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  1. We used SAS and they were great. Right on time and definitely able to handle a scooter.
  2. I don't think the OP cares what is happening with other cruise lines and even if they did it doesn't make it acceptable. NCL is in the customer service business and from what I've been reading their call center hasn't been doing a very good job. I belong to several fb groups for cruising and the holding times for NCL are a continuous complaint.
  3. You were really interested in this family that you knew what they were saying. Be careful the family may call security on you for stalking, lol.
  4. Thank you everyone, looking forward to a great cruise.
  5. Hi all we're heading out very soon for our first cruise with RCL. We really enjoy sailing out of NY so this is going to be different. I was wondering if you could give me some info on the best places on the Anthem to view the sail away out of Bayonne? I thought someone mentioned Cafe 270 but can't find the post. Thanks for the info.
  6. A thread like this always makes me wonder why people are so concerned with what others do? I can't imagine spending my vacation taking photos of people other than my family. Do you really have nothing better to do on vacay then think of what you'll write on FB or CC? I don't remember any of the things that were bothersome on vacay only the positives.
  7. You think you don't but I wonder what others think?
  8. Maybe you shouldn't cruise as there are so many germs on a cruise ship, not just the chairs and loungers. My dil will not cruise as she has a very compromised immune system and won't take the chance. Sorry but I think there are bigger issues to complain about but I guess people will complain about anything.
  9. Please don't make assumptions, we weren't there and really have no idea what happened. According to the news the whole family has had to sedated so not sure you're going to get a accurate accounting of what actually happened. Of course they're looking to blame someone their baby died. I think you should wait before making judgement.
  10. Blah, blah, blah, blah....... mobilegb12 I totally agree with you, hopefully NCL did something to help those stranded.
  11. I agree with you on different ships. We cruised the GA out of Miami last summer and while the crew did their job and didn't seem rude they weren't what we've come to expect for NCL crew members. Our steward left a lot to be desired and we ended up not tipping any extra, which is a first for us. We thought maybe it was a Miami thing.
  12. My husband was the same way and he loved driving the trike. The Trikes are pretty new and very well maintained.
  13. Yes it is Trikes Cozumel. We did have a guide who was awesome. It ended up being just hubby and myself but it usually is a group excursion. The guide toured Cozumel with numerous stops along the way. We finished with lunch and a tequila tasting and then they brought us back to the ship and dropped us at the port entrance (also where they picked up us). I would definitely do this excursion again.
  14. Well I guess I'll be finding out soon enough, numerous people have actually told us they prefer the Anthem to BA/GA and they've cruised both. We love the BA and it is our favorite ship so far but I love the fact that I am cruising a new itinerary for a lot less money. We love the NCL product but will cruise a ship that offers a itinerary and price we like. Keeping fingers crossed we enjoy Anthem as much as we enjoyed BA/GA.
  15. We did Maya Chan in Costa Maya and thought it was great but our favorite excursion to date was Trikes-Bikes in Cozumel. It was unbelievable and we never felt unsafe at all. Read the reviews on Trip Advisor they're great.
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