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  1. I am thinking of booking a room on Paradise for three people. I see that this ship has trundles. Is it possible to book a two person room for three people and request a trundle? It doesn't seem to allow online. I didn't know if this could be overridden with a call and obviously the lines are tied up and this is more of a planning question than an urgent matter. The trundle would be for a toddler. We fully expect to have to pay for the third person, but this gives us more options on room locations. I'm confused that some rooms are 2 person occupancy and others are 3. (Looking at interior
  2. I cancelled on Friday, March 6. I was told I would get 75% FCC, but didn't get any email confirmation of this. Rep said to hold on to my original booking number for credit. I still have not received 25% and taxes back on my credit card. Do I need to do something else? I think after a week I should have seen it back on my credit card?
  3. Grand Turk, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica each have an isolated incident of turning away 1 ship each. (Grand Cayman 2 ships) Carnival may be adjusting their Grand Cayman stops. You may get advanced notice of this...or may find out on the ship. Only 2 Princess ships (Diamond and Grand) ended up in quarantine - no Carnival ships, and none in the Caribbean. A few ships have had delayed docking back at home port by several hours. Carnival Panorama, Regal Princess, and Caribbean Princess have been delayed. I think RC Anthem of the Seas was delayed as well. I know that sounds
  4. We decided to cancel our cruise on Carnival and of course are very disappointed about it. It was the Grand Princess that put us over the edge. We couldn't handle a 14 day quarantine on a ship or military base. I'm so torn. I really, really want to cruise. Does anyone know if I can use the cruise credit that I have to rebook the same cruise - March 28? I know that sounds borderline ridiculous, but all the future options are a lot more money for us and far into the future. We aren't going to decide for another week or so. We need to see the news slow down with cruise ships.
  5. Has anyone heard anything about Carnival changing upcoming itineraries from Grand Cayman to a different port? Their website still lists Grand Cayman but some people are reporting hearing about changes. (can't find anything official, just rumblings)
  6. Has there been any changes on Carnival's ships regarding food and drinks? It seems like self serve drinks and buffets are an easy way to spread germs.
  7. That's a good point that multiple ships stop each day. We would be hearing more about it if it were several ships. Having someone (even one person) sick on board is concerning me right now.
  8. I have seen one or two reports of ships not stopping at Grand Cayman. I am trying to get factual information about this. Can anyone tell me what has been happening? Was this an isolated incident? Grand Cayman is a must do for us so we are trying to weigh options.
  9. No, I didn’t. Carnival announced yesterday that they will allow guests to cancel their spring cruise for future cruise credit. If we decided to continue, we would have gotten $150 OBC. This link explains the policy. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-carnival-cruise-offer-onboard-credit-keep-booking-2020-3%3Famp
  10. I cancelled our March 28 cruise today given the option from Carnival. 😞 I was told I have 75% $1224 in future cruise credit. The rest should be returned to my credit card. My TA didn't really know when the cruise credit would be available...today, next week, or month to rebook another cruise in the future. (Understandably as our TA was overwhelmed with cancellation calls). My booking is no longer on Carnival's website. Does anyone know if I should expect an email or posting on Carnival's website when the credit is ready for use? I'm hoping to rebook soon, it might take the sting off canc
  11. I cancelled today through Costco. I didn't inquire about the OBC, but cancellation applied to us through a TA.
  12. We cancelled today. We didn't receive the email but saw the policy on the news and facebook groups. We were going to sail on March 28. Pretty bummed but we decided that if the industry gave the option, we should postpone. We have a 2, 5, and 7 year old and the thought of staying in a single tiny room in quarantine just wasn't worth the risk. We are hoping to rebook as soon as the hype dies down. I'm not even that worried about the virus, more just the travel interruptions that could happen if someone on the ship were sick. No judgement to those choosing otherwise, we just have a lower r
  13. I was wondering if some of our prepaid gratuities go to Camp Ocean staff. I don't have an understanding if that type of employee is relying on tips for salary. We would like to show our appreciation if we receive good service but not sure what is typical and permitted for them. Thanks for your advice. 🙂
  14. Can anyone comment if Carnival provides cups with lids for toddlers? I'd rather not have to bring and wash sippy cups but of course I will if they don't provide them.
  15. My kids are 2, 5, and 7 and we are cruising on Paradise next month. We are crazy enough to all be staying in one ocean view room with two uppers and a trundle. 😉 Five in a room kind of scares me but since they are so young it makes the most sense with sleeping arrangements. Any room organization or packing advice? What are your thoughts on the dining room with kids this age? I don't remember seeing kids there my last cruise. We are thinking the buffet might be better and then let them stay in childcare while we eat. What do you think of the care for young chil
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