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  1. DCP

    Smoking on the bliss?

    From the plans online (and our PCC) the cigar lounge will be one of the biggest ones in the fleet. (yayyy!!) It'll be nice to have a room that won't be crowded for a change for my hubby. It's his favorite place on the ship.
  2. DCP

    Hacienda Antigua's Tequila Tour

    We did this tour last year and are doing it again next week. Hoping Casper is still there to do the tour for us! We really enjoyed it, and look forward to taking new folks there to check it out too. (when we were there, we were the only people doing a tour at the time!)
  3. We have two beach villas on Harvest Caye for our group sailing Jan. 21. I'll report back! I know we're all looking forward to it, and if you divide the cost between the 5 in each, it's not that much for a little pampering and shade for the day. We don't mind spending money on food and drinks, we would do that anyways,
  4. NOLA is our favorite port to sail out of. We always stay a few days before or after the cruise to enjoy the city. We have always stayed at the Maison St. Charles. Street car stop right out front, no need for a car.
  5. Thanks for the review. We've sailed her on a TA, and are on her again in Nov. for another. It's funny how things can be so subjective, the restaurants you chose as favorites were our least favorites! Hubby love the buffet too, he can choose what he wants there. I prefer the dining rooms. (and I take ear plugs, so the toilet noise doesn't bother me!) You may like one of the other newer ships. We love the Getaway too. (but the Spirit, the smallest, is still our favorite of all!)
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone! We've been to Barcelona before, and just wanted to know what our options were before making plans for that day. We are staying in the same cabin, so that is covered too. Looking forward to this trip!
  7. We are doing our first B2B on the Epic out of Barcelona next Nov. (Mediterranean then TA) Are you able to leave your luggage on the ship? Are you able to stay on the ship in a common area, or do you have to disembark and then go though the embarkation steps again? I have tried to do a search, and the site will not let me do one.
  8. No, there is no smoking in Bliss. I am a non smoker, who isn't sensitive to smoke. The only places that you will really find it is in the area near the smoking room (where they are ALLOWED to smoke) You can avoid the casino area if you choose to. Enjoy your cruise!
  9. DCP

    100 Days Getaway Western Caribbean

    We're on the same sailing on the Getaway in January! There are a group of 10 of us, all lined up in large balconies!
  10. We are booked on the March 2019 sailing on the Bliss through the Canal. We have an aft balcony for this sailing. Will we be able to see most of it from that vantage point?
  11. Thank you for the perspective! We always try to book a large balcony. We tried a suite once, and like you, are the take care of ourselves kind of folks. We really couldn't justify doing it again. We like our balcony's and will just keep on booking them and sailing 2 (or maybe 3 soon!) times a year! :)
  12. DCP

    Harvest Caye Villa pricing

    We have a group of 10 and rented two of them in January. Looking forward to our own personal slice of heaven while we are there. Do what you like! This is one thing we have been wanting to do for a long time. Can't wait, and don't care how much it costs, we're on vacation and want to do it.
  13. DCP

    Harvest Caye

    If you divide the villa by 6, it isn't that expensive to rent them. You have the choice to go and pay or go and not pay, or not go at all, that is the great part of it! I am with the above poster, I am on vacation, and I intend to enjoy every minute of it. We are very blessed that we are even able to cruise.
  14. You will also need his original birth certificate. We traveled with our grandson and his best friend last year. Cover all of your bases!
  15. DCP

    Cigar Lounge on Epic

    You can take your own, or purchase them at the bar near the cigar lounge. Hubby LOVES the cigar lounges on the ships, and has met some really interesting people there. Don't forget your matches and your cigar cutter, they do have some you can use if you forget though. That is the only place you can smoke the cigars, there are some who will complain if you even smoke them in the outside area of the lounge. Enjoy!