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  1. First off, I am cheap and would never book that hotel in the park itself for that reason alone. For half the price, pick one of the hotels in town that has good reviews on Trip Advisor. You can grab the public bus for a dollar or so to get to and from the falls. The best part of staying in town, though, is the easy access to all the great restaurants. If you stay out in the park, you're 15 minutes away from town and probably end up eating at the hotel.
  2. We didn't even notice any spiders, let alone snakes or other insects.
  3. Save your money. You absolutely do not need a tour guide for Iguazu Falls. Catch a taxi to the falls from IGR and for the return. It's a straight shot - about 15 minutes IIRC. You will get a map of the trails when you go in, and that is all you need.
  4. Tours By Locals is just a middleman consolidating offerings you could obtain on your own (just like the cruiselines). If you're comfortable doing your own research, you can come out ahead by booking direct.
  5. Wearing a mask didn't bother me much at all. But then, I followed the required policy rather than wearing a mask every time I stepped out of my cabin. I put the mask on as I entered a dining area; disembarked at the ports; or went in the casino or the theater. I did not wear it when walking around around the ship inside or out, or when sitting somewhere reading or having a drink. I would say I was maskless for 90% of the cruise.
  6. You can strike the library from your options. Princess is using it part of the day for some sort of consultations with a staff member. There was one desk with a chair facing it, and two uncomfortable chairs by the door. Not a place for relaxing reading. The bar right across from it (next to Crown Grill) was empty much of the day and was surprisingly quiet and comfortable. That was my go-to spot. That VIP Lounge off the casino was completely empty of passengers the one time I used it. They had the bar open in there as well, so it was like my own private enclave. The Conservatory isn't horrible, I just didn't find the seats terribly comfortable. But, for an hour or so, it isn't bad, and you obviously have some great views.
  7. Like most of you, I struggled with entering and re-entering MDR reservations. Once on board, I discovered that reservations were basically meaningless. You wait in the same line as walk-ins ( always very short lines for us), and you can simply inform the maitre d' what type of seating you want.
  8. I did some Facetime from Glacier Bay. Lousy images, but audio was fine.
  9. For the second formal night, a few more gentlemen ditched the suit and tie. While I was watching, we had 20% in suits, 33% in jackets or ties alone, and 47% in just shirts and slacks. Two in white dinner jackets tonight, but the winner for greatest outlier this evening was the guy dressed as a pig farmer in overalls and what looked like long johns.
  10. Formal night was tonight. We had a table facing the entrance, so I kept a running tally of how men were dressed while waiting on our courses. 30% wore suits, 30% wore sports coats or ties with no coat or coats with no tie, and the majority, 40%, just wore nice shirts and slacks. There were a few outliers. One guy wore a tux, and two showed up in gym shorts and tee shirts. Several blue jeans and polos. No one was turned away.
  11. Plenty of bacon at breakfast today, and it was actually crisp! Geoherb, I can not believe you got in and out of dinner in 40 minutes. It took us just under two hours. Drink orders took 20 minutes or more. The server was running the whole time. Just too many tables for one server. I believe she had seven.
  12. If you wait to get it at the pier, your check in experience will be similar to what it used to be. You'll wait in line to see a representative in the terminal. My understanding is that if you've already gotten your medallion, you'll basically walk right on (after Covid protocols that everyone goes through).
  13. Yes, you're exactly right. It's a floating hotel. The Hotel GM is actually the second most powerful person on the ship, behind only the captain.
  14. Thanks for posting the wine list earlier. I'm actually quite excited by the number of wines that fall into the Premium Drink Package limit of $12/glass. The last drink pkg. we had was on NCL, and there could not have been more than a half dozen reds that were included, and not a single one was drinkable (and I routinely buy wine at home under $10/bottle, so I'm certainly no wine snob).
  15. Still hoping someone can report on how formal night looked. What percentage of men wore tuxes or wore a jacket and tie or just wore a nice short and slacks.
  16. How were the male passengers dressed for the first formal night?
  17. Just plug in your two points. TaxiFareFinder - Taxi Fare Estimates
  18. I've also carried my two bottles on board, put them in the cabin, and then gone back off the ship and picked up a couple more.
  19. At the moment, it's still only required during embarkation and debarkation.
  20. Absolutely bring your own pods and dryer sheets. They take up no space in luggage, and you avoid the ridiculous $3 price. Also, the washers are smaller than what I'm used to at home, so plan accordingly in terms of how many loads you'll need to wash.
  21. To answer your question regarding usage of a balcony, we had a southern route with reasonable temperatures and still did not use the balcony much, if any. A little too breezy to be completely comfortable and nothing but empty ocean to look at.
  22. Admittedly, we're a small sample here on CC and FB, but it does seem strange that they are still filling Group A three weeks after it first opened up. A contributing factor might be that most passengers are still unaware the arrival times are open for booking, or they don't realize that arrival times will actually be enforced.
  23. And yet they are clearly not staggering arrivals since every single one of us on the 8/22 sailing has been given Arrival Group A (except for one person who requested a late arrival and got Group H).
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