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  1. No he doesn’t. Maybe I should drive up since I drive faster. 😆 I think I’m more excited about this short cruise than any of our others except the 2 TP cruises we did.
  2. @cruise wizard @mo&fran Thanks. I was thinking of leaving 3.5 hours early just in case so it sounds like that will be plenty of time.
  3. Mike also likes his like that. I call it death warmed over. I prefer medium well. Congrats to your granddaughter and her teammates.
  4. It showed it was 17.00 on the forms which I think is reasonable. I was hoping it would be covered in case we arrived a little bit early. We could hang out in the suv until our time. About how long do you think it will take to get to the port from the FLL airport area? I think Mike was saying about 2.5 hours. Is that about right?
  5. It listed info on where to park. Is this the typical parking area and is it covered? I have never been to Port Canaveral.
  6. Not drink package related, but you can bring on 2 bottles per cabin of wine or champagne. 750ml size or smaller. Must be in your carry on bags.
  7. It will be interesting to see how this is going to work. Medical evacuation procedures. Onboard and shoreside isolation and quarantine, as per the terms of the cruise ship operator’s Phase 2A agreements, of at least 5% of all passengers and non-essential crew.
  8. @John&LaLa We will definitely need pictures if you dress up for the disco night.
  9. And freak people out? You know how some people can be. Ask the CDC.
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