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  1. I believe that it would be a stretch to say that the house wines are in the retail price range of $15-$20 per bottle. That certainly cannot be said for the pinot noir. The main complementary pinot noir is "Backhouse" which has a retail price around $6.50. When on board you have to go to the premium wine list for a drinkable pinot noir. As mentioned above, premium wines are reasonably priced. The pinot noir that I purchase is (after discount) about $10/bottle over retail.
  2. Much of the time Regent ships will stock Coca Cola products that are purchased in places other than the US and, for that reason, they will serve Coke Lite and not Diet Coke. Diet Coke is sweetened with Aspartame, while Coke Lite is sweetened with a combination of Sodium Cyclamate, Acesulfame K and Astertame. There is a slight difference in taste and some people claim a difference in the carbonation. Never let it be said that you don't learn important facts on CC.
  3. We had a similar situation not too long ago flying home from Lima. Regent offered us the opportunity to purchase a "day room" at the hotel they were using to house passengers who boarded in that port. It worked well for us. Suggest that you ask your TA to give Regent a call and inquire about assistance with the down time.
  4. rcandkc is correct. I was just wondering, out of curiosity, what time Regent started booking departing flights. I will be arranging my own air using Skymiles.
  5. Thanks so much. There is a flight which departs around 1:00 PM so that will probably be my best bet. Just out of curiosity, anyone know what time Regent starts booking departing flights from YVR?
  6. I am considering taking my adult children to Alaska next year and will not be using Regent air service. For those of you familiar with the YVR airport, what is the earliest time you would recommend booking an outgoing flight? Would like to depart as early as reasonably possible since we will be headed back to Atlanta.
  7. Can't remember many places we have traveled that with a credit card and U.S. dollars you weren't welcomed with open arms.
  8. I understand that we will probably not get interior photos until closer to the actual date of completion but that would not keep Regent from at least giving us the room layouts. They are probably just like the layout of the suites on Explorer but it would be nice if they would confirm.
  9. I can't understand why Regent does not go ahead and post the room layouts on their web site. We are getting close to this ship coming online so I am feel certain the layout is set.
  10. You can leave a tour at any point. Just be absolutely sure that your tour guide knows you are leaving because they keep a close count.
  11. When you would like to have a special meal, such as sea bass, to whom do you make the request?
  12. The easiest way to express one's displeasure is simply not to buy the darn things! I'll sure join the boycott. I certainly hope the boneheads in Miami that thought up this idea are reading, and paying attention to, this thread.
  13. My cardiologist went to school in St. Barts and she was recently telling me that crime has become a problem on the island. Wonder if this was part of the reason the stop has been removed?
  14. If traveling from the Pacific to the Caribbean, within the Panama Canal itself, I would prefer the starboard side. That way you could sit on your balcony and see the most interesting workings of the locks. Certainly agree that on the Explorer class ships the absence of an outside forward deck will be a negative while traveling through the Canal.
  15. If you think that Regent might be, "simply a step too far", then it probably is. Take a cruise that offers a more comfortable financial commitment and enjoy yourself.
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