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  1. I believe the OP stated that she is going to get a inside room for her SIL and daughter.
  2. OP sounds like you have a plan. Enjoy your cruise, enjoy the haven and sorry about the negativity from some of the posters.
  3. Cozumel is waiting for tests results to determine whether the ship will be allowed to disembark. Will possibly take 12 hours. So far MSC has been denied entry to Grand Cayman, Jamaica and now possibly Cozumel.
  4. This review just confirms why I don't want to sail on the Encore. We loved H20 and spent most days there so that alone would be a big reason for me to forego this ship. It's a shame as we really wanted to sail to Bermuda from NY and loved BA but decided to try another cruise line this time as we have no interest in the Encore.
  5. You really think the child would have gotten the medical care he's getting now? Sorry, but I think I would not have left the ship either in this situation. Of course I'll never know for sure as I do have a passport and always get travel insurance.
  6. For us we pick a cruise based on destination first, price second and ship last. We are open to different cruise lines so it gives us more options.
  7. Is that what happened to your drone? Was it damaged badly?
  8. OP no need to justify on these boards as you're never going to win. Others here tend to offer unsolicited advice as you've seen here. I believe your question has been answered so go and enjoy your cruise. 😊
  9. I'm a little confused so maybe someone can help me out. Am looking at a cruise on Seaside and am debating between the Fantastica and Aurea. If I get the Fantastica do we have to eat at a set time with others or can we get a table for just the 2 of us? Also will I be able to upgrade the drinks package with the Fantastica? Just trying to get all my info thanks.
  10. I knew what you meant from the start and am glad it worked out for. Have a great NY and a great cruise.
  11. Confused where you saw someone ask advice on how to steal drinks. The OP asked a question regarding the most economical way possible to get a drink package for her group. How others chose to respond is on them. The OP then came back to state she did not want to steal drinks (when accused) and with the new promo allowing all in a room to have the package would try and book that way. Never once did the OP ask for ways to steal drinks.
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