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  1. Nancy, There are direct trains from Chester to Holyhead. The trip takes about one and a half to two hours. You can check the schedule at nationalrail.co.uk. We took the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin a few years ago and found it to be very pleasant.
  2. If you don't have too much luggage, I'd recommend the train. It's fast, comfortable, and as Big Mike said you can watch the countryside go by. We've never had to wait long for a taxi to Southampton Central. But if toting bags is an issue or if you're worried about finding room for them once you're on the train, I'd go for Smiths. They are far more expensive, but we've found their service to be pleasant, reliable, and they'll drop you off at your hotel door.
  3. I agree with everything everyone else has said, to which I'd add late night drinks in the Commodore Club, brisk walks around the promenade deck, RADA when they're on board, and (of course) the Atlantic Ocean.
  4. We made our first crossing on QM2 in 2011 and have gone back and forth across the Atlantic nearly every year since. In our opinion the food and service in Britannia was just as good last summer as it was the first time we sailed, which only goes to prove, as others have said, that opinions about food can be very subjective. There are some things on board that we think are not as good as they once were; e.g., the bookshop and the changing colored lights in the grand lobby that detract from the floral display. But Kings Court is much improved and the Carinthia Lounge is a welcome replacement of the Winter Garden. As Roy pointed out, there is a magic that comes with experiencing something for the first time. That magic can't be sustained forever. But we've found another magic in the familiarity we experience every time we sail. We're very fortunate to be able to travel as we do and we're very thankful.
  5. Lest the typo cause confusion, it’s the Golden Lion. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. Thank you for this splendid post. It says what needs to be said, and it says it well. Slopes can be slippery and those that step on them should be very careful. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. The purser has always told us that we had to claim our luggage and go through customs before White Star would come to our rescue. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. We’ve used Complete Air only once. We were very pleased with the price which was lower than anything we could find on our own. This may not always be the case, of course, but other reports I’ve seen on this forum have been positive as well. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. We’ll be on the same crossings as you. A suit and tie for “gala” or formal nights will be fine for your husband, and your “dress up” outfits will serve equally well. We’ll be traveling in the UK and on the continent between sailings. We look forward to our one opportunity in the year to indulge in formal wear, so we’ll have a suitcase for tux and gowns that we’ll store in Southampton. I don’t expect to see a significant lowering of standards over the summer, especially on QM2. If—and it is a very big if—Cunard are true their word and actually remind staff to enforce the dress code, such as it is, we may all be able to breathe a collective sigh of relief. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. For some people two weeks at sea on QM2 is a dream vacation in itself. And although we’ve never made a round trip voyage ourselves, when you consider all that the ship offers and the sheer relaxation of 14 days on the Atlantic, I understand why others find it so appealing. Sent from my iPod touch using Forums
  11. I certainly hope so! Sent from my iPod touch using Forums
  12. Thanks Pepper. Yours is the only QM2 on which we’ve ever sailed. There may be another, but we’ve never encountered it. Sent from my iPod touch using Forums
  13. I agree with just about everyone else who's posted that you should find another hotel. $800 is a lot of money, but in the end four unpleasant nights could well prove to be even more costly. Reviews of the Ascot Hyde Park are scathing not only on Trip Advisor, but on just about every travel website. I've never stayed there, but I stayed in places like it in Paddington when I was a graduate student. I survived and so would you. But this is hardly the way to begin your Cunard vacation. Sent from my iPod touch using Forums
  14. Like cheap restaurants that douse their food with salt or MSG to hide their mediocre ingredients, production companies seem to think that the louder the sound, the better their mediocre music will seem. Not only doesn't it work; in more than a few cases we've witnessed it undermines the efforts of truly talented performers. We too have complained about this on the questionnaire, all to no effect. Fortunately, like David we're not fans of the big shows, although we've enjoyed some, and hope does spring eternal. Sent from my iPod touch using Forums
  15. As Cruise Liner Fan wrote, YouTube has a number of films from the golden age of passenger liners. I enjoyed "Getting There Is Half the Fun" so much that I went searching for others and came across this film promoting a world cruise on the Caronia. As you'll see, it's not only ships that have changed since then; so has the whole world.
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