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  1. We always get a Vista suite, except for this past year's WC. We did a Veranda because of Antarctica. It was a nice change, but the price differential was pretty steep and we found that we did not use it very much. Deck 4 is nice and quiet and there is a self service laundry room that most folks do not know about, so it is not used much. Also, we eat lunch in the MDR, so we always go in the back door at noon and go right to our normal table in the rear area. The other plus side is that Deck 4 has less motion than the higher up decks. On the WC, we were on deck 6 and noticed more motion than we usually experience on deck 4.
  2. In 2014, we had an overnight in Freemantle. Went to see the prison the first day and had an excellent tour guide. Freemantle is very nice and easily walkable city. Next day, we took the train to Perth, walked around the city and then a cruise down the Swan River back down to Freemantle. Some unbelievably expansive and expensive homes on the river. On this trip, we also stopped at Kangaroo Island, Bunbury, Geraldton, and Exmouth in addition to Adelaide, Melbourne and Geelong. Exmouth was fascinating as we saw Emus in front yards and huge termite mounds. All in all, a fun and fascinating trip.
  3. Have not - good article and excellent news about SS's future.
  4. Another interesting/informative article about the Silver Origin. https://discover.silversea.com/on-board/building-silver-origin/?fbclid=IwAR2qUCGN3EuSJoFvuMK5RpUKPU4AFJtvQz8ndYDEj_DfG9ueZnxlV1WGMqQ
  5. An informative article. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22970-silversea-responds-swiftly-to-pandemic-provides-updates-on-new-ships.html?fbclid=IwAR13JH9aeDOVlXmjC-7KrR-cjeVjBU9reUydLNEpjleNTu0suCilr5GVilY
  6. The press release indicated it would be August 2020. The SS website now indicates that the Wind next cruise will be Nov 11th. They may be taking her into drydock early if the shipyard can accommodate it.
  7. The Ancona Shipyard where the Moon is being built out was closed for 6 weeks or so due to the virus. Also, startup is taking time due to new restrictions/requirements. Thus, the construction is behind schedule.
  8. SS has updated their schedule and now the first cruise on the Moon is Oct 2nd, thus they cancelled the first 6 cruises.
  9. SS updated their website and the first cruise on the Moon is now Oct 2nd. Thus, they cancelled the first 6 scheduled cruises.
  10. Barbara Muckermann posted the following on the Silversea Passengers facebook page. We had to cancel the first cruises but we are hopeful that Fincantieri will manage to make up some of the lost time and give her to us early fall
  11. Here's the website update: Silver Cloud: • E4200720016 - Silver Cloud will set sail on July 20, 2020 Silver Wind: • SW200720012 - Silver Wind will welcome guests once more from July 20, 2020 Silver Shadow: • SS200726007 - Silver Shadow will commence service once again from July 26, 2020 Silver Spirit: • SL200717010 - Silver Spirit will set sail on July 17, 2020 Silver Muse: • SM200716007 - From July 16, 2020, Silver Muse will resume sailing Silver Whisper: • WH200718009 - Silver Whisper will commence service once again from July 18, 2020 Silver Explorer: • E1200723018 - Guests will cruise on Silver Explorer again from July 23, 2020
  12. There is a 5 day Spirit cruise leaving from Copenhagen to Amsterdam on 9/3 and an 11 day cruise from Copenhagen to London also leaving on 9/3. I suspect that at one time SS sold a 6 day cruise from Amsterdam to London leaving on 9/8.
  13. Sorry for the misquote about Italy. IMHO, it's highly unlikely that any of the Royal brands will be sailing in June/July and probably not in August either.
  14. I posted this item because Royal Caribbean usually follows Carnival albeit a week or so later. They have done so two or three times so far. Thus, I suspect Royal will make some adjustments next week, especially since many countries have not opened up to tourist travel (Italy is closed until 2021) and the airlines don't have hardly any flights.
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