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  1. Link to Test forum on Cruise Critic. People there are very helpful as well And I wasn't being critical Bonnie. Just pointing out that there is a place to test all sorts of things. without cluttering up threads. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/860-test-forum/
  2. We can go to the test board and play around with it, without doing it here and boring everyone else.
  3. Mine don't show up that way. They just show up as hyperlinks. Do you not use the hyperlink button when you paste it? I prefer the way you and Bob paste them.
  4. Butterfly Bush- Buddleja They are pretty, and attract lots of butterflies. But they get huge and woody.
  5. Link: https://www.cityofcapecanaveral.org/community/parks___facilities/manatee_sanctuary_park.php
  6. Maybe this one? I am horrible at geography but enjoy googling. Day's Ice Cream in Ocean Grove, NJ. It was a white house.: http://www.daysicecream.com/
  7. Why not bring them? You can have your own Hawaiian night.
  8. Beautiful photo! It is kind of snowy there already.
  9. Yes. You have to spend a lot. I gamble maybe $50 some evenings, and I don't even get on the point board for anything. I think one time I received a VIP key chain. . And it helps if you are in Florida, and maybe cruise frequently and gamble frequently. I have watched others do it who are from other states. But they are folks with more disposable income than us.
  10. Congratulations Lucas! He looks like a sweetheart! We are so happy for you both.
  11. You probably will have to call them again. I know we will. Our refund is $203 short. They said 30 to 45 business days after the first phone call.
  12. Okay thanks. It has been a while since we cruised out of Southern California.
  13. I'm sure they will have a shuttle. But Navigator won't be sailing until November, so no one has used it yet. Uber, Lyft and Cabs, Super Shuttle are also options. And Long Beach (LGB) is a closer airport than Los Angeles (LAX).
  14. Cortana does that too. If you are on Microsoft with a desktop and the microphone active. Half the time it can't understand me anyway. It shows me things like auto parts or tubing? I'm not on FB.
  15. Little round pellet from a pellet gun. (BB gun). Rotten people.
  16. What a wonderful letter of recognition Greg! That is so nice of them to recognize your contributions and accomplishments. It is such a wonderful feeling. Congratulations. I know it sounds weird, (and hard to explain) but my department dedicated the county crop report to me, when I retired. And I was really honored, because they have never done that before, in 120 years of Agricultural Commissioner's departments existence.
  17. We love Benjamin Moore stains. All of our fences have been stained with it, and it lasts and lasts. We made the same mistake as you and used Behr from Home Depot the first time we did the deck, and it didn't last. The other thing about Behr. We purchased 5 gallons to do the deck and ran out about three quarters of the way through. Home Depot is supposed to have a perfect color match guarantee. The last 2 gallons that we purchased didn't match. The Behr representative actually came out and looked at it. He refunded the purchase cost of all the Behr stain! This contractor uses TPW stain. We would have preferred BM, but didn't have a choice. We will see how it holds up.
  18. You are so funny @Sea Dog! You do sound stressed. I'm sure thing will work out wonderfully. Have a Plan B in the back of your mind. And congratulations on your upcoming retirement! And every day will be Saturday!
  19. Well, you might mention it to them, then. Apparently it saves them time in the morning. We don't have a problem with it if we are on B2B's. I don't think we actually change our sheets every week at home.
  20. If you are in the same stateroom, our cabin stewards have generally changed the bedding the night before. They are so busy on turnaround day, that it saves them from having to service your cabin in the morning. Just let them know if you need extra towels and they will drop them off the night before as well. Generally, they will service it in the afternoon after all the new cruiser cabins are done. Have fun!
  21. What did you do with the railings? The top deck has wood posts with Trex rails that need to be replaced. I really like yours! This seems to be deck year for a lot of folks.
  22. I think they do because others have mentioned using one at lower pressure. We have just used the hose sprayer and a broom so far, because of the pine needles. We haven't taken the pressure washer up there yet.
  23. I'm sure you already know this, but make sure you check the Trex manuals for bracing requirements. The bracing required is a little tighter than for regular wood boards. So they don't flex. Enjoy. We have two Trex decks at other house. They are great! But a little slippery in the snow. And you have to wash them down quite a bit to restore the finish.
  24. We feel the same, Sue. It is 6+ hours for us to get to Florida from California. We are doing a couple of cruises out of SoCal in 2022. The flight is about an hour and a half. We will just wait.
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