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  1. We did end up rebooking for 2022 (same cabin, same ship, same itinerary), so now we are waiting for Princess to transfer our deposit from one cruise to another and then add on whatever FCC we earned. Fingers crossed for $225!
  2. Hmmm. Interesting. Well, we did end up rebooking the cruise for 2022, and are waiting for the "powers that be" to transfer our deposit and add on whatever FCC we get onto that booking. We shall see...
  3. I agree that if you want a lot of activities AND good shows, NCL is best, with Royal second best IF you go on a bigger, newer ship (smaller, older ships lack a lot of activities) but I also agree that NCL is pricing themselves out of the market. I have one more NCL cruise planned because we have unused cruise credit from a past cancelled cruise, but after that, I'm not sure I would cruise them again at their current prices.
  4. I've been on Princess, Carnival, Disney, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian. Since I have not been on Princess since 1993, I can't say much about how it compares to the others more recently. (I do remember the food being fantastic on Princess back in '93, and having a wonderful time in general). So, I'll comment ofnthe other 4 cruise lines. The best food of the other 4 has been on Carnival. I've had great food on all 4 lines, but Carnival has been more consistently good with their food. Even high priced Disney did not have as good consistency with their food...very hit or miss from meal to meal.
  5. That's what I thought, then my Princess rep said no, just $25. Then, she said it is $225, then a customer service high up person said no it's $25, then I read $225. I'm still confused! I'm hoping it's $225, since we will lose OBC from the offer we had booked under (that OBC apparently won't transfer), and the price for the 2022 cruise is higher for the exact same cruise on the same ship in the same cabin. I need the extra $225, and still won't break even!
  6. Alaska cruise for 2021 just got cancelled. Can't get in touch with my rep at Princess (I'm sure she is very busy rebooking people), and when I tried to call Princess to ask, they said I HAD to wait to talk to my rep . Can anyone explain what the Future Cruise Credit offer means? We only paid our $200 deposit. Does that mean we can get a $200 future cruise credit that will be on top of moving our current $200 deposit to an Alaska cruise for next year? Or does it mean if we move the $200 deposit to next year, we get $20 (10%) future cruise credit? I'm so confused! Thanks!
  7. Can anyone tell me about the obstructed view cabins on the Star (or it's sister ships) that overlook the promenade? I'm wondering about the view from E109 or E110. I realize that the promenade deck is in front of the window, but is the view over the rail unencumbered when you look out of the window from inside the cabin? Does anyone have photos? Also, I hear that there is a secret door that leads out onto the promenade from the hallway by those cabins. Is that true? Thanks!!!
  8. Oops...nevermind, I see the list posted earlier. Thanks!
  9. Does anyone know how much the Best2DG is per person per day? I know the Best3DG is $40 per day. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for your replies everyone!
  11. I'm interested in visiting the San Gervasio Mayan ruins and having a knowledgable tour guide while there. We do not want to do a ship excursion. Has anyone done this on their own? Do you recommend taking a taxi and paying a guide while there (I believe you can do that...not sure), or are there private tour companies that will take you there and give you a tour, and then take you other places, like the beach? (I've been to Buccano's Beach Club...would love to do that again). Thanks!
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