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  1. I hesitate to apply this to my currently booked cruise as it is to Antarctica in Jan 21. Don't know if the cruise will go...or if we will feel comfortable enough going...and if we do cancel, it takes so long to get anything back into your account. I opted not to book 2022 yet. Decided I wasn't comfortable booking anything else with them until I get the $$ back that they still owe me.
  2. I have a FCCs from a cancelled cruise, and an upcoming cruise booked for Jan 21. Princess has not applied the FCCs to the 2021 cruise, yet when I looked at booking something in 2022, the FCCs were automatically applied. Think that means my 2021 cruise is going nowhere?
  3. I did get the FCCs mid May...so would have expected the $ at that time too, but no.
  4. Cancelled our March 14th cruise. STILL no $ back. Initiated a CC dispute last week.
  5. Thank you again...I'll be calling them Monday morning.
  6. It was Chase...I guess I should have stayed on the phone! If you have their direct dispute number I would love it. Feeling very frustrated.
  7. Oh, and called my CC to dispute the charge on 5/14. Message on phone says to only call them if you have an emergency.... lost card/ stranded someplace, etc. So I emailed them...and still haven't heard back from them either.
  8. Yes. I cancelled on March 9 for a March 14 cruise. Received FCCs, but selected Option 2 and still haven't received my refund.
  9. Then I do need to call, as my FCC consisted only of my cruise fare. I too cancelled a couple of days prior to the mass cancellations. Glad to hear you got your reimbursement! I'm even more concerned since the FCC came a few days ago and nothing else has shown up.😟 and my FCD was not reinstated.
  10. I have read through some of these pages, but haven't seen what I'm looking for. Sorry if I missed something obvious. I chose option 2 for my cancelled March 14th cruise. I have received no $ back to my CC, but did get my FCC yesterday. This FCC did not include the $ I paid for my EZAir plane tix, nor did I get my FCD refunded back to me. Is this normal, or do I need to call Princess?
  11. I also got the email for a 3/14 cruise that I had cancelled a couple of days previous to their cancelling. I chose option 2. At least this is proof (beyond that one email that said they had received my choice), that I want my $$ back... Alternatively, if you would still like to receive a full refund (which also includes the standard future cruise credits shown above), you don’t need to do anything as this will be the default option.
  12. It was one year from the date of the credit...and you just have to book within a year...so you could book another flight even further out!
  13. Not sure about AA, but JetBlue (which was a nonrefundable ticket) allowed us to cancel, and while we didn't get $ back, we got a credit from them with a year to use it.
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