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  1. We usually go to 8.30 sitting for dinner in the MDR and because I like to stay out on deck for as long as possible we normally rock up to the DL at about 7.45pm and have a couple of drinks, maybe 2 or 3 at the most. If we go to an early show we will get a drink before we go into the theatre with our loaded drinks then if we have time will go to the DL for one after the show. However if people wish to spend all their time in the DL during Happy Hour it doesn't bother me at all.
  2. We saw Grease a couple of shows with the singers and dancers which were very good, a couple of comedians, jugglers the usual sort of thing and a hypnotist.
  3. Shorts, teeshirt, sundress during the day. Capri pants, maxi or pretty dress in the evenings or a smarter dress or eveing trousers and a smart top for formal nights.
  4. Yes this^^^^ exactly. Our sea pass said Elite I'm sure and any other passengers didn't get a look at my sea pass.
  5. We didn't have anyone tell us we shouldn't get the perks, it's no skin off their nose whether we do or not. We did a 12 night Caribbean cruise with Celebrity and a 3 night Amsterdam cruise and I wasn't impressed with either so have gone back to RC for now.
  6. Oh right. All the Celebrity cruisers I have spoken to never looked at me in a funny way when I tell them I usually sail with RC, they seem interested in the differences between the cruise lines and our opinions and in general most of them have sailed on both cruise lines. I have never encountered any snobbery.
  7. We've sailed wth RC many times and Celebrity twice and neither time has anyone looked at us any differently in bars, restaurants or in the Captains Club. Why on earth would it make any difference to the staff?
  8. Since we started cruising in 2006 with Royal we've found in general that the food quality has gone down but still varies from very good to average depending on which ship we are on. This year on Indy we found the food in the MDR and Windjammer to be very good, last year on Brilliance it was good and the year before on navigator it was average. Obviously food is subjective and I can only speak for myself and my OH others may disagree.
  9. We are due to sail to Venice with an overnight stop on Vision next year. I wonder what will happen now.
  10. Yes they do and your steward will refill the teas and coffees or you can pick some up at different places ie Windjammer or Sorrento's. The sockets are flat and also round I think.
  11. It depends what time we board. and what the weather is doing. Usually find a sun bed and get a few rays. Head to Windjammer for lunch. Go to cabin. Back out for more sunbathing. Muster station. Unpack if cases have been delivered. More Sunbathing. Shower. Diamond Club. Dinner. Show. Bed.
  12. If you aren't going to be refunded I would go anyway and enjoy being away. Didn't the new itinerary show up in any emails?
  13. We weren't impressed with Celebrity food either in the MDR or Ocean View cafe. Our food on Indy this year was probably in my top 3 of RC cruises.
  14. We tried Celebrity for the first time last year as we had heard it was better than RC. We didn't think it was any better in a lot of ways. We sailed on Reflection which was a beautiful ship but the food, service and general ambience were no better than Royal.
  15. I can only really remember Graham Seymour who we had on Indy twice. many years ago. He was the best. I also remember Cubby as he was on our last cruise but only because it was 2 weeks ago. As for all the others and there were quite a few I can't remember them and probably wouldn't recognise them again.
  16. Definitely do the cruise, you will love it I'm sure. You get several hours in most ports which is time enough to take tours either from the ship or on your own.
  17. We were in 8338 one floor below. Never heard any noise from passengers or elevators or had people looking in.
  18. It can get quite windy outside, at least it was a few weeks ago. We started off out but came in after a little while as my hair was blowing all over the place.
  19. Great review thank you. i think we are doing the same cruise next year. I can't wait now. 🙂
  20. Loving your review h20skibum. We have been to Rome several times and love it. Will be there again next June with Vision of the Seas.
  21. We usually went to the DL between 7.30 and 8.30 and it was always full, inside the lounge and Vilkng lounge too
  22. On our sailing 3 weeks ago the whole of the Viking lounge was closed off between 5 -8.30pm too.
  23. You can be as formal as you like. On our cruise 3 weeks ago it was pretty much half and half, tuxedo's and normal suits. I only saw 1 guy in the MDR in jeans. Women were in long dresses, cocktail dresses, trousers with smart tops etc.
  24. We had lobster tails and shrimp on our last formal night on Indy a week ago and I've had it on a couple of other Med cruises.
  25. Happy hour for Diamond Club on Indy is 5 - 8.30pm
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