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  1. Our cruise was a transatlantic scheduled for April 19, it was canceled on March 12 and just got our FCC the end of April, still waiting on our taxes and fees.
  2. okay thanks, that's probably what I was thinking. Like everyone else it's a wait and see situation.
  3. Thinking about booking a cruise to Hawaii in October...I thought I heard they closed the port for a year.
  4. Well I just got my FCC'S minus the port charges, I was never given any option,I just assume they will go back on the credit card! When I checked my cruise personlizer for the fcc I also checked the obc's and nothing was there. I booked thru a TA should I call Princess to find out where my taxes and fees are? My fcc's were posted on the 23rd.
  5. we were there too, it was so much fun and it wasn't all that hot!
  6. good morning , this is your neighbor, we have been having such a good time forgot to catch up with you! We bought the drinks and gratuities package with our cruise so we have been busy visiting all the bars on board and haven't been hanging out on the balcony much, the weather is just great not to hot and not to cold. We have really enjoyed the shows (what we remember,lol) but the food has been the best yet! The sea days are fabulous you really get to enjoy the ship and all it has to offer. That's it for now...bloody mary time!
  7. Well we're running a little late, we are in e 725 just below you...Hi! I was just on the regal in December and decided to book the transatlantic with a friend so we are tagging along too!
  8. Next sunday I would of been on the regal heading across the pond...so sad!
  9. Mine were done through the travel agent, does princess have the credit card info I gave my ta?
  10. Glad they are finally processing them.Will the drink package go back on credit card too?
  11. Well it's been over a month now and still nothing on fccs! And am I looking in the right place under fcc in the captain circle or would it show up under your booking in the payments tab? I did get a confirmation from my TA that it has been submitted.
  12. There are ways to cut back on sick passengers. The first thing is to allow to cancel if they feel a flu or cold coming on with a full refund with a doctors note. There are plenty of people that live nearby that can jump on a cruise in a couple days notice. I don't think it would be difficult to take temps. either. No self serve buffets. On turn around day...a complete cleaning and sail the next day!
  13. the Holland ships are still in limbo
  14. What if you book with a TA do they do it or do you login in and fill out the form? And what if you purchased the DG package after booking cruise is that included in the refund/fcc? Also what if two friends booked in same stateroom does 1/2 go on my captain circle acct. and they other 1/2 on hers?
  15. You don't think they'll cut back on activites and shows with a ship 1/2 full? I think they will!
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