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  1. I noticed that, too. We have a 7 day booked on 10/18 as of today. I still see the 4/5 day itineraries out of NOLA but that's it. Wonder why there would still be shorter cruises listed but nothing 5+ days?
  2. Yes- my experience too. I have a booking in late October and FTTF isn’t even a choice. You’re right- if sold out, it says so usually. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. I don’t have anything like this, nor have I ever seen one, but what a great resource! I will be following to see if one turns up! We have a late October cruise booked and we hope/believe we will cruise by then as well! Safe travels to you and best wishes for health for you and your family. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Hi friends! Just thought I would share my experience incase anyone else is wondering about this. I often find that lots of us have the same questions on CC! We booked a 7 day out of NOLA on the Glory for Fall Break for myself, husband, and two boys (4 and 6) about two weeks ago. My husband had a casino rate that wasn't nearly as great as some of what I have seen mentioned on here, but it was good enough for us! $200 OBC, free drinks in the casino, and reduced fares for a total of $1496 in an inside cabin on Lido. Booked using rate code OWV with our PVP. Today when I l
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