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  1. And as an added bonus, you'll get to enjoy Jimmy Maddox on your WC Segment Ruth!
  2. Everyone always wants to go beef (especially the Nebraska cruisers following this thread!) As someone who dines in the Pinnacle Lounge all the time, I will add for your consideration - Pork Chop ( incredibly the best!), Halibut (hard to get in most restaurants and amazingly awesome!), Lamb Chops (I'm not a huge lamb lover and these are amazing!!), crab legs (tasty and open and read to eat!), Shrimp Cocktail (to die for!).....enjoy your meal....order an hors d'oeuvres, a salad/soup, your entree and a desert.....plan ahead for a slow paced dinner and you won't go away disappointed!
  3. We cruised most recently the end of July. Hopefully all the accounts for everyone will repopulate with accurate information.
  4. I just checked all of ours and everything is correct for all of us! Thankful and happy!
  5. Wifi phone while on board - especially for outbound calls - is amazing in more and more parts of the world. Inbound calls require a little more set up for applications, etc. I require connectivity while traveling (personal/family and business) and with HAL's new plans find it generally acceptable - much more so than in their past archaic plans of the past!
  6. Yes, the increase isn't huge and I understand an increase, however, I do believe anyone already booked, should be grandfathered in under the gratuity established when booked - especially those fares already non-refundable and paid for in full.
  7. I have a cordless one and it is weak at best. If I'm on a "shorter" cruise" it's ok. If I'm on a longer one, it just doesn't serve its purpose. I agree with other posters about plugging into the normal outlets. Then I'm happy and so are my teeth!
  8. Do NOT click on this link. There is a virus attached to the link!
  9. My obserrvations: 1. We dine in the Pinnacle and Set de mer very frequently and cannot imagine a high end dining experience with loud sing alongs, etc from piano bar right next door/across the hall! (And where's the pre-Pinnacle elegant cocktail lounge?) 2. We love dancing, mingling and engaging with everyone at the 2-tier BB King Lounge throughout the three hour evening! The new location looks like it is smaller than ever and will kill the huge dancing and listening crowds! 3. Having LCS take up the premier venue on the ship and then sunset so early that it becomes a wasted space just when the night gets lively is a misguided decision! I thought HAL was trying to cater a little bit more to younger and more active cruisers! What will happen the first time someone says "shhhhh" when guests are shopping or engaging in lively conversation in the hallway - I fear it will not be positive encounters. I agree with the previous poster....moving LCS to the now under-used Crows Nest in the evenings is a great idea! I loved the Koningsdam. We're cruising on the inaugural sailing on the NS .... IMO with some apprehension due to the venue location changes HAL has implemented.
  10. Your 18 month old will be welcomed in anything! We just finished a Alaskan cruise, and as a grandma, I enjoyed dressing my kids up and they too enjoyed it!! Our 3 1/2 year grand daughter was the belle of the ball in her long dresses and our 18 month old grandson loved his (super inexpensive) toddler tuxedo and preppy clothes (one of which was a navy jacket and shorts!). They had a blast, so did we and as shared by others - the other guests and crew loved and doted on them and took pictures galore!
  11. It's inconsistent! I've had the pillow spray on 2 of my last 4 cruises - hit and miss - and I'd rather hit and get it every time! I love it!
  12. And - if you order a package and don't drink all of the bottles, you can take the extras home with you. We fly home and with safe packing methods have frequently traveled home with some favorite bottles!
  13. I love the pillow spray....but it's been hit and miss on all our cruises. I would actually buy it for my home but the salon says it's not for sale!
  14. I don't think any one of us should assume or criticize those who love to travel, experience life, laugh, cry, ponder and wonder! Do what you all feel good about! If it works.....do it again.....if it doesn't quite live up to expectations, then you lived and learned and make the best of it! I would always rather share memories than travel alone.....
  15. I typically don't order lamb chops in most restaurants because they are too gamey. On longer HAL cruises I always order them and truly enjoy them- tender and flavorful! Same with the pork chops - juicy and flavorful - some of the best I've ever had!
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