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  1. Check out you tube videos and search The Key and Symphony for example...even if it isn’t your ship they explain it...the best one is by Sean and Stef...we purchased it for our next cruise on Oasis. We would be buying Voom surf & stream for both of us anyway...we won’t do activities (flowrider etc) but will enjoy the rest of the perks.
  2. I was skeptical taking my cpap on my cruise on Freedom. We had an ocean view balcony on the hump. Two weeks before leaving, I sent in a request for distilled water, extension cord, and a sharps container for my husband. I use the cpap...when we arrived at our cabin, nothing was there That i had requested...but I know they were trying to get the cabins finished. So I waited to see if I would see my cabin attendant. Right before the Muster drill he showed up and I gave him a list of items I needed. Nothing was in the room until after dinner. However, I received a gallon of distilled water, big extension cord that I took and placed under the bed to hide the cord and plugged into the makeup area (just a small length of cord showed so just watched walking over it). Sharps container finally after second request (husband has insulin pen). Just do the special needs form two weeks ahead and ask if you haven’t received the items prior to dinner as the cabin attendant can get them during turndown service.
  3. Agree with midship. If you don’t want an interior, check a mother date maybe? I have vertigo on land let alone on a ship. Would Promenade room be available? They don’t feel so confining. I always book cabins on Decks 6-8 midship and usually on the “Hump”. I don’t book past the AFT elevators towards the back.
  4. I have vertigo issues on land lol so cruising can be enjoyable if the weather and the seas cooperate. I always book Decks 6-8 and midship only! Midship by the AFT elevators works best for me. My next cruise, first on Oasis, is Deck 8 on the hump in Junior Suite (first one) by the SFT elevators. Decks 6&8 have access to open areas that also help with seasickness. We also always get a balcony so I can see the horizon and get fresh air. I always take Bonine (start the day before) and I also get an RX for nausea just in case. I use to do the patches, but Bonine worked the best on my last cruise. I also drink Ginger Ale and have a couple green apples in my cabin just in case. The biggest thing is midship and decks 6-8 and Bonine. If you can get cabins closer to Midship or AFT elevators that would be better than too far forward. Forward you will feel more motion.
  5. We use to be able to see this info when we were booking online, but I never saw it...maybe I missed it. However, dining shows on my invoice. I just happened to call and get a price change and more OBC a couple weeks ago. The representative asked me about my bed configuration during the call. She said the majority of the cabins are set up as bed together since majority of cruisers prefer this vs two twins. She said calling ahead and designating bed config helps the cabin stewards tremendously due to their quick turnaround times on embarkation.
  6. We purchased The Key for the $24.99 pp price for our cruise on Oasis in december just to see how we like it. I figured it would be more beneficial on an oasis sized ships where you have reservations for almost everything unlike Freedom, Voyager, class etc. not sure if I would do it for the higher price or not. We will definitely use the internet because my husband brings his laptop and goes thru all his emails. Last cruise he had over 2,500 emails for an 8 night cruise. To have two device internet will be nice. We won’t use the flow rider, rock climbing, zip line. However we will like the reserved seating at various shows. We also will enjoy not having to tote around our carry on items until the cabins are open. Trying to navigate a new ship to us plus eating with two carry ons, laptop, backpack, and my cpap machine plus a purse...this will be nice! Also disembarkation after a leisurely breakfast will be nice...not having to locate your luggage and stand in a longer line than maybe normal for customs will be nice. Having a nice lunch without our carry on baggage in chops will be nice and a good way to start our vacation. We did splurge this time and we have a Junior suite. The only thing that the Junior suite got us for perks was priority embarkation, coastal kitchen which we won’t do, and of course the larger cabin (wall in closet, larger balcony, tub/shower combo, and larger overall cabin). Many say they would just pay for a Grand Suite. I have watched for over 6 months and a grand suite has been between $1800 and $2500 more than my junior suite. So to pay $375 for the two of us to have some of the upgraded perks is worth it to us.
  7. Just wanted to post that I called and made a change to my cabin selection today for Oasis in December 2019. While I was on the phone, I inquired about The Key. Long story short, this is our first cruise on an Oasis size ship, and being 60/59 years old, we decided to try The Key due to the number of passengers. The cost was $349 for two of us for the week long cruise. This is how I decided the cost was worth it to us: 1. I was able to cancel my Voom Internet for my husband ($104.93 refund for ONE device). With The Key we both receive Voom and Stream so no sharing and hubby can stream movies etc. if we both had purchased Voom and Stream, it would have been over $200 plus. Hubby needs Internet for email (last cruise he cleared over 2,500 emails during the cruise). We only had one device internet, which meant We needed to share lol. 2. We are in a Junior Suite which gives us extra room without really any perks other than the walk in closet, larger balcony with chaise lounges (important to us), tub (prefer just a shower), and extra room for family and friends to visit. The Key gives us a few extra perks. 3. After check in, we can drop our carry ones at the Theater and get our internet codes. Not having to drag carry ones with us to lunch and while exploring the ship before cabins are open is convenient. 4. Lunch at Chops vs fighting a crowd at Windjammer or other venues. It will be nice to have a relaxing lunch to start off our cruise. 5. We won’t use the flow rider, rock wall, zip line so no benefit here...but for others, this could be a good benefit. 6. Port of call priority disembarking...not an issue for us. However it would be nice for anyone with tendered ports. If we had our kids/grandkids along, this would be a good benefit. 7. VIP seating at Aqua Theater, main theater, Etc. This will be nice because we usually eat early seatings which can push you close to showtimes. I know I still need to reserve shows, but reserved seats still a plus for us. 8. Debarkation on last day with breakfast. Being able to have a nice sit down breakfast will be nice. Plus, staff escorting us to our luggage and bypassing long lines of passengers to customs and off the ship...priceless. As many people have posted, everyone has their pros and cons to The Key. We are anxious to see how it works for us. I appreciate all the actual reviews from people who have actually used a The Key...it made it helpful when trying to decide for us.
  8. Thank you for the update. I was surprised they weren’t available to at least review. I know on my last cruise the room steward said they started putting the beds together to save time.
  9. I just booked a cruise and I am looking for where I can set my preferences for bed set up as well as upgrades (do not want...I want to keep my specific cabin) and to check my dining. It has been a year since my last cruise, so the website changed. When I booked on the website it did stated 5:30 dining...but it doesn’t show on my planner. And, I want my beds together. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. debating on this ship as the adult kids aren’t sure they will have as much fun on Adventure as they did on Freedom last year. It’s between Oasis vs Adventure.
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