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  1. This thread is over 18 months old. Probably not very accurate. There should be a 2021 List if you look far enough but doubt if it is very accurate either if it too many pages back.
  2. For me, there would not be a question because of the itinerary not the size of the ship: The Sky. Key West, Florida is one of my very favorite places. So much history, the Harry S Truman Winter White House, the Ernest Hemingway House are a must for me. There is a wonderful Aquarium. There is also an interesting museum about the Pirates' ( the real ones) of the Caribbean. Enjoy
  3. According to a Portland, Oregon television station both the Ruby Princess and the Pride of America are docked at the Vigor shipyard. First two ships have been docked at the same time.
  4. Casino closed at 8:30 P.M. as always. Lots of accounting to do before reaching Seattle. Closed once you enter Canadian waters.
  5. Just checked a ship tracking site and it says She will return to Brindisi on the 17th. Probably taking on fresh water.
  6. Word of warning, even in the Caribbean eating along the Waterfront in any of the restaurants can be very chilly especially later in the evening.
  7. A number of years ago, I did an excursion on a semi- submarine ( a bright yellow submarine) that gave you a look at some underwater sea life, got close to the Arch and sailed past seals and sea lions. Word of warning they are loud and they smell. From where the ship is anchored, you can see the Arch. Enjoy
  8. Bar is where they are doing crewing. I saw something this morning that said The Star was to begin sailing in mid January.
  9. The last time I heard from a crew member (a few days ago), they were in count down mode-- a little over 30 days until their first sailing. I think that the first sailing is scheduled for mid November.
  10. According to my latest information, The Pearl's first cruise out of Miami is 23 December, 2021 (information updated this morning). She has begun to crew up. So far, they crewing up about 60 days prior to the first sailing.
  11. Do not need your Tux. There is a "Dress Up or Not" Night (evening of the first Sea Day). Business suit works just fine or a sports coat with jeans or dress slacks works too.
  12. Probably on vacation, he was there earlier this season. Vacations are happening so that the "A" Team will be back on board for the holidays.
  13. Most Norwegian ships either have 2 or 3 Main Dining Rooms. Have not seen any specific about The Prima yet-- She is a long way from being finished. I would guess that She will have 3.
  14. I always book with a well established travel agency in my hometown-- he never charges a fee and we always discuss insurance before he books something.
  15. Look at the bottom of the stairs going into the Atrium near the forward elevators. Should be between the restrooms and the corridor into the Atrium.
  16. It might depend on whether or not the General Manager, Food and Beverage Director and the Cruise Director plan something. If you are cruising over Christmas-- maybe not.
  17. Yes, I know of a couple that will not be back. One extended his leave of absence to deal with a family issue and another found a land based job in his home country.
  18. A crew member friend In a housekeeping department) just told me, he does not think Hal is with Norwegian anymore.
  19. Crew only to Miami this year. 21 Day Repo next year from Seattle to Miami--23 October to 13 November
  20. I read earlier in this thread that someone had driven from Florida to Seattle to go on this cruise. That would be one option--luggage should not get lost then. Another option would be to take Amtrak from NYC to Seattle.
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