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  1. Crikey! That would be my hibernation cruise. I don't even remember the last time I saw snow at all. Ok, I do but that was 24 years ago when we lived in PA.
  2. Can you imagine it? There were some people booking cruises that they knew were going to be cancelled by Royal so they could get extra fcc's. That would be a ton of extra points if they did.
  3. The no kids would be great. The over 65 doesn't bother me.
  4. Why does Royal need to step up and take the lead? They are going to do what's best for them. No one has to follow them. I made a choice in the beginning not to play their games. You said no one can predict the future so why do you think they can give you a detailed plan when they haven't got a clue? We all like to cruise or we wouldn't be here. There is more to life than cruising.
  5. We plan on doing a land vacation to Australia & New Zealand. After Mike retires we will cruise over and then spend about 6 months traveling, visiting friends and then cruise back. Local land vacations would be Alaska and Washington State.
  6. This was a response to a person who was venting on Nextdoor about an estimate he had given a customer and her response to it. Also, as an immigrant I’ve come to learn a few things about our beloved country. The price you see is never the price you pay! A .99cent bag of chips is actually $1.06, a $40 cell phone bill is actually $62 and an $18000 dollar car is really about 21k My wife’s boobs were quoted at $3200 but cost $5100 installed, so when people ask “is that the price and does it include everything” it’s just because we’re tired of getting shafted with fees and make believe add ons. This gave me a good laugh.
  7. I have never been on Carnival and have not been following them, but at this time I would never book anything with a non-refundable deposit. That goes for any cruise line.
  8. Things were trying to get back to normal, but now a lot of places are taking a step back because people wouldn't social distance or wear a mask like they were supposed to. I think the airlines will also end up taking a step back so I don't think normal will be back very soon.
  9. I saw that on the news. American and United both are idiots and I say that even though hubby flies for one of them. 😂 I would think more pax would want to fly with Delta because they are separating pax. Then again there are the people that don't mind being packed into bars like cattle so they might not care.
  10. People that don't have as much as others shouldn't begrudge the ones that do. If they do then that's on them. Most people have worked hard for what they have and have every right as the next person to complain/vent when something goes wrong. Personally I think it's jealousy when someone calls others selfish. That's their problem if they can't afford to cruise and come on here to complain about others being selfish. There's always going to be someone richer and someone poorer than each of us, not unless you are Jeff Bezos. 🥂🍾
  11. We still dress formally with a tux and gown. If there are 2 formal nights I will bring 2 gowns and 3 formal nights either 2 or 3 gowns. Hubby will bring different shirts and cummerbunds when there is more than 1 formal night.
  12. We don't tip early and we always receive good service. If we didn't get good service then no extra tip for them. I think most cabin stewards work hard to try to please people in hopes of getting something extra at the end.
  13. Absolutely no thanks! I don't want us to have to depend on tips for our income. 👍
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