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  1. Because you do. There are great TA's, as we know. But sometimes the time difference WC/EC is also difficult if we want to do something right away.
  2. Thanks Ash. No. That one is Customer Service. They used to list Post Cruise on the website, but of course I didn't write it down. The only 2 they list now (probably Covid) are the one you listed and (866) 562-7625 for individual reservations. Which just seems like another general number. I still have the letter from the original issue FCC, (2019) and it is typical of their Cut & Paste. The letter says problem on Oasis. (we were on Vision-sewage flooding twice) The phone number is shown as 01 932 834 119. So I know I found a working number at the time. I just didn't write it on the dumb letter. EDIT: Thanks. Maybe I will try Customer Service next time.
  3. 3 way calls stink. But I was on hold with Royal Caribbean for over an hour yesterday. It was to get a FCC re-issued and applied to a future cruise. So Customer Service had to call Post Cruise Guest Relations. (Which I used to have a phone number for). It all worked out eventually. It was fine, I just read a magazine and listened to the ads. What I didn't like is that the clarity on their home cell phones seem to degrade and get all staticky. He eventually "refreshed" the line and the clarity was better.
  4. See if they will be switching you to Wonder OTS. The news of the switch just came out today, so don't do anything yet..... Fingers crossed for you. EDIT: Just saw your prior post! Good luck.
  5. That's not a bad price. But then we would have to buy the earring backs, and drill them out and file off the rough edge from the stick. For something that I wouldn't wear that often. They are cute!
  6. I didn't know they were in operation again. $25 per person is a little pricey for what is up there. We rented a car with another couple and drove up to Paradise Point. We could tour where we wanted to then. You might want to check where your ship is docked. If it is in Crown Bay, it is not near the Havensight port and shopping area. And my apologies, I have heard of the KMart there, but I don't know where it is. I was sad when our local KMarts closed. We thought the shopping was fun up on Mountaintop. We were in Havensight on the cruise and just took one of the open air busses up to MT. We have not yet docked in Crown Bay. So I am not sure what is nearby.
  7. They're fun! We can fly down in the morning without the expense of a hotel. The Pacific Ocean is rougher in my opinion. And during much of the year the passage down to Mexico is not all that warm. Cabo is always fun, and we have had land vacations there. PV is a nice port stop for excursions, shopping and food. Mazatlán is more of an industrial port. But the shopping is great in the Golden Zone, and we always finish our port stop at Senor Frogs (and have a very fun time) and then race back to the port in the little gas powered shuttles. We enjoy cruising as much as the east coasters and we are excited to have cruises in our own time zone again. We are looking forward to Navigator!
  8. The card is fine. There were 2 cruises, one this Dec. and one in Feb. Both were cancelled and there were like 10 refunds of various amounts. I called them and we reconciled the refunds on the Dec. cruise. The Feb. cruise, for some strange reason is $203 short. How do they even come up with a figure like that from a $500 deposit for 2 people?
  9. We only sailed with Carnival once too. It was supposed to be a 7 night Mexican Riviera. We flew from San Francisco to LA and boarded. There was a hurricane that hit all 3 ports. We stopped in Ensenada and most of the Southern California people departed the cruise. (About half of the passengers). The ship then sailed to San Francisco and spent two and a half days docked. Then we sailed back to LA disembarked, and flew home back to San Francisco. Once was enough.
  10. I don't think they are using the form anymore. 2021 FAQ's about it say to call them. Link: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/best-price-guarantee-policy
  11. We had a cruise cancelled by RC in early August with just a $500 deposit. They refunded part of it promptly, but it is $203 short? When I called, the cruise line said it was a glitch and the $203 will be refunded in 30 to 45 business days...or call again.
  12. We love cheese! But I am just sharing it in case anyone is interested. I really don't like cooking. Mostly because I dislike coming up with , "What to eat for dinner?". So I appreciate different recipes and meal ideas that have been posted on this thread.
  13. I had fondue at a friend's house back in the 70's. I came home and told my mom about how wonderful it was. Since we already had a fondue pot and the cookbook...we have been enjoying it ever since. Mom is gone now. But Bill & I really like it, except for the calories.
  14. It is a really old Better Homes & Gardens family recipe. But we all really like it. Modifications: 1) We have a fondue pot that sits on an electric heater, so we make it in the fondue pot on the stove and then transfer pot to warmer. 2) We really like garlic, so I actually press about 4 good sized cloves or add some minced garlic directly in to the wine before adding the cheese. 3) Substitute Barefoot Moscato wine for Sauterne. 4) Big fan of Swiss cheese, so I add maybe an ounce or more extra. 5) Round loaf of sourdough is best, (more crust area) and slightly stale or dry. We love it, and look forward to it once a month or so, during fall & winter. Gruyere is available at our local supermarket (Safeway) in the specialty cheese area. We just buy the smallest block we can find and freeze the little leftovers for future meals.
  15. They still owe us money too, for their cancellation of a different cruise. It is difficult to track, with all the odd amounts...but we are $203 short. Standard answer, 30-45 business days. It is not a huge amount of money, but it is our money.
  16. Or just test on Friday or Saturday Sherri. It will be fine. There is no reason to stay up that late to test and stress over it. (Unless you want to) Get up, have a cup of coffee, get set up and just do it.
  17. We like Barefoot wine. We use the Barefoot Moscato to make cheese fondue, when Sauterne become unavailable. Cheese fondue is a great colder weather meal.
  18. That is a very extensive Family Tree! I'll bet it is really interesting!
  19. And Bon Voyage! Shouldn't you be packing? Have a great time on your cruise!
  20. Adding my congratulations to Greg. And Bon Voyage on your cruise! We are all looking forward to you having a wonderful time!
  21. You will have an assigned table in the MDR if you choose one of the fixed seating times. I think they try to seat you the same waiters if you do MTD. I have not experienced CK, but it seems to be a reservation and not the same table sort of place for dinner. But it is also not that large. You will have priority as suite guest.
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