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  1. Can anyone recommend a good Belfast tour company that will take us to both of those areas? I'm having trouble finding something online. We will be in port from 10AM-9PM. Thanks.
  2. The flight was far enough out, that I just cancelled what I had and tried to rebook. Unfortunately, the flight I wanted to trade it for (much lower price)..while listed as a viable choice and allowing me to get to the final "confirm" page...just came back as no longer available. So I rebooked what I had originally. 😥
  3. How do you modify a flight? My only choice when I log into my reservation is to cancel the flight. There seems to be no way to modify it, or add another leg...i.e. departure when I've already booked return. Help!
  4. What sailing will you be on next year? We’ll be on the Regal leaving July 3.
  5. Thank you all for your replies. At this point I’ll keep my fingers crossed that my experience is the same as all of yours.
  6. You will love Stonehenge! We can't take the Princess transfer as it goes to Heathrow, and we will be leaving London from the train station...otherwise I agree about the ease.
  7. No, I'm booking the Eurostar myself, and we will hire a car to take us to St. Pancras station.
  8. I’m trying to determine how long it will take us to go through immigration and get off the ship in Southampton. If anyone has done this recently, could you tell me how long it took? We will be walking off the Crown with our own luggage. I want to arrange transportation to London to get on the Eurostar, so I’m trying not to estimate too much or too little time! Thanks!
  9. Would you advise me to add on an hour before we can leave? More?
  10. We will be disembarking a Norway cruise in Southampton. We are US citizens. Will we have to go through customs, or can we just walk off and go? Thanks.
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