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  1. Ditto^^^ they are VERY strict about the age specifications, we found this out with our Grandson.
  2. DCP

    Child name/travel issue

    We travel with our Grandson who has a different last name than his Mom and us. There is always potential for an issue if you don't have the paperwork in line. We took the notarized letter from his father, along with a photocopy of his fathers drivers license. I would never risk the possibility of not being able to board a ship for not having documentation. (and yes, that has happened to others, you can google it!)
  3. DCP

    First Cruise Ever and it's an 11 Day One!

    We have never sailed out of NY, but we always plan on being at the Port by 11 am. You should have a spot where you choose the time to get there when you do the *check in* for your cruise docs. Just another FYI - you can get free bonine (sea sick meds) at guest services. I did get a little sea sick my first cruise, but I never let it stop me! I LOVE cruises!! An 11 day one will be a great one for you. We've never been on the Gem, but my hubby loves the smaller ships. Have fun!!
  4. Has anyone sailed the Joy to report if there are any other areas other than the Humidor? We're looking at booking some new cruises, but there has to be smoking areas on board for us to book. (and thank you for this info, it is VERY helpful!)
  5. I am aware that the EMS don't do escorts for the pilots, I was just wondering if the person was someone that knew this took place. I missed the part where the ship was stationary in the water when the transfer took place. I noticed the last time we were on the Getaway, there was a Coast Guard boat with a 50 Cal. that escorted us until we were past the south beach area and into open water. Glad they're keeping an eye out for anyone who may be trouble!
  6. DCP

    Over the door organizer

    Instead of hanging ours over the door, we use heavy duty magnets to hold ours where ever we want to put it. (the cabins are made of metal, so they work fine about anywhere!) My SIL gave me some that came out an old hard drive!
  7. DCP

    Drink tastings on Bliss

    Good question! We did a bourbon and chocolate one on the Getaway and loved it. (there was also a Mojito tasting too, which was pretty nice!)
  8. That spreadsheet is very helpful. I am a non smoker, but Hubby smokes. (it doesn't bother me at all) Knowing which ships have the smoking areas is very helpful. We were NOT happy when we were on the Sun and realized there was no cigar lounge. We will never sail on a ship that doesn't have one.
  9. Is she sure that is what she saw? There are always the pilot boats that off load the pilot after getting the ship out of the ports. We see them do that every cruise. Maybe she saw that and just thought it was someone in handcuffs?
  10. The Humidor is my hubby's favorite place on the Getaway. (we've been on her 3 times) Comfy leather furniture, the staff from the bar come in regularly to empty ashtrays and take drink orders. Cigarette smokers wander in and out all day long. Sometimes it can be crowded, but most of the time it's fine.
  11. DCP

    Combating the Chair Hogs

    We just always book a balcony room, no fighting for a place in the sun.
  12. DCP

    Crepes Anyone

    I am sure we'll try the ones at Coco's, I love crepes! 🙂 I was just hoping they're still on the buffet too!
  13. We're the odd balls here, we just don't drink that much, so with the gratuities, it's not worth the cost for us to get it on the longer cruises. For the 7 day ones, yes, but I am not paying $600. for it when we usually don't drink more than 2 drinks per day for the both of us. For most, I am sure it's a great deal!
  14. DCP

    Crepes Anyone

    We LOVED the crepes on the Getaway (been on her 3 times now) We were wondering if there is a crepe station on the buffet on the Bliss. (I know you can buy them at one of the specialty dessert places) I am just hoping they still have the complimentary ones in the evening buffet.
  15. DCP

    Cigars on Escape?

    There are several good cigar shops in Miami (and Little Havana of course!) One of them will even pick you up at your hotel, but I can't remember which one it was. Hubby likes the cigars he gets from the guy in Roaton right there at the Port. He always picks some up when we're there too. I didn't know about being able to smoke at Spice H20 - hoping it is the same way on the Bliss. Thanks for the info!