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  1. It would be interesting to know how many people are on board. I so often think about all of the wonderful crew members, where they are, what they are doing and how they are managing through all of this. Sure do miss them!
  2. I am totally confused. If NCLH knew that they were working on additional cash infusion options why in the world would they release a statement today that said there was "substantial doubt” about its ability to continue as a “going concern”. The statement of "substantial doubt" does nothing but strike fear in the minds of passengers and potential passengers.
  3. I can't help but believe that this is the last nail in the coffin for NCLH. After today's announcement who in the world is going to book a future cruise and pay the deposit on a cruise line that may go out of business? Also, who is going to make a final payment on an already booked cruise under these circumstances? Everyone caught in the middle will be doing everything possible to get as much of their money back as they can so the cash outflow at NCLH will become even more negative. Unless NCLH is able to get more outside financing (which seems unlikely) the speed of the death s
  4. The first part of last week my wife and I decided to cancel our San Diego to Miami cruise on Splendor and take the then offered Regent Reassurance FCC of 100% which we applied to another cruise later this year. Regent credited the 100% adjusted FCC. A couple of days later Regent announced their "Enhanced Reassurance Plan" which offered a 100% cash refund or a 125% FCC. I asked my TA to go back to Regent and request the additional 25% FCC since we swaped our cruise only two days before the enhanced program was offered. So far Regent has refused to give the additional c
  5. I really feel that Regent has done just about everything that they can under very difficult circumstances once the Coronavirus pandemic was declared. One additional perk they could offer that would not cost the company anything but would be appreciated is if they were to award Seven Seas Society nights for any cruise that was fully paid and then canceled. In other words, if you had a 14 night cruise booked and fully paid and then that cruise was cancelled due to the virus, you would be awarded those 14 Seven Seas Society nights.
  6. We do as well but it isn't looking likely at this time. I've got some disappointed family members. ☹️
  7. Hope maybe Regent can shift ports for the June Alaska trips, maybe use Astoria.
  8. This is awful. Wonder if NCLH has insurance for business interruption ?
  9. I assume this includes all Regent cruses?
  10. The reason I ask was that several years ago when we were on a Regent cruise there were two, 2 ounce bottles of Germstar spray hand sanitizer in our suite. They were great especially for shore excursions were no other sanitizers were available. We liked the little Germstar bottles so much that when we got back home I immediately ordered more from Amazon and we have been using them ever since. Of course, none are available at this time so I'm glad we had just reordered. Providing these personal bottles again on board would be a good idea if Regent could find any.
  11. Our TA told us that when we transferred to another future cruise it could take Regent several weeks to calculate the exact amount of the FCC. This was due to the complicity of taxes, fees, etc. on the old booking and the overwhelming volume of requests. Also this is new ground for Regent so I am sure they are struggling to deal with so many unforeseen challenges. We are sitting tight at this point to allow Regent to deal with the immediate requests to cancel and then later properly and accurately calculate FCC's. They will get it all sorted out in the coming days and weeks.
  12. Is Regent giving all passengers the little 2 ounce spray bottles of Germstar hand sanitizer?
  13. In addition to the U.S. State Department's travel advisory, the C.D.C. has now said, "Because of the unusual nature of the novel coronavirus outbreak, the US government is advising US travelers, particularly those with underlying health issues, to defer cruise ship travel." They've got my attention. 😮
  14. We were all in for the March 14th cruise but are now REALLY giving this matter further consideration. The way I read the statement they are saying NO U.S. citizen should travel by cruise ship and if you go, and should you get quarantined in some foreign port, don't count on the Government to come get you.
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