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  1. Hi! Hope you are enjoying your cruise. We sail on the NS next week. Could you please tell me which night is gala night?
  2. Great. I was concerned that it might be an issue. Thanks once again Miss G!
  3. Thanks Miss G! I’m wondering if HAL allows 4 adults cruising together on 2 separate stateroom reservations share a 4 person family cabana.
  4. Thanks everyone! Your input is truly appreciated. Miss G, did 4 adults share the family cabana on your cruise, or did you go with children?
  5. Hi all! First time posting here on CC. My wife and I are sailing on the Nieuw Statendam this coming December with another couple and wondering if the family cabana in the Retreat is large enough for 4 adults and what the interior configuration is like. Are there 4 lounges inside? Thanks in advance for any info on this.
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