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  1. We had two canceled cruises one April 2020 Legend and Magic for Jan 2021 so I booked MG last week for April 30, 2022 using one of the FCC's and OBC and still holding on to my other FCC for now. I booked a Lido Balcony.
  2. I enjoy all your reviews on here maybe I will see you onboard.
  3. I just booked this cruise for my husband and I last week using FCC from April 2020 that was canceled. Can't wait.
  4. I am going to just do a beach trip next month I cannot take another cancellation. My next cruise is Jan 21 I hope we can go for sure then.
  5. April 2019 on Carnival Sunshine was suppose to be on Carnival Legend in less than two weeks April 26th.
  6. Love the Sunshine have sailed on it 2 times. Mikey the CD was the best CD we ever had but he is no longer there . Just get to serenity early to get chairs they fill up fast we had 4 sea days and I managed to get one 3 of the days. When eating in Lido get your food and go back to the Havana area to eat it is quiet and peaceful. If you like comedy to get a good seat you will need to get in line like 20 minutes before the show times.
  7. Love Sunshine we sailed on it 2 years in a row. Liberty is ok but not as good as Sunshine.
  8. I am booked on the Legend for April 2020 I have never been on this class of ship. I have been all the other class ships with Carnival with exception of Vista class (this will be 10th cruise on Carnival). So how will the Legend be different than the other class ships. I have heard good mostly but some not so good stuff. Thanks
  9. First time on Royal (Harmony) April 2020 I went in cruise planner to book 2 excursions and it would not add them to my cart. Can you not book excursions 6 months out or do you all think they are all ready sold out. I know on Carnival as soon as excursions show up you can book them but I have never seen them sold out this fast 6 months out. I hate Royal's website not sure if it just me but I get kicked out of it all the time. Thanks
  10. Thanks for all the info and suggestions.
  11. Going on Harmony of the Seas in April 2020 All pervious cruises have been on Carnival A few questions: How much are the pictures? Do they print them or are they digital? Do they offer picture packages? Is a dining package worth the extra cost? If so which places should we try? Feel free to give me any tips and suggestions. Thanks
  12. Last week I took an upgrade on Legend for April 2020 went from an Obstructed balcony on deck 5 to an Extended balcony on deck 7 for $74 total. We usually stay in Interior rooms.
  13. Love the Sunshine have been on it 2 years in a row. If you want a good seat with a stage view get to the comedy club early is my advice and if you want a chair in the senerity area you also need to get there early also. I never felt like it was crowded on the Sunshine. My favorite ship so far.
  14. I have not been on a spirit class ship...what is so different/good about them?
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