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  1. We did the behind the scene tour on the NCL Joy. What is the area where the crew live and walk around? I'm thinking they call it something hwy? Thanks
  2. I also just got off a 16 night cruise on the Joy. There was always a women as you entered the buffet making sure people wash their hands in the sink. They also had the sanitation dispensers around the ship. I really felt my fellow cruiser made an effort with the hand washing. We're not big buffet people, only on excursion day mornings. If anywhere on the ship that might not be as 'germ free' maybe the observation lounge. People laying on furniture and no one enforcing hand cleaning. Another plus with Norwegian vs Celebrity, desserts in buffet are served on plates. I can't believe Celebrity has people cut their own cake, pie, etc. and the finger licking. Always used knuckles for elevator buttons, and never carried food or drink in elevator. Wish LAX would be more pro-active, it was filthy.
  3. Just a heads up to other travelers. Just off the Joy and twice we found errors in our cruise account while on board. We are Platinum, and they charged us for our free laundry bag. We wrote platinum and free laundry both on the bag and on the slip. Also they did not take off the 10% for shore excursions. Considering we had 6 shore excursions book with the NCL xs 2 people it was a fair amount of money. Went to Guest Service and corrections were made.
  4. We did our first free bag the second day of the cruise. There were a lot of bags and slips on the top shelf in closet.
  5. Just came off the Joy 16 day cruise. Both my husband and I (Platinum) got two free bags of laundry. (Total of 4). Thanks to Cruise Critic we found out this information and confirmed at Guess Service. Other than laundry no other double perks for a 14 day cruise or longer. Make sure to write free laundry, Platinum on both bag and laundry slip.
  6. I'm looking at deck plans and cannot find where the Cruise Next Desk is located on the NCL Joy. From other post I understand I need to go to the Cruise Next Desk the 1st day to sign up for the behind the ship tour-Platinum perk. Thank you.
  7. From what I can find on the website for NCL Concierge cabin, it only list private breakfast. Do you also get the private lunch and the afternoon canapes? Not a penthouse cabin, just a concierge cabin. Thank you.
  8. I'm on this cruise also, and monitor the prices daily. Was surprise to see such a jump in the price. I don't think this cruise is on the latitudes promotion.
  9. Thank you to everyone for explaining this to me. We already booked at 1B cabin on a June sailing. I'll give a call later today, you never know, maybe they will change the price. What category do I tell them to change it to?
  10. We are in the Classic tier. What does the following benefit mean: 'One category upgrade through AquaClass (prior to sailing, when available, restrictions apply). Does this mean at the pier you asked to be upgraded? Also, if you are in a mid ship balcony, what would be the next category? Hopefully someone knows the answer. Thank you.
  11. Thank you for posting this review. Can you tell me what nights were the dress up or not nights? Could you please tell me what nights Footloose performs and times. Very much appreciate you taking the time for this write yup. Thank you.
  12. We're on the Joy in February 2020, cross fingers he extends his contract. Have been lucky to see him on the Pearl and the Dawn.
  13. I'm a Latitude rewards member. Currently have a cruise booked, how do you find the list? I don't see anything on the home page other than the free perk deal?
  14. Debating about taking the free air perk. Just 2 of us traveling together. Looks like more negative experiences vs positive. Would like to hear about the positive experiences.
  15. Our cruise ended May 10, 2019. How long after did you receive it via email? Thank you.
  16. On all our previous cruises: NCL, RCCL & Princess we always received a printed account summary on the last day of our cruise. First time with Celebrity and didn't realize until we got home we never received an account summary. (Never even thought of it). Is this the norm for Celebrity not to give you a printed account summary under your door the night before disembarkment? Thanks
  17. This was our 14th cruise and first one with Celebrity, prior cruises Princess, NCL, and RCCL. Got off to a bad start when our check in time for our deck was between 12:30-1:15. We were to have lunch in the main dinning room, since we had a Concierge cabin. However, by the time we went through check in didn't get to main dinning room a little after 1:00, so we missed this perk. Also no one was there to show us where the main dinning room was located. Wouldn't pay extra for a Concierge cabin. The cabin was a great balcony cabin. Best bathroom storage of any of the cruise lines, however the ship was loud with a creaking sound. Hard to sleep. Room steward was great and friendly. We had the beverage package and they didn't have 3 of the beers listed for the first few days. Music entertainment was good, but really missed not having a piano player at any of the venues. Food, just OK for me. We had anytime dinning and usually went around 8:15 and were always done by 9:30. The buffet area tables weren't cleaned off very well. I never had dessert at the buffet, since people cut their own cakes, and lick fingers. The ship is beautiful, great fellow passengers, but overall crew, other than our steward, just didn't seem friendly. The captain however very personal.
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