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  1. donnaman43

    Diamond members ( Free Drinks )

    I also have never been charged for margaritas in any of the bars with vouchers!
  2. donnaman43

    St. Kitts Dolphin Push, Pull and Swim

    Sounds awesome. Was wondering how far from the port is the Dolphin Discovery and about how much was the cab? Thanks!
  3. donnaman43

    10 punch drink card on Jewel

    Thanks. I do think they sound like a good deal. Sure ready to get away!
  4. donnaman43

    10 punch drink card on Jewel

    Thanks for the info. That's good to know. How was the cruise? Hope you had a wonderful time.
  5. donnaman43

    10 punch drink card on Jewel

    Thanks Bob. I will check seems like a good deal.
  6. Hi all, wondering if anyone knows if Jewel has the 10 punch drink cards and how much they are. We will be doing a b2b on Feb. 7 and 14. Seems like a good deal for us as we don't drink that much. Thanks. Can't wait to get out of KC into some warm sunshine.
  7. So happy your back. Love your reviews. We love the Southern Caribbean also and have been to most of your special spots. Thanks for another great review!
  8. Excited to be taken along on this epic journey! Thanks Radio~
  9. donnaman43

    Eagle Beach - chairs

    Thanks Arubalisa. Would you happen to know if there is a outside bar and menu at MVC? You are a wealth of info. Thanks again!
  10. donnaman43

    Eagle Beach - chairs

    Can you rent chairs on Eagle Beach by Amsterdam Manor or by Passions on the Beach? We will be on a cruise in Feb. We will need to rent chairs so any help will be appreciated.
  11. donnaman43

    All Things Adventure of the Seas

    Jim, can you tell me what beach you were at in the pictures in Curacao? The pictures are great!
  12. donnaman43

    Aos cruise compass

    Thanks a lot. Will be joining her on Sunday for a b2b. Nice to read even though I know things will change.
  13. Your pictures are absolutely fabulous. Did you take photography classes? Just beautiful pics.
  14. donnaman43

    Bonnie Voyager.....We need your help!

    Hi Bonnie or Anyone, We will be on the Adventure for a b2b in Jan and Feb. Looks like room 6688 is available. Do you know how this room is. Looks like it should be the wrap around also. Back view and side view. Thanks in advance.