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  1. Unless things change dramatically in the City of Seattle, (number of virus cases increasing not deceasing), she will not not. The Port of Seattle is closed until no one knows when. No cruise ships in or out of the Port of Seattle.
  2. Some Captain's open the bow to all passengers. I know that was a system in place to determine when specific passengers could go forward to the bow area. There are usually canopies for some shade and cold water in coolers for you.
  3. Last report I saw said The Jewel will begin sailing again in late February. Did not given an itinerary.
  4. MEANS: NO FISHING OR FLYING KITES If caught (and you will be), you could be escorted off ship at the next port and sent home with you paying for it.
  5. On another social media site, a letter from Norwegian was posted several times with lots and lots of comments.
  6. Yesterday Norwegian canceled ALL Norwegian Jewel cruises through the end of February 2021.
  7. Just gone out to sea for a few days, they will be back.
  8. I have a young crew member friend on a Carnival ship stuck in Manila Bay for over a month. If he can get off to go to his home country in Myanmar, he will still have to quarantine for 21 days. His brother is hopefully leaving a Norwegian ship on a chartered flight from France to Myanmar and will have to quarantine for 21 days. He has been on a Norwegian ship without passengers or virus for over two months now. NOT FAIR
  9. Norwegian DOES NOT outright own Harvest Caye. Harvest Caye is a JOINT collaboration between the government of Belize and Norwegian. Those who work on Harvest Caye are not Norwegian employees but employees of the hospitality company hired to manage the Island and are citizens of Belize. This is why food and drink on the Island are not free and are charged to your room key card.
  10. Vancouver, British Columbia and Victoria, British Columbia serve as a "foreign port of call" every season.
  11. Escape out to sea for a few days and then back into Miami. Pick up more crew then off for their grand adventure, according to Senior Officers on The Escape.
  12. In a statement earlier this week, Mr. Del Rio said that the Leonardo ships are going to be delayed by at least a year.
  13. If shipyards are open, they have ships already booked some in cases, two in advance.
  14. The Escape is supposed to go to Barcelona first, through the Suez Canal on to India, Indonesia and then Manila.
  15. Yes, The Star needs dry dock. According those still on board , She will sail Rotterdam, The Netherlands for dry dock.
  16. New Orleans in the Christmas season, what a magically place to be. I have done this cruise several times and loved the cruise down the Mississippi. It is done after dark, but the River and its shoreline is alive with activity and all lit up. Great cruise. In a heartbeat, I would do it again.
  17. To answer your question: (1) The Bliss, (2) The Encore, (3) The Jewel, (4) The Spirit, (5) The Pearl, and (6) The Pearl.
  18. That happened on The Sun. Have not heard but could have also happened on The Sky. Her bow cam says She is heading for Jacksonville.
  19. Cruise ships will not be allowed to dock in Canada until the 1st of July unless they have less than 500 people total on board according to an announcement by the Prime Minister of Canada.
  20. Most of the cases in Seattle are out of ONE nursing home. Unless the Port of Seattle makes a decision, I would not and am not concerned. This Governor is going to need every dime he can get to balance the state budget including state employee payroll (including his), he can not afford to enforce an outright ban. Yes, he can suggest but enforce-- I doubt it.
  21. Just saw on a social website that Djamel Bentmane is now General Manager on The Bliss. As of today Errol Bailey joined The Breakaway as GM and that GM is now on The Getaway. Have also seen in the last day or so that Mark (GM/F&B) on The Bliss is now GM on The Encore.
  22. I am sailing on The Bliss out of Los Angeles 7 day Mexican Riviera over Christmas. Christmas on a Norwegian cruise ship is a wonderful experience. This will be my 3rd and I can not wait.
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