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  1. I am booked on Breeze November 1st and wondered if ports are closed to US passengers going to Grand Turk,Amber Cove and Nassau
  2. Just saw it yesterday the passport offices that are open,they are all suppose to be open by end of month . They are behind 1300000 that is right 1 million 300,000 thousand but doing it first come first out and hope within 6 months to be back to normal!!!! You can go to big post offices or FedEx to do all the paper work needed and also get photos taken
  3. I got bumped from Breeze to make everyone who booked Radiance happy. I hope you can enjoy the cruise when it happens. I wish I was still going :(
  4. Flying in to Orlando but leaving from Port Canaveral on the Breeze in November. Should I stay in Orlando and get a bus ?
  5. Yes just did survey, I hope they don't spend to much on advertising, but lots of interesting information, what it turns out to be we shall see 🙂
  6. PVP, PVP is the best person to have . No money asked and OBC is one time only. Have someone who gets to know you are you will be set.
  7. Should be on everybody's watch list. Bring the tissues 🙂 Thank you for sharing
  8. Behind the scenes was a great tour opened my eyes to what goes on
  9. I walk on my treadmill and think I am on ship leaving cabin, going past red frog to Guy burger and then to get coffee I have been on a lot of ships so lots of walking to do 🙂
  10. It was only for end of March and no doctor in his right mind would sign it.Then all the cruises were cancelled 🙂
  11. Wait they will pay you back if they cancel and your wife can't blame you then !:)
  12. That's why I use a PVP lovely person and always looks after me
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