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  1. chipq

    January weather

    Get that group together and go. Regardless of the weather in Galveston for sail away, by the next day and through the time to all the ports you should have swimsuit weather during the days. Enjoy.
  2. chipq

    New to the board.

    Welcome to the world of cruising. The canal transit is a fabulous first cruise. Enjoy.
  3. chipq

    first cruise, first post..

    [quote name='paul929207']Welcome to Cruise Critic. Since St. Thomas is a US territory. It should have similar facilities to what you are used too.[/quote] Actually, as a U.S. territory St Tom is subject to the same laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that the rest of the country must comply with. However, there is quite a bit of the infrastructure that pre-dates the passage of the ADA. There are still some of the older areas of Charlotte Amalie that do not have curb-cuts for mobility devices and the stores in this area are accessible only through a narrow doorway with two to three steps. The more newly built areas like the shopping district around the cruise pier is fully compliant with the ADA for path of travel and clear passage standpoints. The biggest challenges on board that I have witnessed is a lack of courtesy shown by a small set of fellow passengers into and out of the elevators and the buffet court.
  4. chipq

    When to Buy/What Kind Travel Insurance

    Some insurance carriers also have a "cancel anytime" option which, like the pre-existing condition is only available in the first 14 or so days after the deposit. I used to think the insurance was just a waste of money until an uncle of mine had a medical emergency while in the Mediterranean. The hospital costs were not such an issue but the medical evacuation cost to return to the U.S. on a medical flight neared $50k. This is the reason I buy insurance for each trip out of the states. I don't buy it for missed connections or missed port etc. (although it is nice to have).
  5. chipq

    Princess Pricing

    A good TA is the way to go. Develop a relationship and they can give you a heads up of upcoming sales for any bucket list cruises you may have.
  6. He's just trying to drum up paranoia=business.
  7. Plenty of room length wise but don't try to sit up in bed.
  8. chipq

    Need Itinerary Help Please!!!!! Overwhelmed!!!!

    Check out the cruise reviews for sure but also google "cruise videos" if you like to see some clips of others cruises. Can't speak on RCI but Princess is very good and the train from Anchorage to Whittier is pretty cool also.
  9. chipq

    Separate accounts in one stateroom

    Princess is very good. A local TA could provide a lot a help with your planning.
  10. chipq

    Birth certificate and ID

    The most recent ports I have visited, St Tom and Nassau I needed my driver's license with my sail card but Antigua and Tortola I just showed my sail card. Check the cruise line's newsletter to see what the latest requirements are in each port.
  11. chipq

    Princess, RCI, NCL

    Love the Piazza and Vines on the Princess ships.
  12. chipq

    First timer-help with prices please!

    The demand is usually high and the cabins usually sell out for Alaska cruises therefore the pricing is much higher than many other itineraries. If you live near Seattle or Vancouver and have the ability to book only one or two weeks in advance, occasionally there may be a great last minute deal but by this time it is usually only interior cabins that are left over.
  13. Keep an eye on the cruise line sales. As said earlier, sometimes NCL has a kids sail free deal and occasionally HAL has the 3rd and 4th berth sail free. Have an idea of when and where you would like to cruise so when you see the right deal you can jump on it.
  14. chipq

    How to find the best price

    In you consultation with a TA, the more flexible with dates and itinerary you can be could help the TA present several pricing options. There are times that you may be dead set on one specific week but the week before or after may have some better pricing and on board options.
  15. chipq

    first time cruiser!

    I second the post suggesting that you consult with a cruise specialist travel agent. Ideally an agent that a friend or family member has used in the past with good experience. They, like CC have vast experience which can benefit your research. Also you may want to Google "cruise videos" and you can get a visual of what some of the onboard features are like on cruise ships. Welcome to cruising.