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  1. We were on the Bliss in April, and they strictly enforce the cigar only rule in the Humidor lounge. Reason being, that is the ONLY place cigars are allowed. They are not permitted to smoke cigars anywhere else on the ship. Hubby is a cigar smoker that has never complained about the cigarette smoking, so he could have cared less. But be forewarned, they will make you leave the Humidor if you're smoking a cigarette. Side note - they had to use the area in Spice for a private event, and they allowed the cigarette smokers in the Humidor during that time frame. They came in and acted like it was the cigar smokers that kept them from using the room and were acting like childish teenagers....they literally were saying HAHAHA - we're ALLOWED TO SMOKE in here so there! (they actually said just that!) I agree with the above poster - LET THEM KNOW YOU'RE NOT HAPPY THAT THERE IS NO SPACE FOR SMOKERS!! The cruise fare is the same for smokers as it is for non smokers. Let them know that they need to accommodate the smokers too! (and I am NOT a smoker, never have been, it just pisses me off that those who are get treated like 2nd class citizens on the ships!)
  2. I doubt it, there really wouldn't be any way to reserve that space.
  3. We are coming in on the 14th, I called the Maison and spoke with the manager. We are able to do the park and cruise there, which is more convenient for us. Thank you to those who tried to help me!
  4. Used my starbucks app on the Bliss just fine. I loaded $150. on it before we left and then checked the balance when we were in port where there was free wifi. (and also tipped the guys at the end of the cruise too, they knew me well by that time.)
  5. We are not planning on driving around NOLA. We want a place to park the car and leave it for the entire time we'll be there. We're staying at the Maison St. Charles (who usually has a park and cruise) The streetcar stops right out front, so that is what we use to get around. We never drive the car when we're there. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. The toilets in the handicapped rooms are higher. Room service is a $7.95 fee (you can order as much as you want to for that fee, but it is charged EACH time you order room service - if you do it twice a day, you'll be charged that amount twice) Continental breakfast is free - from 6 to 10 am (there is a door hanger you put on your door outside your room before 4 am for morning delivery)
  7. I suck at searching, I never can find the info I need doing a search. We have booked a cruise on NCL leaving 02/16 out of NOLA. Since flights are outrageous, we're doing to drive down. I read about there being parking garages for the cruise lines. Is there a way to make a reservation for these? I have never done this before (we usually fly in and just Uber to the hotel and then to the port) This is all new to me, and the hotel does NOT have a park and cruise package during Mardi Gras. Any advice is appreciated!
  8. We were on the 03/30 sailing of the Bliss also. The ship took precautions, it was obvious they didn't think it was noro. We were appalled at the people who ignored the hand sanitizing too! I took to telling the women I witnessed leaving the public restrooms without washing their hands that they were disgusting. My hubby thought for sure someone was going to punch me at some point. Another scene we witnessed was a man, woman and their 10 -12 year old son completely ignoring the washy washy girl at the buffet. She asked them repeatedly to please let her spray or to please wash their hands, and they flat out refused. A few minutes later there was a ships officer standing near the washy washy girl. I am sure he was there to enforce that everyone comply. I couldn't believe how that entire family REFUSED to do any sanitizing at all before heading into the buffet. Other than this, we had a wonderful cruise, and we didn't get sick at all. (but we were diligent in washing hands entering AND leaving the buffet and many times during the day!)
  9. We were on this cruise too! We enjoyed it all. We ate at most of the specialty restaurants, MDR once, Taste and Savor a couple of times. We ate at the buffet about everyday. I had the eggs benedict every time we ate there, and had no issues with the temperature, there were never more than 6 of them out a time when we were there, I added my own sauce and a little cheese too! We LOVED this cruise, we were in an aft balcony and are now in love with that type of cabin. Kudos to Ricky and Jolena in Maltings, they took amazing care of us! Room steward Mark was awesome. There are absolutely NO complaints about anything on this cruise from our point of view. (well, Havana - that was the only thing that wasn't that great!) We loved those singing pastry girls too, I even took video of them so we could have that memory saved! The Bliss is now my favorite ship!
  10. I am not sure what Golden Corral most of these posters have been to, but the buffet is DEFINATELY better than any of the ones we have eaten at. MANY more selections, and much cleaner too. Fresh made crepes? Yes, thank you. The MDR take hits all the time, but again, we have always had good food there, and great service. I don't know of any Applebees that serve you on white table cloths. Le Bistro is a stand out, IMO - a fine dining experience for us. I may be looking through rose colored glasses, but I think most of the comments are really low balling the great experiences and food that are served on the ships, but then the way I see it any day on a ship beats being at home.
  11. We board her the end of the month for the Panama Canal cruise. We have always stayed at that same Hampton Inn, and eat at that same Cuban restaurant too! Always good for both places, we even like the mimosa's at breakfast at the Hampton - I know they're not made with high dollar stuff, but it always is the start of my cruise right there! Thank you for the review!
  12. My apologies, I wrongly assumed folks would be able to tell I was talking about BAR FOOD - and it is the same no matter where you're at in the states, IMO. Never been to Alaska (yet!) so I can't vouch for your area!
  13. I think if you keep in mind, this is *bar food* and not meant to be gourmet, you'll be fine. It is never as good as the regular full service restaurants - but then, that is the way they are in the Midwest too - it's BAR food. It is what it is. Just don't have real high expectations for it and all will be good. 🙂 (and BTW, this is our SIL's favorite place to chow down on the ships!)
  14. The coffee for the free breakfast room service is still free, from 6 am to 10 am? After that it is a charge. We always order 2 pots of coffee for enjoying on the balcony first thing in the mornings. (and if you don't like your coffee to be super strong, order a pot of hot water to add to it to make it more palatable!)
  15. I tried to do a search but couldn't find any info. We've been to NOLA several times, but this time we have a group of 8, leaving on a cruise on Dec. 1st. We need lodging for 8 for one night before the cruise leaves. I was looking at Airb&b, but am concerned about not knowing the neighborhoods, and then transportation to the port. Does anyone have any insight or good ideas? We will not have a car, we will be needing to figure out transportation to and from the airport too.
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