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  1. Hubby and I are looking into a Dec cruise. Which ship would you choose and why. Both ships have the same itinerary, Key West and Cozumel and price is close to one another. The only Sensation cruise I had was a shortened hurricane cruise, so it was really messed up.
  2. I have had it since March. I love it. I can do more things and go more places without someone having to push me and I'm not exhausted from walking (or trying too.)
  3. I purchased my own for $700 from spinlife.com. Scooters travel free with the airline. I believe you drive it to the door of the plane, the staff stores it for the ride, then they bring it back to you when you land. No walking through the airport.
  4. There have been several instances over all of the cruise lines, where entire carts full of luggage end up in the water at port. CPAPs are so expensive, that there is no way I would take that chance, and with my luck, if a cart of luggage on my cruise is going to end up in the drink, my things would all be on that cart.
  5. When is "Dress up or not" night on the Epic 7 day Eastern? I have looked on the NCL website but I can't seem to find out when it is.
  6. my husband and I are settling on the Epic in December. I am now a brittle diabetic and in my bag of tricks I have a glucagon emergency kit, which has a big needle. Much bigger than the needles I give my insulin with. Does anyone have any experience with taking these on and off the ship since the needles are so much larger than diabetic needles? I'm going to email special needs on Monday. Sent from my Moto E (4) using Forums mobile app
  7. Thank you everyone. I have been looking forward to this cruise for a while. I will show this to my hubby and l am pretty sure that we will go, but just Chang some things around. Sent from my Moto E (4) using Forums mobile app
  8. Already in one due to other health issues. Sent from my Moto E (4) using Forums mobile app
  9. Is glucagon, my diabetic emergency kit treated the same as EpiPen? Sent from my Moto E (4) using Forums mobile app
  10. I have been dealing with invisible disabilities and a bad leg for a year or so. We have already bought me a scooter due to my leg. I recently had a stroke affecting my left side. I can stand and take a few steps. We have a NCL Epic cruise in December. Would you still go? Sent from my Moto E (4) using Forums mobile app
  11. Yes, I do use straws everyday at home for my drinks. I use reusable "Tervis" style straws and clean them daily. I use a Walmart brand Yeti style cups to drink out of. If I didn't use straws, none of my drinks would be cold, and the thought of drinking water without ice to keep it cold or fresh tea does not appeal to me, so we use reusable straws and plan to do the same for the cruise. We plan on soaking sponges in dawn dish detergent, letting it dry again, cutting them up and then we will be able to wash our cups and straws daily. Except at dinner, we plan on putting all of our drinks in our cups, but we will use a provided cup to fill them up at the water/juice spot.
  12. Does the Epic have a special location for those who have mobility issues? Just curious as to I will be using a scooter on this cruise and due to health issues cannot walk without some assistance. Not sure if it will be a cane or crutches yet, it just depends on how things go.
  13. Has anyone done a ship sponsored meet and greet. Our group is doing a meet and greet. We are considering the NCL, after knowing how it is done vs. meeting somewhere like O'Sheehans where there is a bar and we can order some snacks for those who want to munch. We are sailing on the Epic
  14. OP, we purchased my scooter for $700. If you are doing additional legs of the trip, it may be cheeper to buy one if the dr doesn't prescribe it.She could use it traveling and even take the dog to the dog park. I have a major knee issue plus invisible ones so it has been great for me. I crutch to the bed of the truck if I am alone. DH provides doorside pickup.
  15. The bathrooms in HC cabins are not set up the same as normal cabins. The bathroom is one room with a toilet and shower, with a fold down seat. I had someone on my group fb me pics of the HC cabin.
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