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  1. Went through all my "cruise stuff" from our California Coastal, and I didn't save the form. Sorry!
  2. This is the website, but I don't know how you can get the flight times. We wanted to use it in September 2019, but our flight was too late. There was a form in our cabin with the airlines and times listed. We were on SWA at 6:15 and the flights on the form only went through 6 pm on SWA. Went and asked if those times were set in stone and they said "definitely yes"! https://www.portseattle.org/page/port-valet-enjoy-seattle-luggage-free#
  3. We carried on sodas in Barcelona to the Horizon in 2018.
  4. On Princess, you have to get special permission ahead of time (before the cruise) and I think there's a fee.
  5. I believe the free style machines are Coke . . . not Pepsi.
  6. Just took the survey I got and it was the same as Victory. . . about the medallion cruise features.
  7. I got one today as well. Didn't do the survey yet. I previously had one like this (couldn't tell you if it was the from the same email though) and it was regarding authors, book signings and cocktail parties with the authors during the cruise. I think the author was a female, but don't remember her name.
  8. For our Star Cruise, 9/22/19, we just paid $626 total, through Princess, for 2 nights for 2 at the Westin including transfers from the airport to the hotel and the hotel to the port. I also vote for a downtown location, as traffic was awful everywhere.
  9. We were on the Horizon inaugural and didn't see anything unfinished or still being worked on. This was a 13 day Mediterranean though, and not a TA. Was nervous at first, as they sent the ship back to Italy to repaint the hull but was docked in Barcelona when our plane arrived. Service in the Italian restaurant for lunch was iffy, but overall a very nice experience. We were the first to sleep in the bed!!
  10. Would definitely suggest a Princess tour if wanting to go to Paris. We were one of the last Princess tour buses returning late to the port because of an accident on the freeway. Heard we departed without 5 passengers who were on independent tours. It's such a great distance to Paris, that anything can happen. Good thing is, it's the last port, so you'd only have to find your way to Southampton. Wasn't passing up the chance to go to Paris!
  11. In September we had the Pub Lunch on the Star in the Crown Grill.
  12. We just managed ours from the ports last month. All the ports had a room with free WiFi. We did use the app.
  13. We embarked the Star in Seattle on 9/22/19. We didn't ask anyone and just went to the Portofino dining room. The hostess was a little sarcastic and said the menu was very limited for lunch. Had us look at the menu before seating us. Was a little surprised how few people were there.
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