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  1. My husband was able to get the Medallion app (kind of) on the iPad, but it won’t work on either of our phones. Oddly there is no way to log in or log out. It references our next cruise in April 22, but shows none of our other future cruises, and there is no account information…although our pictures are there. I was able to book dining reservations for the April cruise, but now I’m afraid to go back in to check if they’re still there. Is there some way to get it to show all our info that I haven’t figured out?
  2. I can get into the website by ignoring the "you are locked out" messages and going to booked guests/manage booking so at least that's still there...but it's annoying. Thought I'd try adding the app back on my phone (I deleted it in 2020) to see if that helps, but the app store now tells me it isn't compatible with my phone. 🙃
  3. I called Princess, told them to cancel one cruise and put my FCD on another cruise. It was done while I talked to them.
  4. When I was told to update my password before, I decided to wait it out. Today when I try to log in it comes comes up with a "you are locked out" message, but I can still hit booked guests/manage booking and see my upcoming cruises. Unfortunately, under my account it now says "welcome undefined." I'm afraid of what tomorrow will bring...
  5. I agree...call. Did this last week, and the credit posted in a couple of hours....which was the fastest it's ever been done.
  6. Thank you for your answers. I have only put down refundable deposits, but was just wondering whether I should bail now and book something else or hang in there. I'll hang in there!
  7. Hi all...we optimistically booked a B2B2B for Australia/New Zealand in October/November 2022. Based on what I've been reading, I'm beginning to think this cruise won't happen. Even if Australia opens its borders by then, I don't think that opening will include cruise ships. I would appreciate your opinions. Thank you.
  8. You might want to check it again. I see it as $3049. No perks, no port fees. I've noticed that sometimes the price goes down at night.🙃
  9. I would much rather that they hold on to my FCCs (which I consider play money) then keep me waiting months to refund real money to my CC.
  10. The first time we went on a cruisetour to Alaska it was the end of August, and the weather was fairly rainy and cold the entire time except when we went to Denali. Absolutely beautiful with a clear view of the mountain. Made my trip. The next time we cruised mid May and had gorgeous weather the entire time...it was even hot in Haines. You just never know. We prefer whichever ship leaves from SF!
  11. I hesitate to apply this to my currently booked cruise as it is to Antarctica in Jan 21. Don't know if the cruise will go...or if we will feel comfortable enough going...and if we do cancel, it takes so long to get anything back into your account. I opted not to book 2022 yet. Decided I wasn't comfortable booking anything else with them until I get the $$ back that they still owe me.
  12. I have a FCCs from a cancelled cruise, and an upcoming cruise booked for Jan 21. Princess has not applied the FCCs to the 2021 cruise, yet when I looked at booking something in 2022, the FCCs were automatically applied. Think that means my 2021 cruise is going nowhere?
  13. I did get the FCCs mid May...so would have expected the $ at that time too, but no.
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