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  1. Wouldn't it be possible that (most of) the recently detected infections are for: - passengers sharing a cabin with passengers that were infected earlier (as clearly it would easily spread between roommates) - crew (who so far are not isolated as far as I understand) - passengers that would have tested positive if they had been tested several days earlier? Unfortunately, without more data about the cases (crew/passengers, testing history, contact with infected passengers) it is impossible to say if the above could explain recent cases.
  2. Well, if you assume that there was basically no working quarantine between the passengers on the ship you are of course correct. However, I have seen nothing so far to indicate that there was a lot of (or any) infection after the initial quarantine start. So in my opinion the quarantine on the DP should be sufficient, especially if the passengers test negative at the end. The description I have read about quarantine of evacuees in California did not make it sound like these were kept apart better than on the ship (actually the opposite).
  3. I also thought the only real problem was that passengers embarked in Hong Kong...
  4. I agree (and am aware of most of what you said above). However, as to the last paragraph I am not sure I agree. Up to now there was no clear indication that the virus was on the ship. I understand that it is sneaky and hard to detect and that there is a chance of someone on the ship having it. However, the same can be said for anyone in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, etc. They might have had contact with a sick person and have become infected. There was no more reason to "suspect" the Westerdam than any other ship/plane/traveller from these areas.
  5. That definitely makes sense. I guess the original wording sounded more like "if you don't fly back with us you can't come until way later". Personally, I would probably prefer to finish quarantine on the ship (say to the 21/22/23) if I could then return to my home country without any further need for quarantine etc.
  6. I honestly don't see why you would think this is not being taken seriously enough. It is in all the news and countries all over the world are taking drastic action. Not saying this is not indicated but not sure how much more seriously it could be taken...
  7. Not sure how they could stop them though. They can put them in quarantine, sure. But not allowing your own citizens into the country?
  8. Pretty smart move by the US government. First they waited until the 14 days are almost up - so presuming the quarantine within the ship is at least mostly working most infected people will have been identified. They then only take the remaining passengers as long as they look completely healthy and stick those in another 14 day quarantine, thus eliminating all risk.
  9. Just some (to me surprising) info: Apparently the people evacuated from Wuhan and confined in California are far less isolated from each other than is the case on the ship. (Tried to post the link but couldn't get it to work - it was on CNN though) So the earlier suggestion/hope to fly people out to the US would probably not have improved the situation after all.
  10. I am considering a British Isle Cruise on Princess in mid-August. We have mostly travelled with Royal Caribbean so far and as I am travelling with two teenagers (17 and 14) I would love to get some more info about the teen club/activities. My sons don't really need all the fancy stuff (i.e. water park etc.) but they do want to meet other teens/have fun at the teen club. Does anyone have experience with how many teens there might be in the club on such a cruise and what kind of activities will be offered?
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