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  1. I’m getting a message that the number is y assigned. It was spotty yesterday. I suspect they use VOIP and the system crashed. 1 (888) 561-2234
  2. Call back and if an American doesn’t answer the phone, hang up. Repeat till you get an American based CSR.
  3. You also have a 24 hour cooling off period to cancel. Does the cruise fall within the Corono Virus new policy?
  4. Understand the law regarding this, but who gives them the right to confiscate a passport and physically prevent them from leaving?
  5. Same thing happened to me although we a different outcome. After my explanation that i actually hit 2500, they contacted the host on my last sailing to verify onboard. They verified that I did hit 2500. My new rule of thumb is to exceed the threshold by quite a few points to cover my bases.
  6. When do we expect new menus in the MDR for North America? Done a few sailings now and it would be nice for change.
  7. On Nav right now. Today was supposed to be Perfect Day but that got delayed by one day so Anthem could go there (due to the storm). So the new plan was today was supposed to be a sea day after being in Nassau yesterday. But now that has changed. At 9:30a this morning, captain announced we are heading back to Nassau for a medical emergency. It shouldn’t impact our Perfect Day schedule tomorrow.
  8. I am on board Allure right now. Our party had expedited arrival. We were not staying in a suite or anything else. As soon as we enter the terminal, we are escorted to a staff member with an iPad. They scanned our set sail and we went straight on the ship. We did not have to go to a counter, sign any paperwork, or take any photos. We were literally on the ship seven minutes after dropping our luggage at the curb. It really was expedited! I believe expedited arrival and priority embarkation Are two different things.
  9. This is an actual thing. After a day in Labadee we had dinner in the MDR. All the staff were dressed in Hawaiian shirts and there was loud, distorted, reggae and “island music” playing. We couldn’t even hear each chat. Granted we were seated under the speaker. I asked the waiter to turn in down. No problem he says. 20 mins later nothing. I asked the supervisor and she turned it down right away. She said it was a new thing they were trying. It was so loud and annoying. Totally ruined the ambience. Then they did the Congo line thing. The music got cranked up for that and stayed like that thru co
  10. I know this sounds trivial, but it’s the little things; Our first few cruises was on Harmony at Port Everglades. We embarked the ship on the Royal Promenade. It was spectacular as a first time cruiser for us and then future guests. Our last cruise we entered on deck 5 but it was by the elevators. It wasn’t pretty. There were crowds of people lined up for the elevators and didn’t have that feeling like the other entrances. Why would this happen? Is there a pathway that prevents this?
  11. I was in a similar situation. It takes time they will come. My own theory is that you achieved prime and then the casino offers start coming in the following “season” (April?). I had called and asked why and no one knew. Then when the new season started they came in fast and furious. So many I can’t even use them all. Have patience and o feel they will eventually come. Also so keep checking clubroyaleoffers. I find that’s updated well before the emails and mail outs come.
  12. I know Hooked is specialty but is it all you care to eat like the MDR? What’s the policy for most speciality venues?
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