. If not, I ask the cabin steward. This is also how I get a sharps container since I take an injectable medication. I've never had any issue getting these things. Carolyn
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