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  1. The attitude does make a big difference. Even if there are some things that you don't like having a good attitude can make a big difference. Things can go wrong and I see things on board that make me wonder what in the world are they thinking, but I don't let them bother me so it doesn't affect my cruise. Unfortunately there are many different things can can go wrong and the longer someone cruises the bigger chance of things happening. Sometimes things can be fixed and sometimes they can't be. Sometimes we can change things and sometimes we can't. Those are the times that a good laugh can make things funny.
  2. It has always amazed me how much dye they put in those drinks. BTW, are the milkshakes that good or is it because it's the only milkshakes on board? I have never had one.
  3. Everyone judges others for something at some time during their lives. Someone who claims otherwise is trying fool themselves.
  4. If there's any construction going on in South Beach the noise might be a concern.
  5. For D+ I'm guessing it's 1 item from the list or or is it more? It says "Choose the bonus amenities" so it sounds like more than 1. Members with 175+ CRUISE POINTS can select from the below ELEGANT GIFTS CHAMPAGNE RED WINE WHITE WINE LOGO ITEMS Light & Delightful Fruit Basket Château Ste. Michelle Grant Burge Shiraz Danzante Italian Pinot Grigio Beach Towel Chocolate Covered Strawberries Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine Ravenswood Zinfandel Kendall Jackson Chardonnay Royal Caribbean Terry Slippers Cheese Tray Castle Rock Cabernet Lindemans Moscato Fruit Truffles Caliterra, Chile Sauvignon Blanc Fruit Basket and Cheese Tray
  6. Thanks for the info. We will be on the Allure for the first time in November. My favorite breakfast is an omlette stuffed with extra veggies.
  7. It's great to know that you can order 2 entrees if you want. It's to bad that some ships do things differently than what's posted. Typical Royal, always inconsistent.
  8. I couldn't figure out about the big dark window, but that explains it.
  9. The way people dress has nothing to do with how I enjoy my cruise. It doesn't matter if I know them or not. They could be very nice people but the way they dress for certain venues and occasions tells me all I need to know about them.
  10. Like I said it goes to show what type of crowd RC is attracting. I would rather be judgemental than a slob any day. I will continue to dress by the suggested dress codes and have respect for others that don't look like slobs. If others don't want to do so that's up to them. This is the type of people that I refer to as slobs. They have no respect for others. It's all about me, me, me and what I want generation. I'm not saying people have to wear formal attire, but good grief at least wear something decent and appropriate for the venue.
  11. Some people just don't care if they look like slobs. For the pool that's fine, but for dinner on 'formal' night? I get it that some don't want to dress in formal attire, but short, flip flops and ball caps? Just goes to show what kind of crowd Royal is now attracting. You two look fantastic and hubby did a great job. Congrats on your weight loss. What difference does it make how many posts someone has??? They have to start somewhere just like you did. As for the restrictions, I think that's an excuse imo. Someone paying that much for a cruise can spare a few extra bucks for luggage weight. I'm not talking about the people that dress nice, I'm talking about the slobs.
  12. We will rarely eat in the MDR, except for formal nights. We always have MTD, but often eat in the WJ.
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