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  1. We were on her this past October on a 21 day TP and she was fine. I'm sure you will enjoy the ship and your cruise.
  2. Some people are so unbelievable. Pushing their beliefs on others. Good thing I never came across someone like that. They would have requested a different table right them and there. Glad you enjoyed your extra wine with dinner. 🥂
  3. We live about 3 miles from FLL. We take Uber and it's about 35.00 for the 2 of us.
  4. We get them. We are able to check if the pet sitter is coming in everyday and how much time she spends with our cats. We also have inside/outside cameras in case anything happens.
  5. Same here. Did a 5 day 2 months ago and no lobster. 😮
  6. It depends on the sailings. I had a Cuban sailing on Oct 9 on Majesty. $2144.00 for a jr suite. Was able to keep the cruise with different itinerary with the 50% off. Decided to cancel and change the date to July 17 with a TA. Was 180.00 cheaper plus 50.00 OBC. July 31 is also the same price. I use their site to check out the interline rates. With Royal you have to call to ask for prices. Email me if you want. professional flight training 161 at aol. Use the first letter of the 3 words with the numbers and no spaces.
  7. Teddybear231, Sorry I can't help you because I don't know anything about them. I just don't understand why these other people are telling you to look for yourself when you already have. Hopefully someone with experience will answer you.
  8. I used to go to Santo Domingo when I was with Pan Am many many years ago. We always had several days off each time and would explore the historical sites. If you like history there is so much there. I'm looking at a Carnival cruise to go to Amber Cove. I haven't been on Carnival before thought I would never try them, but they go to the DR often and have good interline rates. I haven't thought of looking at Oceania. They are probably to much basically for a shopping trip, but i will take a look. Looking to try other cruise lines than Celebrity and Royal. As for what you hear about the crimes, unfortunately it is everywhere. Be vigilant and stick with the tourist areas and go with a reputable tour company. Same as you would do in other ports. Hope you have a great cruise.
  9. Sorry but I can't recommend any excursions since we only shopped. You might think I'm crazy, but we took the cruise specifically to shop for larimar. I know we can fly there to go shopping and we get good (employee) flight prices, but we love to cruise. The Celebrity cruise we took recently had a port change the day before from Punta Cana to Samana. This time I'm hoping to get in some shopping and a tour in Amber Cove.
  10. Oh dear! Have you looked at Miami, New York, Chicago, etc? We might not have as many, but there are still plenty. Try google and you will see. I'm looking for a cruise right now to go to the DR. Took a Celebrity cruise there about a month ago and want to go back.
  11. What port are you leaving from? If we know this we can tell you of a nearby place to buy the stuff.
  12. How big is the burn wound if the dr says it could take weeks to months to heal? I'm surprised he can't put a better time line on it. It's not like you were massively burned. They did tell you to keep your arms tucked in, right? Hope it heals quick. Any pictures you want to post?
  13. Honey, don't trip over the rug, there's something huge under it. 😀 That's one cool looking dog.
  14. Maybe for you, but how many parents would ignore safety concerns and let their precious little Johnny go on the rides so that they don't have to hear him throw a temper tantrum? Think about all the parents that let their kids run wild because they don't want to have to deal with them? Their response is "It's OUR vacation and they can do what they want." I have seen it posted on here and have heard it on the pool deck. When something goes wrong they will blame Royal and not take the responsibility for their own actions. Ugh! I think Royal should put a note in the brochures stating there is a misprint and give the correct info. It really isn't fair for them to say one thing and do another and not even try to correct it while on board.
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